Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

Most dogs in a pet costume parade set World Record on Dog Days of Summer event

Most dogs in a pet costume parade set Guinness World Record on Dog Days of Summer event.

The San Diego Padres may be in the basement of the National League West, but they set a record this week.

Guinness World Record officials were at PETCO Park’s annual “Dog Days of Summer” event to pronounce it official: The 337 costume-clad dogs is now the record for most dogs in a pet costume parade.

The annual infield costume parade was lead by Tillman, the world famous skateboarding dog. The record setting took place during the Wednesday, before the Padres played the Arizona Diamondbacks.

“It has been an amazing record attempt and I’m happy to say it was successful,” said Freddie Hoff, adjudicator for Guinness World Records. “The 337 dogs in the costume parade was way above the set amount and on behalf of Guinness World Records, I’d like to say congratulations.”

Womad Festival 2011 - Largest "air guitar" ensemble set World Record

Womad Festival 2011 - Largest "air guitar" ensemble set World Record

The main stage crowd at Womad Festival 2011, in Malmesbury, are due to start playing along at 1030 BST on Sunday.

The current Air Guitar UK Champion, Thom 'W!ld Th!ng 37' Wilding will lead the ensemble in a rendition of Jimi Hendrix's legendary track Purple Haze.

The current record was set by 1,883 people in Australia in 2009.

The attempt is being organised by the charity Action on Hearing Loss, formerly RNID, and will be attended by Guinness World Records' officials.
'Rise to challenge'

The professionals leading the crowd also include rock singer Justin Adams.

Emma Harrison, a director at Action on Hearing Loss, said they were "confident of beating the old record".

"We've never tried this before, but we're sure our Womad friends will rise to the challenge," she said.

Womad organiser Chris Smith said they were "really excited to be hosting this very special event for a cause close to the Womad heart".

"We all love music - but it's important to listen to it safely," she said.

World's longest motorbike - Longest motorbike in the world

World's longest motorbike set Guinness World Record - Longest motorbike in the world.

Measuring an incredible 22 metres (72ft) long, the converted 125cc scooter took a month build and can carry up to 25 people on board.
World's longest motorbike, World's longest motorbike photo, World's longest motorbike video, Longest motorbike in the world, Longest motorbike in the world  2011, World's longest motorcycle

                                               World's longest motorbike Picture

Colin Furze, 31, assembled it in his mum's backyard in attempt to gain another Guinness World Record. The Linconshire plumber already holds the record for the fastest mobility scooter, which he built and designed to hit a remarkable 71mph.

To set the record he took the behemoth to the Saltby Airfield in Granthan and rode it for a mile along the runway hitting a top speed of 35mph.

'When I first got on it I thought it would never work and at a slow speed it's almost impossible to keep upright,' explained Collin after the stunt.

'But once you get going it becomes a bit easier, although it is a real strain on your arms as it has such heavy steering.

'It wobbled a huge amount as I drove along and apparently the back of the bike was weaving around all over the place.

'This motorbike was so heavy and difficult to drive I think it would be impossible to make a longer bike. I think this record will stand for a very long time.'

Currently the official figure for the longest motorbike in the world stands at 14 metres, but that is sure to be broken once the video along with signed witness statements are produced to the Guinness World of Records.

Youngest power lifter breaks world record by Naomi Kutin

Youngest power lifter breaks world record by Naomi Kutin

Borough resident Naomi Kutin, 9, set a new all-time power lifting world record for the women’s 97-pound class regardless of age with a squat of 205 pounds. The record-setting accomplishment took place during the 2011 Anti-Drug Athletes United (ADAU) Nationals in Clearfield, Pa., on July 10.
Youngest power lifter, Naomi Kutin photo, Naomi Kutin video, Naomi Kutin power lifter video, power lifter world record 2011, World's Youngest power lifter 2011

"It is stunning," said her father, Ed Kutin, noting that power lifting includes federations and this record is across all federations.

After the 205-pound squat Naomi leapt into her father’s arms and then ran into the audience to find her mother.

"She knew she did something extraordinary," said her mother, Neshama Kutin.

At 91 pounds, Naomi went nine-for-nine during the contest, setting a new ADAU American record with each attempt in every lifting event, which includes the squat, bench and deadlift.

"She got all nine of nine attempts," said Kutin, who noted those lifts set records in her federation. "She furthered all of her personal goals."

