Harry Potter Movie Series World Records

Harry Potter Movie Series World Records

Let's be honest: there are more than a handful of world records set by "Harry Potter." It's an awesome movie series and some could say it's just as awesome as the books! Right now, it doesn't matter if you disagree—all that matters right now is the fact that "Harry Potter" is a record-breaking, insanely successful movie franchaise that continues to sell thousands of DVDs every year.
Highest Grossing Opening Weekend Most of the records set by "Harry Potter" movies were set by the very last movie—"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2." All the kiddies dressed up in their robes and glasses, and they helped the movie earn a world record! The last movie in the series made $481,489,427 around the world between July 15 and July 16.

Highest Grossing Opening Day It's not surprising that along with the weekend grossing record comes the record for the highest grossing opening day. The last movie in the series earned a total of $91,071,119 in the United States on opening day. There's no arguing the movie definitely deserved it.

Fastest to Gross $150,000,000 If you attended the midnight showing of the last movie, you'll understand this record. Parking lots were packed-full of eager teenagers and even a large number of adults. There were people purchasing tickets weeks before opening night.

Highest Grossing Film Series The "Harry Potter" films have dominated the film industry for more than ten years now and they show no sign of leaving our minds any time soon. For some, it has been the highlight of their childhood and adults have become obsessed with everything Harry Potter. The films grossed a whopping $6,853,593,569 by July 19 and that number is still rising steadily.

Highest Pre-Opening Sales As we said before, the last "Harry Potter" movie made more on opening day than any other movie in history. This could be due to the rise in ticket costs or it could be because of their enormous fanbase. What's even more interesting, though, is the record broken by the movie for the most pre-opening sales.
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