Youngest power lifter breaks world record by Naomi Kutin

Youngest power lifter breaks world record by Naomi Kutin

Borough resident Naomi Kutin, 9, set a new all-time power lifting world record for the women’s 97-pound class regardless of age with a squat of 205 pounds. The record-setting accomplishment took place during the 2011 Anti-Drug Athletes United (ADAU) Nationals in Clearfield, Pa., on July 10.
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"It is stunning," said her father, Ed Kutin, noting that power lifting includes federations and this record is across all federations.

After the 205-pound squat Naomi leapt into her father’s arms and then ran into the audience to find her mother.

"She knew she did something extraordinary," said her mother, Neshama Kutin.

At 91 pounds, Naomi went nine-for-nine during the contest, setting a new ADAU American record with each attempt in every lifting event, which includes the squat, bench and deadlift.

"She got all nine of nine attempts," said Kutin, who noted those lifts set records in her federation. "She furthered all of her personal goals."

In the squat she lifted 170, 190 and 205 pounds. In the bench press she lifted 60, 70 and 75 pounds. In the deadlift, where she used the sumo stance for the first time, she lifted 165, 185 and 195 pounds. She had a total of 475 pounds.

The record caps off an impressive first year of power lifting. When she started lifting last year Kutin said his daughter had a natural ability that enabled her to succeed quickly, but that during the year she has learned about focus. Neshama Kutin added they have also stressed the importance of the proper form so Naomi does not get injured.

Naomi’s interest in power lifting is part of a family passion. Her father has been lifting for 28 years.

"It has been a very good experience for her," said Ed Kutin.

Neshama Kutin said there is so much camaraderie among the power lifters who have offered Naomi a lot of encouragement. Women across the country have been sending their congratulations to Naomi as well, added her father.

Besides lifting, Naomi, who has four siblings, also enjoys karate and has signed up for basketball.

"She is still a 9 year old," said Neshama Kutin. "She is still our little girl."
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