In the squat she lifted 170, 190 and 205 pounds. In the bench press she lifted 60, 70 and 75 pounds. In the deadlift, where she used the sumo stance for the first time, she lifted 165, 185 and 195 pounds. She had a total of 475 pounds.

The record caps off an impressive first year of power lifting. When she started lifting last year Kutin said his daughter had a natural ability that enabled her to succeed quickly, but that during the year she has learned about focus. Neshama Kutin added they have also stressed the importance of the proper form so Naomi does not get injured.

Naomi’s interest in power lifting is part of a family passion. Her father has been lifting for 28 years.

"It has been a very good experience for her," said Ed Kutin.

Neshama Kutin said there is so much camaraderie among the power lifters who have offered Naomi a lot of encouragement. Women across the country have been sending their congratulations to Naomi as well, added her father.

Besides lifting, Naomi, who has four siblings, also enjoys karate and has signed up for basketball.

"She is still a 9 year old," said Neshama Kutin. "She is still our little girl."

World’s First Compostable Swimsuit set World Recoed by Linda Loudermilk

World’s First Compostable Swimsuit set World Recoed by Linda Loudermilk

Miami Swim 2012 Fashion Week has premiered what may well be the world's very first compostable swimsuits. The two earthy swimsuit creations took center stage during the HauteNatured fashion parade on July 15th and whilst they may be compostable, they'll also do their job in the water, assures sustainable clothing designer, Linda Loudermilk.

The two Loudermilk-designed swimsuits are made out of a fabric derived from plant starch, which will decompose completely within 180 days when buried underground. Since you would only get one season's wear out of the bikini, perhaps the fabric would be better suited for items likes nappies or children's clothing, given they grow out of them so quickly!

The fashion show also featured sustainable swimwear collections by Eco Swim, Meadow, and Mae Couture, who created outfits using recycled plastic bottles, factory scraps of fabric and even a salvaged military parachute.

Article Summary:-
Miami Swim 2012 Fashion Week has premiered what may well be the world's very first compostable swimsuits. The two earthy swimsuit creations took center stage during the HauteNatured fashion parade on July 15th and whilst they may be compostable, they'll also do their job in the water, assures sustainable clothing designer, Linda Loudermilk.

Most Fingers and Toes World Record - Akshat Saxena Most Fingers and Toes Video

Most Fingers And Toes World Record - Akshat Saxena Most Fingers And Toes Video.

  •   Akshat Saxena born with 14 fingers and 20 toes 
  •   Akshat had additional digits surgically removed    
  •   Previous record - Boy with 15 fingers, 16 toes

Akshat Saxena had seven fingers on each hand and ten toes on each foot, according to a spokesman for Guinness World Records.
Akshat Saxena photo, Akshat Saxena picture, Most fingers and toes in the world,Most fingers and toes Video, Most fingers and toes on a living person, Most fingers and toes ever, Most fingers and toes world record, Most fingers and toes on a person, Akshat Saxena 34 Fingers And Toes

The child, from Uttar Pradesh in northern India, has since had a series of surgeries to amputate the excess digits.

Akshat was born last year without thumbs so doctors are working to reconstruct these out of the fingers they have removed.

His mother Amrita Saxena said: "I was so happy to see my baby as it was our first child.

"But later, when I saw his fingers, I was shocked and surprised."
Akshat Saxena photo, Akshat Saxena picture, Most fingers and toes in the world,Most fingers and toes Video, Most fingers and toes on a living person, Most fingers and toes ever, Most fingers and toes world record, Most fingers and toes on a person, Akshat Saxena 34 Fingers And Toes

The condition is known as polydactyly, a genetic disorder which can be inherited and gives rise to excess digits.

The record was previously held by a six-year-old boy in China who had 15 fingers and 16 toes.

The child, who his family refused to name, also had surgery to remove his extra digits. He now has ten fingers and ten toes following a six-and-a-half hour operation at a hospital in Shenyang, Liaoning last March.

Most Fingers and Toes set Guinness World Record - Akshat Saxena Most Fingers And Toes Video

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World’s most expensive hot dog set Guinness World Record by Brockton Rox

World’s most expensive hot dog set Guinness World Record by Brockton Rox

Hoping to set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark, the Brockton Rox are launching on Saturday what could be the world’s most expensive hot dog – an $80 foot-long delicacy with such exotic trimmings as caviar and truffle shavings.

