Largest model of a human lung in India set Limca Book of Records by HCG

Largest model of a human lung in India set Limca Book of Records by HCG

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), the specialist in cancer care, formed the largest model of human lung in India to create awareness on the ill effects of smoking on World No Tobacco Day. This feat is recognized by Limca Book of Records and will be featured in 2013 edition.

The measurement of the thermocol based lung was 8.5 feet in height and 10 feet in width.  The structure of the lung showed a healthy lung on one side and smoker’s lung on the other side. Lung cancer is the leading cancer in men with incidence of 10.7 per 100,000 men/ (PBCR) in Bengaluru. The event was supported by UB City, City Properties Maintenance Company, and People Health.
                                                Largest model of a human lung picture

Dinesh Madhavan, director, HCG, said, “According to WHO reports, in India, 11 per 100, 000 males and 3 per 100,000 females are diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer is among the five main types of cancer leading to overall cancer mortality contributing about 1.3 million deaths/ year globally.”

“There has been a drastic increase  in cancers of the lung, head & neck, due to increased consumption of tobacco, by creating the largest structure of a healthy and a tobacco abused lung,  we are trying to educate the public on harmful effects of tobacco. We are joined in this educative drive by corporate houses and other medical establishments through a series of communication on what is better than smoking.”

Dr. Ashok Shenoy, consultant, head & neck surgeon, HCG, said  “Anti tobacco act should be enforced strongly. Awareness should be created among the impressionable age 13, where 60 per cent of them would have tried tobacco products at least once. Increasing rise of tobacco products has increased the incidences of various types of cancers. It’s time to get our act together and encourage the ban of tobacco products in the state by awareness, education and legislation.”

HCG, headquartered in Bengaluru with over 25 cancer centres is South Asia’s largest cancer care network. HCG has defined the future of cancer care in India by designing, building and managing cancer care centres to offer  cancer care treatment, imaging and laboratory services, clinical trials and research services.

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