Mohamed Ashik create a Memory power world record

Mohamed Ashik create a Memory power world record

Not many of us will be able to point out the 195 countries of the world on a map. But Class III student Mohamed Ashik will not only do that, he will complete the task in 3 minutes.

The student of Le Chatelier Matric and Hr. Sec. School, Madurai says, “I remember when I was small my father used to forget things and I used to remind him where he had kept them. I actually don’t know how I got this power but it’s god’s grace and thanks to my parents as they were the ones who found the talent in me,” says Ashik.

“My father had brought me a world map and I would read it for at least half an hour before I would go to sleep. One day I recited to my father all the names of the countries. I was in UKG then and he was shocked.“

“My school authorities also came to know about this and they organized a program in 2009 where nearly 5000 people were present and I pointed out 194 countries from the world map within 1.49 minutes,'' he says

I got an award of Amazing Photographic Memory from my school and my father sent it to the Guinness Book of World Records but they said that this category was not included. So he asked me to practice on the world’s political map which I memorised within days,” adds Ashik.

“At the age of six in 2010 I got the world record when I memorised and pointed out 195 countries on a world map within three minutes. This record was recognised by the World Record Academy in USA,
Record Holders Republic UK and Global World Records India.“

“My latest achievement was in the Pogo Kids Awards 2011 in the memory power category where I beat more than a thousand competitors. My aim is to become an ambassador for India so that I can make peace between countries,” he says.
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