The McMullen – named after Atlantic City chef Ryan McMullen, who helped the team construct it – is a half-pound, all-beef hot dog rolled in truffle oil. It’s coated with porcini dust – pulverized mushrooms – and sprinkled with white truffle shavings, then topped with dollops of crème fraiche, fresh roe and caviar shipped from California. Keeping with baseball tradition, the dog will be deep-fried.

The dog will be served in a blini roll, a high-end bread specially made by the Cape Cod-based Underground Bakery.

“It’s a cross of the redneck meets the rich and famous,” said Sander Stotland, director of food and beverage for the team.

The dog already has its first buyer, too. A Japanese film producer who heard about it decided to send a professional photographer to Saturday’s game to document the dog before the team ships it to his New York address, Stotland said.

The sale, to begin when the Rox host Newark, coincides with National Hot Dog Day.

Stotland said the dog will become a permanent fixture on the menu, but he asks that those interested give 24-hour notice in case the team needs to ship in any ingredients.

The Foot Long Haute Dog, the current Guinness record-holder, sells for $69 at Serendipity 3 in New York City and was introduced last July 23.

Biggest tonsils Set Guinness World Record by Justin Werner

Biggest tonsils Set Guinness World Record by Justin Werner

Justin Werner added a new honor to his resume: Guinness World Record holder for biggest tonsils.

In fact, he really did add it to his list of credentials.

"I put it on my resume before I applied to my last job," said Werner, 21, of Topeka, Kan. "What can I say -- it's a good conversation starter. I got the job."

Sore throats, snoring, breathing and sleep problems plagued Werner since he was a kid, but he often shrugged them off. It was only after a dental hygenist commented on his large tonsils that he began to consider a tonsillectomy.

"It got to the point where every time I swallowed I was uncomfortable," the record holder said.

When doctors finally removed them, his larger tonsil clocked in at 2.1 inches long and 1.1 inches wide, thoroughly beating the competition.

Werner, before and after he had his record-breaking tonsils removed.

"I ended up crushing" the record, said Werner, who beat out the previous record holder, Justin Dodge of Milwaukee, Wis., by about 0.8 inches. "I wanted to keep them, but I guess rules these days don't allow it."

Still, he has proof of his tonsils' exceptional size. Last week, Werner received official papers from Guinness World Records that granted him the prestigious title as having the biggest tonsils ever recorded in the world.

What Is Tonsillitis? Watch Video
Breathing Tube in Surgery Catches Fire Watch Video
Boy Dies After Simple Surgery Watch Video

"I don't know how I feel about it," he said. "Most world records are amazing feats and mine just happened because I had big tonsils."

But more important than the title, Werner said talking, breathing, running and sleeping feels better than ever.

"It's fairly common that we take out very enlarged tonsils, but Justin's were the biggest that I had ever removed," said Dr. Tyler Grindal, an otolaryngology who performed Werner's surgery. "Prior to surgery, we knew they were very enlarged, but it wasn't until he was under anesthesia that I could really appreciate just how big they were."

Tonsils are composed of tissue and they're similar to lymph nodes or glands found in the neck. When enlarged, they can cause breathing problems, sleep apnea and pain.

Dr. Ramzi Younis, a pediatric otolaryngologist in Miami, said that some doctors used to believe that tonsils acted as the first line of defense from possible infections going through the mouth, bu there is no scientific evidence that shows removing the tonsils puts a person at greater risk of infections.

While the procedure was performed more in past decades than it is today, Younis also noted that it is still one of the most common procedures in American children.

"About half a million kids get the procedure every year," said Younis. "Risks of the procedure have been minimized, but there have been advances with antibiotics and medications so we see fewer kids with chronic tonsillitis."

The condition is considered chronic if a person suffers three episodes of tonsillitis every year for three years, or seven episodes in one year.

"That's an indication to remove those tonsils," said said Younis. "Tonsils are removed because the problem is more harmful than helpful. Once they're remove, a person's life improves and they have a better quality of life."

John Sheppard - World's greatest blood donor set blood donation World Record

World's greatest blood donor set blood donation Guinness World Record by John Sheppard

John Sheppard
gave his 315th pint of blood at Lee Memorial Hospital on Thursday, and could make "Guinness World Records" for blood donations.

The record of 231 pints was set in 2009 by Phillip Baird of Australia.

Sheppard, 78, a retired Fort Myers attorney, began donating blood 60 years ago and has given almost 40 gallons.

"This is about encouraging people when they are young to start donating," he said. "You can give your whole life."

Sheppard donated blood for the first time in 1951 because of Gene Prevatt, a Fort Myers High School friend who had been severely wounded during the Korean War.

