World’s largest carnitas taco set World Record by Mexican city of Queretaro

World’s largest carnitas taco set World Record by Mexican city of Queretaro

The country that holds the record for the world’s largest cheesecake, meatball and pair of trousers can now add another name to the list in the Guinness book of world records.

The Mexican city of Querétaro set a new record with the world’s largest carnitas taco, measuring 73 meters and using 150 thousand kilos of pork. Besides the the massive amount of pork, 700 thousand kilos of tortillas, 500 kilos of tomatoes 300 kilos of onions and 20 kilos de cilantro were used to put the taco together.

Staff of The Guinness World Records certified the achievement, which involved volunteers and students from National College of Professional Education, Tec Milenio University and the Culinary Institute of Advanced Studies.

With hundreds of people watching on, the taco was assembled on a huge table in a garden in the heart of Querétaro. The official Guinness World Records measurement surpassed the former record, which was only 65 meters long, and involved 150 thousand kilos of the pulled pork.

Once the record was broken, the tasty tortilla did not go to waste, as it was distributed among the volunteers, chefs and crowd who came to see the event.

The idea behind the giant taco was the brainchild of the Board of Querétaro's Kitchen, whose president, Francisco Reséndiz, said the "tacote" cost around 700 thousand pesos, or $50,000, and was meant to promote Querétaro and its local cuisine.
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