World's cheapest tablet 2012 - Aakash tablet price in india

World's cheapest tablet goes on sale for Rs 2500 online

New Delhi, Dec 16 : DataWind, the Canadian company that is manufacturing Aakash, the world’s cheapest tablet, finally has started the online booking and pre-booking of the much anticipated low cost Android tablet.

Online booking is for students’ version of the tablet and pre-booking is for UbiSlate 7, the upgraded version of Aakash.

Aakash tablet is now available on Datawind puts up nearly about 30,000 tablets online with a price tag of Rs 2,500 with a delivery period of seven days.

Aakash comes with a 7 inch resistive touch screen display (800×480 pixel resolution).  It runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. It has a 366 MHz Connexant processor, 256MB of RAM and 2GB of internal memory expandable up to 32GB.

It has Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports and supports optional 3G modems. It has a battery life of 1.5 hours and weighs 350 gms.

Aakash’s next commercial version called the Ubislate 7, which has a faster processor, is slated to be launched late January. Ubislate 7 is set to have a 700 Mhz processor compared to the present one and will be priced at Rs 3000 for sale online.

UbiSlate 7 Tablet,the upgraded version of Aakash  has a more robust Arm 8- 700 MHz processor and longer battery life of 5 hours. It can be used for making calls as well.  The device was developed as part of the country’s aim to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities in an e-learning program.

The tablet was to be made available in retail stores by the end of November. “The delay in the availability of the tablet has been due to up gradation in the tablet and some unforeseen delay in manufacturing,” the spokesperson said.

According to sources, the Indian government is also planning to provide a new specification for Aakash, which may come with a faster processor and better battery life. The current version of Aakash has a battery life of about 1.5 hours.

The government till now procured only 10,000 tablets. It has still not procured the remaining 90,000 tablets for distribution in schools and colleges, even as other nations have expressed interest to the government for similar low-cost computing initiatives.

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