Sheppard visited Prevatt at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville and was inspired by his service and devastated by his injuries, which included a shattered leg.

That's when 18-year-old Sheppard committed to giving blood every two months in honor of Prevatt.

He didn't know that he was a world record contender until Nancy Hendrick, community relations coordinator with Lee Memorial Blood Center, did some research.

Hendrick found that Sheppard was way ahead of the current champion and encouraged him to apply.

A group of friends, family and Lee County dignitaries joined Sheppard Thursday to make it official for Guinness.

Sheppard, who has a relatively average A-positive blood type, had donated enough blood in the past six decades to help almost 1,000 people.

It's difficult to identify who those people are, because of extensive testing and procedures, Hendrick said.

"You will never know the identity of the person you are helping, but you will always know that you have improved the quality of their life," Hendrick said.

Sheppard also inspired others to give blood as well.

News-Press columnist Sam Cook wrote about Sheppard's commitment to blood donation in 1999. Sheppard's resolve impressed Cook so much that he made the same commitment. He has donated blood every 56 days since that meeting 12 years ago.

"I wouldn't have started donating if I hadn't met John Sheppard," Cook said. "I'm sure there are many more like me."

Hendrick wishes there were. Lee County blood donations are uncomfortably low, she said.

"Donations fall in the summer, but the need for blood stays the same," she said.

All of the donated blood is used by the hospitals in Lee Memorial Health System.

Top10 Best Comedian 2011 - Top10 Funniest Comedians 2011

Top 10 Best Comedian 2011 - Top 10 Funniest Comedians 2011

Top10 Best Comedian 2011 - Human life today is becoming more serious and complicated than it ever was. The recent market meltdown, job cuts, and unemployment has only led to more human tragedy and suffering.These talented artists have taken the responsibility of making people forget their worries by making them laugh like crazy and they are doing a pretty good job.
People are so involved and tensed in their professional lives that they have no time to have a hearty laugh. However, there are certain group of people who have taken the responsibility of making people laugh no matter what and they have gotten pretty good at it.

The Best 10 Comedians of 2011
The top 10 comedians 2011 mentioned in this article started their career doing stand up comedy and then made their move into TV shows and movies. Here are those talented names...

John Mulaney
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

With his signature voice, John had only two career options in mind; radio announcer or stand up comedian. He choose the latter and his fans still thank him for that. He has been the creator for some of the most hilarious stage shows and is a regular on the VH1's Best Week Ever. John is also a writer on Saturday Night Live and holds the honor of performing twice on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


George Lopez
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

Currently the star of the Lopez Tonight, George Lopez is another famous name in the world of talented comedians. He has performed various stand up acts and also performed in several movies including The Spy Next Door, Valentine's Day and Marmaduke. His latest show has made him a household name with fellow Americans and he uses this platform to showcase most of his stand up comedy.

Dane Cook
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

He is one of the few talented comics with a pretty face and a well built physique. People fill up seats just to see and hear his jokes. Over the years this talented comic actor has proved his acting abilities with films like, 'Good Luck Chuck' and 'My Best Friend's Girl'. The actor continues to perform on his road tour 'Isolated Incident' which has received great reviews.

Russell Peters
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

 No top 10 comedians 2011 list can be completed without Russell Peters. Known all over the world as the 'Canadian Joker', Peters usually has racism all over his act. An Anglo-Indian by birth, almost half the west swears by his humor and he usually makes fun of his own ethnicity. He has performed in more than 50 countries and every show that he has done has been a full house.

Chelsea Handler
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

She is beautiful, she is outspoken and she is a funny lady. Chelsea Handler is known all around the world to speak her mind which makes her a much loved and hated personality. She is the host of Chelsea Lately, a late night talk show on E! and she took her comic timing out on the road to promote her third book which is doing great business. She also hosted the MTV Video Music Awards and entertained audiences worldwide with her charming personality and intelligent wit.

Rob Schneider
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

People probably recognize Rob Schneider from various Adam Sandler movies. He always plays a small role, and why not, Adam and Rob have been close friends for many years. This talented artist started out as a stand up comedian and slowly climbed the ladder of success by working as a writer for Saturday Night Live and then acting in the same. After Leaving Saturday Night Live, he got small roles in Hollywood and got his first break in the 1994 hit, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

Jeff Dunham
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

Probably one of the best comedians alive on TV and on stage, Jeff Dunham is one of the busiest and richest comedians in the US today. Though he had a not so successful series on Comedy Central, the man's talents are incomparable and he always leaves the audiences wanting for more. His puppets, DVD's of various acts have become a must have item for his millions of followers.

