Longest kiss World Record on Valentine’s Day 2012

Longest kiss World Record on Valentine’s Day 2012

A gay couple celebrated Valentine's Day by breaking the world record for the longest ever kiss after managing to keep their lips locked together for an incredible 50 hours, 25 minutes and one seconds.

Nontawat Jaroegenasornsin, 31, and his partner Thanakorn Sittiamthong, 28, beat the previous winners of the Guinness World Record longest continuous kiss today by just over four hours.

In a celebration of vitality and lasting power leading up to Valentine’s Day a male couple in Thailand this week broke the Guinness World Record for the longest kiss, staying lip locked for a massive 50 hours. In a fitting end to their journey the men finished their record breaking kiss on Valentine’s Day.

In order to break the record the men had to stand in a space of just one square meter and could only drink and eat through a straw. The two men also had to take bathroom breaks together and to ensure they remained lip locked a referee accompanied them to the toilet.

Not only did the two men manage to break the world record with their 50 hour kissing feat, they also won some very nice prices including a diamond ring worth approximately $3,200 and a hotel voucher said to be worth double the cost of the diamond ring.

Apparently gay male couples have a knack for breaking the world’s longest kissing record which was previously set during a 33 hour kiss between Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello while standing in front of a tent on the campus of New Jersey College.  The men said there goal was the ”Queering the Guiness Book of World Records.”

Why men are able to so easily break the world’s longest kissing record on a repeated basis I honestly have no idea, however I do quite thoroughly enjoy the fact that they likely made many gay-hating observers uncomfortable for a period that spanned more than two days.

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