Lightest newborn baby - Rashi Rastogi enter Limca Book of Records

Lightest newborn baby in the country - Rashi Rastogi enter Limca Book of Records

Her weight — 620 grams — at the time of birth, which was further reduced to 506 grams in five days, might have given nightmare to her parents, but it enabled Rashi Rastogi from Lucknow to get her name entered into the Limca Book of Records as the ''lightest newborn baby" in the country.

Rashi, who is now healthy, replaced Suryansh of Jaipur in Rajasthan, who weighed 684 grams at the time of his birth.

Rashi is one among the triplet delivered by  Alka Rastogi on April 30 last year. 

Though the male and the other female baby weighed 1,400 grams and 1,000 grams, respectively, both died a few days after developing complications.

Rashi had to be kept on life support for three weeks after her birth and thereafter remained at a hospital for over two months, the parents said.

“She looked like a little bird when she was born,” the doctors said. Rashi, however, gained weight during the period and by the time she was discharged from the hospital, she weighed 1,100 grams, they added.
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