World's largest school sets Guinness Records by the City Montessori School

World's largest school sets Guinness Records by the City Montessori School 

A Lucknow school has earned the distinction of being the “largest school by pupils” in the world and has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The City Montessori School with a record 45,000-plus students has been adjudged the largest in the world on the basis of number of pupils, according to the school founder manager Jagadish Gandhi.
                                          The City Montessori - World's largest school picture

The record book said that the school had 39,437 students on August 9, 2010 enrolled at its different branches in the city, which made it the largest in the world.

The school had started its journey way back in 1959 with merely five students from a single room and with a loan of Rs 300, said Gandhi while speaking to Deccan Herald here on Sunday.

“It has been a long journey that has witnessed several ups and downs”, Gandhi says and attributes the success of the school and the achievements to the continued support of the parents, students and the dedicated staff and the school’s philosophy, that placed spiritual development at the centre. “True progress of humanity is impossible unless and until the goals to which education is geared are completely revised with spiritual development at its centre, not as an add on at the margins of education”, he said.

Gandhi felt that these new goals for education would free it from its largely economic context.
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