Biggest spiral of dominos set World Record by Patrick Sinner

Biggest spiral of dominos set World Record by Patrick Sinner and his friends.

It's not a hobby for impatient people, but a teenager and his group of friends are willing to painstakingly align hundreds of domino pieces if it means they can break a world record.

Patrick Sinner and his friends attempted to make the largest spiral shaped wall of domino pieces, spending 40 hours putting it together in a community hall.

The fifteen-year-old built the wall in Kefenrod, central Germany and his friends Julian, Jan-Eric, Lukas, Dustin and Christian hope that their patience and steady hands will be enough to break the record as they await confirmation from the adjudicators.

Initial counts indicate that the team used 30,000 dominoes and the circle had a diameter of ten metres, covering almost the entire hall floor, before they started the collapse.

The teens were attempting to break two world records, but their second attempt to build a wall of dominos was unsuccessful.

But they were pleased that the spiral fell as planned while being watched by 200 people in hall and by the adjudicators.

It seems Germany has a reputation for setting domino records, as according to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest domino structure was constructed by students in Buchloe on 5 September 2010.

It was 5.08 m (16 ft 8 in) high and consisted of 9,140 dominos -  the students who spent the time building it, were also allowed to knock it down at the end.

The Guinness Book of Records, also state that was in Germany that the largest number of dominos stacked on one single piece was achieved by Maximilian Poserm, who managed 1002 pieces in Berlin, on 6 February 2009.
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