B.Sai Kiran set Guiness record in Super Subtraction feat of 70 digit in 60 seconds

B.Sai Kiran attemptimg Guiness world record in Super Subtraction feat of 70 digit number in 60 seconds,in Hyderabad

Having already set a Guinness world record by recollecting over 100 words in the same sequence in just 12 minutes, B Sai Kiran, a Vedic Maths trainer from Dilshuknagar is confident about setting another world record, but this time in the field of Mathematics.

Sai Kiran told reporters here on Thursday that he would make an attempt to set a new world record on April 9 at the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram at Baghlingampally. The feat he has chosen is termed ‘Super Subtraction’, in which Kiran would subtract a 70 digit number from a smaller number with the same number of digits in 60 seconds. The problem would be set by Prof K V Krishna Murthy, chairman, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE) and Dr K V Ramachary, chief advisor, AP state cultural council.

On successful completion of the feat, he would be handed over the UK-based ‘Record Holders Record’ and ‘Unique World Record’ on the spot and a request for acceptance would be sent to the Guinness committee.

Kiran, a commerce graduate, has a keen interest in Vedic Mathematics and Super Memory Techniques.

"My attempt this time is to show the world that Vedic Mathematics is the ultimate form of Maths,” said Kiran.

Sai Kiran holds a world record in Guinness, Limca Book and India Book of Records in memory challenge. He has also received ‘Best Maths Trainer’ award in 2005 from Susheel Kumar Shinde, the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

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