Youngest TV reporter - Jane Haubrich sets world record

Youngest TV reporter - Jane Haubrich sets world record

It is safe to say that by now, everyone is tired of hearing the mundane reports of how terrible Hurricane Irene could have been. And then we meet 5-yaear-old Jane Haubrich.

Ms. Haubrich has unofficially earned the world record for Youngest TV weather reporter,as recognized by the World Records Academy, for her reporting during Hurricane Irene.

“Jane Haubrich here reporting from Doylestown, Penn. The rain is coming down more than it was before. The wind is probably going faster. I think this is just the starting of it. I definitely feel it on my head- just a tiny bit of rain.”

The little reporter was broadcasting via CNN’s iReport, a citizen journalist/blogger reporting system on the CNN website. She did a total of three updates during the storm, the last one finishing just before her bedtime.

“I’m concerned about the flood just like my puppy. It’s definitely raining more because it’s five o’clock now, back to you,” reported Haubrich.

Haubrich’s father, Frederic, is a docuementary film maker who helped set up the news report.

Congratulation Ms. Haubrich, for providing us with honest journalism and for earning a world record.

Youngest TV reporter: Jane Haubrich sets world record Video
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