HCG forms set Limca Book of Record - Largest human awareness ribbon for breast cancer

HCG forms set Limca Book of Record - Largest human awareness ribbon for breast cancer.

Bangaloreans from all walks of life came together to create awareness about breast cancer here on Sunday. The event was organised by HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG) to commemorate the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is observed in October every year.

As many as 6,583 people formed the largest pink ribbon, symbolising breast cancer awareness, at the Sullivan Police Grounds here. Donning pink t-shirts, holding pink umbrellas and wearing pink head-gears, the participants that included cancer survivors, cancer patients, care givers, nurses, corporate workers and students, stood for 10 minutes in the shape of a ribbon.

Said to be the largest human awareness ribbon, the attempt will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records for adjudication. The current record for the largest human awareness ribbon is held by Saudi Arabia. Organisers claimed that the record will be featured in the 2013 edition of Limca Book of Records.

B.S. Ajaikumar, chairman of HCG, said that the event was organised to spread awareness about breast cancer.

“The fear of cancer is worse than the disease itself. In India, there is lack of awareness on health and people do not undergo regular preventive health check-up. Preventive check-up is important for early diagnosis of cancer. We have issued 6,000 mammography coupons free to the participants, which will be the first step in eradicating the social stigma associated with the word ‘cancer',” he said.

Gopinath K.S., surgical oncologist, who participated in the event, said that such initiatives were important. “Most patients come for consultation only after the disease has reached an advanced stage. There is no better way to educate people that cancer is curable in its early stages. The phobia of cancer is worse than the disease itself,” he said.
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