World's tallest tower - Tokyo Sky Tree Tallest tower in the world

World's tallest tower - Tokyo Sky Tree Tallest tower in the world

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Guinness World Records on Thursday recognized the 634-meter Tokyo Sky Tree as the world's tallest tower at a ceremony held in Tokyo.

Alistair Richards, managing director of Guinness World Records, personally handed the certificate to Michiaki Suzuki, president of Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co.

"One of the purposes of the tower construction is to let the world learn about Japanese culture and technology, and the allure of a downtown area of Tokyo. The (Guinness) recognition gives us great strength (while we strive for that goal)," Suzuki said.

The television broadcasting tower, due to open to the public in May next year, is located in a downtown district of Tokyo's Sumida Ward.

The 828-meter Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is recognized by Guinness as the world's tallest structure.

Tokyo Sky Tree recognized by Guinness as world's tallest tower Video.

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