World's strongest kid - Giuliano Stroe push-ups on Glass bottles

World's strongest kid - Giuliano Stroe push-ups on Glass bottles

Romanian muscle boy Giuliano Stroe stars in a hit viral video performing the incredible feat.

Balancing his hands and feet on bottle tops, the lad raises and lowers his body with abs-olute control.

Giuliano has become an internet sensation with his amazing shows of strength – garnering over 3MILLION hits on YouTube.

He already holds several Guinness World Records too, including titles for walking on his hands and performing the 'human flag'.

The cartoon-loving youngster, who lives in Romania with his parents, has trained from a baby.

Dad Iulian, 33, said: "He has been going to the gym since he was born. I have trained hard all my life and always take him with me.

"But he is never allowed to practise on his own. He is only a child and if he gets tired we go and play."

Giuliano, the oldest of four children, says his stardom has not gone to his head and he still enjoys normal kids' stuff like painting, watching cartoons and playing in the park when he is not weightlifting.

But it seems he has picked up a taste for fame - revealing he loves being filmed and that when people applaud it makes him happy.

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