Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

World’s most expensive hot dog set Guinness World Record by Brockton Rox

World’s most expensive hot dog set Guinness World Record by Brockton Rox

Hoping to set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark, the Brockton Rox are launching on Saturday what could be the world’s most expensive hot dog – an $80 foot-long delicacy with such exotic trimmings as caviar and truffle shavings.

The McMullen – named after Atlantic City chef Ryan McMullen, who helped the team construct it – is a half-pound, all-beef hot dog rolled in truffle oil. It’s coated with porcini dust – pulverized mushrooms – and sprinkled with white truffle shavings, then topped with dollops of crème fraiche, fresh roe and caviar shipped from California. Keeping with baseball tradition, the dog will be deep-fried.

The dog will be served in a blini roll, a high-end bread specially made by the Cape Cod-based Underground Bakery.

“It’s a cross of the redneck meets the rich and famous,” said Sander Stotland, director of food and beverage for the team.

The dog already has its first buyer, too. A Japanese film producer who heard about it decided to send a professional photographer to Saturday’s game to document the dog before the team ships it to his New York address, Stotland said.

The sale, to begin when the Rox host Newark, coincides with National Hot Dog Day.

Stotland said the dog will become a permanent fixture on the menu, but he asks that those interested give 24-hour notice in case the team needs to ship in any ingredients.

The Foot Long Haute Dog, the current Guinness record-holder, sells for $69 at Serendipity 3 in New York City and was introduced last July 23.

Biggest tonsils Set Guinness World Record by Justin Werner

Biggest tonsils Set Guinness World Record by Justin Werner

Justin Werner added a new honor to his resume: Guinness World Record holder for biggest tonsils.

In fact, he really did add it to his list of credentials.

"I put it on my resume before I applied to my last job," said Werner, 21, of Topeka, Kan. "What can I say -- it's a good conversation starter. I got the job."

Sore throats, snoring, breathing and sleep problems plagued Werner since he was a kid, but he often shrugged them off. It was only after a dental hygenist commented on his large tonsils that he began to consider a tonsillectomy.

"It got to the point where every time I swallowed I was uncomfortable," the record holder said.

When doctors finally removed them, his larger tonsil clocked in at 2.1 inches long and 1.1 inches wide, thoroughly beating the competition.

Werner, before and after he had his record-breaking tonsils removed.

"I ended up crushing" the record, said Werner, who beat out the previous record holder, Justin Dodge of Milwaukee, Wis., by about 0.8 inches. "I wanted to keep them, but I guess rules these days don't allow it."

Still, he has proof of his tonsils' exceptional size. Last week, Werner received official papers from Guinness World Records that granted him the prestigious title as having the biggest tonsils ever recorded in the world.

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"I don't know how I feel about it," he said. "Most world records are amazing feats and mine just happened because I had big tonsils."

But more important than the title, Werner said talking, breathing, running and sleeping feels better than ever.

"It's fairly common that we take out very enlarged tonsils, but Justin's were the biggest that I had ever removed," said Dr. Tyler Grindal, an otolaryngology who performed Werner's surgery. "Prior to surgery, we knew they were very enlarged, but it wasn't until he was under anesthesia that I could really appreciate just how big they were."

Tonsils are composed of tissue and they're similar to lymph nodes or glands found in the neck. When enlarged, they can cause breathing problems, sleep apnea and pain.

Dr. Ramzi Younis, a pediatric otolaryngologist in Miami, said that some doctors used to believe that tonsils acted as the first line of defense from possible infections going through the mouth, bu there is no scientific evidence that shows removing the tonsils puts a person at greater risk of infections.

While the procedure was performed more in past decades than it is today, Younis also noted that it is still one of the most common procedures in American children.

"About half a million kids get the procedure every year," said Younis. "Risks of the procedure have been minimized, but there have been advances with antibiotics and medications so we see fewer kids with chronic tonsillitis."

The condition is considered chronic if a person suffers three episodes of tonsillitis every year for three years, or seven episodes in one year.

"That's an indication to remove those tonsils," said said Younis. "Tonsils are removed because the problem is more harmful than helpful. Once they're remove, a person's life improves and they have a better quality of life."

John Sheppard - World's greatest blood donor set blood donation World Record

World's greatest blood donor set blood donation Guinness World Record by John Sheppard

John Sheppard
gave his 315th pint of blood at Lee Memorial Hospital on Thursday, and could make "Guinness World Records" for blood donations.

The record of 231 pints was set in 2009 by Phillip Baird of Australia.

Sheppard, 78, a retired Fort Myers attorney, began donating blood 60 years ago and has given almost 40 gallons.

"This is about encouraging people when they are young to start donating," he said. "You can give your whole life."

Sheppard donated blood for the first time in 1951 because of Gene Prevatt, a Fort Myers High School friend who had been severely wounded during the Korean War.

Sheppard visited Prevatt at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville and was inspired by his service and devastated by his injuries, which included a shattered leg.

That's when 18-year-old Sheppard committed to giving blood every two months in honor of Prevatt.

He didn't know that he was a world record contender until Nancy Hendrick, community relations coordinator with Lee Memorial Blood Center, did some research.

Hendrick found that Sheppard was way ahead of the current champion and encouraged him to apply.

A group of friends, family and Lee County dignitaries joined Sheppard Thursday to make it official for Guinness.

