World's largest bra chain

World's largest bra chain set World Records by kiwi Girl Guides in New Zealand

Girl Guides in the New Zealand town of Dargaville have put "Bra-gaville" on the map with an uplifting, record-breaking effort, stringing nearly 170,000 bras together.

The last brassiere was hooked to its neighbour late on Sunday night to create the chain of 169,324 supporting undergarments.

The chain, laid out in a zig-zag pattern at the town's Memorial Park, was about 135 kilometres long and breaks the previous world record of 166,625 bras set in Australia three years ago.

The project was part of Girl Guides New Zealand and the Breast Cancer Foundation's efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer.

It took two years to collect the bras, which were donated from across the country, Australia, Britain and the US.

About 100 Girl Guides took two days to connect the bras by their hooks and eyes.

Chain instigator Robyn Martinovich said she was happy but relieved the project was over.

She had seen enough bras to last her a lifetime, and so had her husband, she told AAP.

She had no idea where the suggestion of calling Dargaville "Bra-gaville" came from, but thought it was hilarious.

On Monday, they had already started dismantling the chain.

The best bras will be donated to women in the Pacific Islands and Africa.
Local politicians will verify the record, the details of which will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records.
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