Underwater song from Teenage Yee Vayasse Onthara set Limca Book of Records 2012

Underwater song from Teenage Yee Vayasse Onthara set Limca Book of Records 2012

A sizzling underwater song from the movie Teenage Yee Vayasse Onthara, has found a place in the Limca Book of Records and may make it to the Guinness records too. According to sources this is the first time in the Indian movie industry that a complete song has been shot under water.

The film Teenage Yee Vayasse Onthara has Kishan and Tanvi in the lead roles and Shrikanth directs the film. Siddarth Vipin scores the music and Shivananje Gowda pens the lyrics.

Guinness Record holder for youngest director on this earth – Master Kishen directing ‘Care of Footpath’ at the age of nine years now at the age of 16 years is entering into another record via first ever underwater song for the film directed by his father Shrikanth.

Friday at St Joseph Swimming pool Kishen and Oscar winner ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ Ringa Ringa dancer Tanvi will be dancing underwater song in the choreography of Murali. For this special song Abhisekh Kasargod is wielding the 5D camera and for the first time this camera is put to use. Salt N Pepper team is paying Rs.25000 as the premium for the day for Rs.1 crore and 15 people will be covered. 50 people will be working from morning till evening, doctors have been pressed, Ekalavya award winning swimmer Satish Kumar will be supervising the song penned by Shivananje Gowda. It is Ondhondhe Kanasu Jame Ago Vayassu Badalaithu Manasu….will be recorded by Santosh and Vandana.

This underwater song is four minutes duration that will have Gemini GFX Satish special effects after the song is shot. We are just doing the polishing work not a bigger task he says. Director of ‘Teenage…yee Vayasse Onthara’ Srikanth has approached the Limca Record Books for an entry. For reaching the Guinness Record it was not possible for him. For another song of 45000 children he is securing the world record tag.

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