Sheppard, who has a relatively average A-positive blood type, had donated enough blood in the past six decades to help almost 1,000 people.

It's difficult to identify who those people are, because of extensive testing and procedures, Hendrick said.

"You will never know the identity of the person you are helping, but you will always know that you have improved the quality of their life," Hendrick said.

Sheppard also inspired others to give blood as well.

News-Press columnist Sam Cook wrote about Sheppard's commitment to blood donation in 1999. Sheppard's resolve impressed Cook so much that he made the same commitment. He has donated blood every 56 days since that meeting 12 years ago.

"I wouldn't have started donating if I hadn't met John Sheppard," Cook said. "I'm sure there are many more like me."

Hendrick wishes there were. Lee County blood donations are uncomfortably low, she said.

"Donations fall in the summer, but the need for blood stays the same," she said.

All of the donated blood is used by the hospitals in Lee Memorial Health System.

Top10 Best Comedian 2011 - Top10 Funniest Comedians 2011

Top 10 Best Comedian 2011 - Top 10 Funniest Comedians 2011

Top10 Best Comedian 2011 - Human life today is becoming more serious and complicated than it ever was. The recent market meltdown, job cuts, and unemployment has only led to more human tragedy and suffering.These talented artists have taken the responsibility of making people forget their worries by making them laugh like crazy and they are doing a pretty good job.
People are so involved and tensed in their professional lives that they have no time to have a hearty laugh. However, there are certain group of people who have taken the responsibility of making people laugh no matter what and they have gotten pretty good at it.

The Best 10 Comedians of 2011
The top 10 comedians 2011 mentioned in this article started their career doing stand up comedy and then made their move into TV shows and movies. Here are those talented names...

John Mulaney
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

With his signature voice, John had only two career options in mind; radio announcer or stand up comedian. He choose the latter and his fans still thank him for that. He has been the creator for some of the most hilarious stage shows and is a regular on the VH1's Best Week Ever. John is also a writer on Saturday Night Live and holds the honor of performing twice on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


George Lopez
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

Currently the star of the Lopez Tonight, George Lopez is another famous name in the world of talented comedians. He has performed various stand up acts and also performed in several movies including The Spy Next Door, Valentine's Day and Marmaduke. His latest show has made him a household name with fellow Americans and he uses this platform to showcase most of his stand up comedy.

Dane Cook
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

He is one of the few talented comics with a pretty face and a well built physique. People fill up seats just to see and hear his jokes. Over the years this talented comic actor has proved his acting abilities with films like, 'Good Luck Chuck' and 'My Best Friend's Girl'. The actor continues to perform on his road tour 'Isolated Incident' which has received great reviews.

Russell Peters
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

 No top 10 comedians 2011 list can be completed without Russell Peters. Known all over the world as the 'Canadian Joker', Peters usually has racism all over his act. An Anglo-Indian by birth, almost half the west swears by his humor and he usually makes fun of his own ethnicity. He has performed in more than 50 countries and every show that he has done has been a full house.

Chelsea Handler
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

She is beautiful, she is outspoken and she is a funny lady. Chelsea Handler is known all around the world to speak her mind which makes her a much loved and hated personality. She is the host of Chelsea Lately, a late night talk show on E! and she took her comic timing out on the road to promote her third book which is doing great business. She also hosted the MTV Video Music Awards and entertained audiences worldwide with her charming personality and intelligent wit.

Rob Schneider
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

People probably recognize Rob Schneider from various Adam Sandler movies. He always plays a small role, and why not, Adam and Rob have been close friends for many years. This talented artist started out as a stand up comedian and slowly climbed the ladder of success by working as a writer for Saturday Night Live and then acting in the same. After Leaving Saturday Night Live, he got small roles in Hollywood and got his first break in the 1994 hit, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

Jeff Dunham
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

Probably one of the best comedians alive on TV and on stage, Jeff Dunham is one of the busiest and richest comedians in the US today. Though he had a not so successful series on Comedy Central, the man's talents are incomparable and he always leaves the audiences wanting for more. His puppets, DVD's of various acts have become a must have item for his millions of followers.

His talents are not only seen in stage but have also appeared in movies (Dinner for Schmucks), where he's showcasing his amazing talents with the likes of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

Howie Mandel
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

Most people know Howie Mandel as the host of a successful game show, 'Deal or No Deal'. This multi-talented actor started his career as a comic artist and you can see some of his comic talent when he judged the highly successful America's Got Talent. He is also a brand ambassador for online retailer company and also takes his comic act sometimes on the road.

Ellen DeGeneres
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

She makes the whole of America dance to her tune every day. Ellen DeGeneres makes the day bright with more sunshine and her ever glowing smile. Like every other talented artist, she also started out as a stand up and later became a respected name in Hollywood.

Currently she provides her voice for various animated characters and she is also the host of her successful talk show; The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Billy Crystal
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

A successful writer, actor and comedian, Billy Crystal was actually going to be a baseball player but somehow that plan didn't work out. He started studying theater and got his first recognition as an actor in the sitcom called Soap where he played a gay character. His comic timing is so good that he has been invited to host the Oscars for a record number of 8 times.

So these were the top 10 comedians of 2011. People say that making someone laugh is the hardest thing to do in this entire world, but when I see these talented people addressing the crowd and making them laugh, I really begin to wonder whether people have met these geniuses.

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