World’s largest hotel suite - Five-star Grand Hills Hotel and Spa in Lebanon

World’s largest hotel suite - Five-star Grand Hills Hotel and Spa in Lebanon.

Thinking about where to take the whole family this holiday season? I mean the whole family…great grandparents all the way down to the newest member of the clan.

I will strongly suggest considering the five-star Grand Hills Hotel and Spa in Lebanon, awarded the world’s largest hotel suite by the Guiness Book of World Records.

With a space just under 44,500 square feet (86,000 square feet if you include the outside living space), I think this would be the perfect opportunity to go someplace where everyone’s not fighting over the biggest bedroom or the bedroom with the best view.

Nestled in Broumana, a mountain pedestrian village of Lebanon between the Mediterranean Sea and the downtown area, the name of the suite is “The Royal Residence”.

This is the only suite I’ve ever heard of having six floors with three dedicated solely for bedrooms and multiple private swimming pools!

You can only imagine the amenities at this place over all, but when all of those amenities are yours and only yours, that’s a whole different playing field.

One bedroom has its own health club (not gym…health club)!

As for the price per night, well that’s not really something made public- the hotel will gladly furnish the price “upon request”.

The personalized service is said to be among the best in the hospitality industry.

Although the Grand Hills Hotel and Spa may have the world’s largest suite, it’s not the most expensive. The Moevenpick Hotel and Resort Beirut clocks in as the largest overall and the most expensive.

This property is actually on the Mediterranean sea as opposed to having “views”, so this may be a toss up in regards to where you end up staying while vacationing in these Middle Eastern parts.
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