Highest number of tattoos on his body set world record by Delhi man

Highest number of tattoos on his body set world record by Delhi man

Guinness Rishi, 70, from Delhi, is covered in the flags of 305 different countries, 185 country maps, 165 mini flags and 2,985 characters.

His wife, Bimla, finally persuaded him to stop after convincing Guinness that no one else would want to break his world record - which officially stands at his 2009 total of 220 flag tattoos.

'I've beaten my own record and will invite the adjudicators to come update their books, so that my new total is recognised through the years,' said Guinness, who changed his name from Har Prakash when he set out to break as many world records as possible five years ago.

His 22 records include such singular feats as making the longest will in the world - a whopping 489 pages, delivering a pizza from New Delhi to San Francisco, and, of course, carrying the highest number of tattoos on his body.

Rishi's other records include 'taking on the world's oldest adoptee', after he legally took custody of his 61-year-old brother-in-law, and building the tallest sugar cube tower in the world, which stood at 64 inches.

Incredibly, the committed record-breaker also had all his teeth extracted so he could fill his mouth with 750 straws.

To win support for his bid to preserve his body on public display Guinness even has a tattoo on his forehead bearing the legend, Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

And it seems his days of getting inked may not be completely over - Guinness simply confirms he has enough flags on his body.

His commitment to breaking records means he might find it hard to resist having the most tattoo artists working on him at the same time.

'The record is held by an American who in 1996 had 22 artists work on him,' he says. 'As a matter of fact, I did break the record in Pattaya last year when 25 artists etched 55 flags on me. But I was not familiar with the rules and forgot to make a video recording.'

While his forehead, head, arms, legs and chest are covered with tattoos, his back remains pristine clear.

'I am saving that for a dream project,' said Guinness. 'It's going to be the hall of fame for world record holding tattoo artists. I will have all their names and achievements tattooed on my back.'

"People call me a joker, a madman. It doesn't bother me. My dream is to go around the world several times. I want the children of those countries to ask me, where the flag of their country is, spot it and then, in the process, become aware of my country and other countries as well," said Rishi.

"In fact, I am donating my body to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum, so that they preserve it and put in on display," he revealed.

Guinness's wife Bimla is so angered by her husband's attention-seeking that she refuses to go to the market or be seen in public with him.

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