World's largest photo album set Guinness World Record by Bharat Matrimony

World's largest photo album set Guinness World Record by Bharat Matrimony.

This is one wedding album that you may not be able to tuck inside your cupboard. For, this one measures 13ft by width and 17ft by length with about 256 pictures of married couples of India and has the stamp of Guinness record book officials.

The sheer physical size of the photo album, which is about 4.26 meters wide and 5.18 m long weighing 1,000 kilos with 16 pages that used about 4,300 sq ft of fibre reinforced plastic sheets took about two weeks to create.

“We had a dedicated team of 15 people spending 1,600 hours for two weeks on the record album,” says Mr Murugavel Janakiraman, founder & CEO of, the brain behind this concept. .

The marriage web portal was behind creating the world’s largest photo wedding album in the city on the occasion of its anniversary which it has also decided to celebrate as Matrimony Day (April 14).

“We created Matrimony Day to throw light on our customs and traditions and communicate the importance of marriage,” says Mr Janakiraman. Happy marriages make happy citizens who in turn create a happy country and this initiative is aimed at encouraging people to get married, he adds.

Though the concept came up about three years ago, the original exercise of assimilating wedding pictures started through an initiative called about a year ago.

“We asked people to upload either their wedding pictures or of their parents and friends and it was not restricted only to our clients,” Mr Janakiraman said. Of the 12,288 pictures that were uploaded about 256 pictures were selected for the album.

The previous record for the 'largest photo album' measured 4 m x 5 m (13 ft 1 in x 16 ft 4 in), created by Johnson's Baby China and unveiled in Beijing, China, on 10 June 2008.

The certificate ceremony saw the support of people from all walks of life, VIP and VVIPs of the city.

Highlights of the world's largest photo Album (wedding):

13X17 (lXb) with Fibre Reinforced Plastic sheet (FRP)
4300 sq ft of FRP sheets used
Total weight of the Album- 1000 Kilos
16 pages (32 sides)
256 Pictures, 8 Pictures on each side
1600 man hours for 2 weeks- 15 Works Men

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