His talents are not only seen in stage but have also appeared in movies (Dinner for Schmucks), where he's showcasing his amazing talents with the likes of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

Howie Mandel
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

Most people know Howie Mandel as the host of a successful game show, 'Deal or No Deal'. This multi-talented actor started his career as a comic artist and you can see some of his comic talent when he judged the highly successful America's Got Talent. He is also a brand ambassador for online retailer company and also takes his comic act sometimes on the road.

Ellen DeGeneres
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

She makes the whole of America dance to her tune every day. Ellen DeGeneres makes the day bright with more sunshine and her ever glowing smile. Like every other talented artist, she also started out as a stand up and later became a respected name in Hollywood.

Currently she provides her voice for various animated characters and she is also the host of her successful talk show; The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Billy Crystal
Top 10 comedians photo, Top 10 Funniest Comedians, hollywood comedian picture, best comedian in the world, greatest comedian ever

A successful writer, actor and comedian, Billy Crystal was actually going to be a baseball player but somehow that plan didn't work out. He started studying theater and got his first recognition as an actor in the sitcom called Soap where he played a gay character. His comic timing is so good that he has been invited to host the Oscars for a record number of 8 times.

So these were the top 10 comedians of 2011. People say that making someone laugh is the hardest thing to do in this entire world, but when I see these talented people addressing the crowd and making them laugh, I really begin to wonder whether people have met these geniuses.

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Vibrant India Festival - World's largest Indian flag set Limca Book of Records

Vibrant India Festival - World's largest Indian flag set Limca Book of Records

The world's largest Indian flag weighing 250 kg was unfurled at the 'Vibrant India Festival' which began here today, showcasing the rich heritage and history of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The 153-feet long tricolour, made by a tailor from Porbandar, Chhotalal S Shingdia, has found place in Limca Book of Records this year.

Indian-American Monty Saiyed, the organiser of the India festival, unfurled the flag in the festival at majestic Sears Center Arena here to showcase the cultural richness of India and as a symbol of peace and harmony.

During the two-day festival, there will be Rajasthani folk dance, Gujarat Garba, Raas and performances by Bollywood actors and singers.

After the event, the flag will be flown back to Navsari in Gujarat and would be used in other events in different Indian states.

Largest Organic Cake set Guinness World Record by Carlo's Bake Shop

Largest Organic Cake set Guinness World Record by Carlo's Bake Shop

Kannur: With an objective of entering into Guinness Book of World Records, Bakers Association Kerala (BAKE) has plans to unveil a longest cake, with a length of over 300 ft, to commemorate 128th year of cake making in the state.

Talking to reporters here, P M Sankaran, President fi teh Association, said the function would be held on November 10 to 14 and the cake would be displayed for the public to view on November 13 at Thalassery stadium.

Thalassery, well-known in bakery sector,has the distinction of making the first cake in the state in 1883.

The cake would have the history of Thalassery and cricket etched on it.

Cochin Bakery, which has entered the Limca Book of Records by setting a new India record for the heaviest icing on a single cake to a length of 216 ft, is preparing the proposed mega cake.

New Digamber Public School wins Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011

New Digamber Public School wins Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011

The multi-city initiative is being launched in partnership with 'Know & Grow with Derek' and involves participation of young minds from classes 8 to 12. As part of the initiative, a series of quiz competitions will be be organized in 3500 schools across 80 cities. The quiz competition is divided into four zones - North, South, East and West.

Advance Academy School Adjudged Runners Up In the City Finals ~

    New Digamber Public School will be amongst the 80 schools all set to compete in the semi finals
    Over __316 _ students from _54__ schools participated from Indore with 6 schools reaching the city finals
    After the huge success of LBR Quiz '10, this year, the quiz has been launched on a much larger scale with students from 3500 schools across 80 cities participating in the Quiz
    Young geniuses from class 8 to12 to participate in the National Quiz Championship
    LBR Quiz, 2011 is being rolled out in three stages - Inter-school level, Semi finals & National Finals
    Entire Initiative to be organized over an 6 month period from July to December, 2011
    Multicity initiative launched in partnership with 'Know & Grow with Derek' - Derek O' Brien, renowned quizmaster to host the National Finals
    Limca Book of Records (LBR), 2011 celebrates 22 illustrious years and catalogues outstanding achievements of Indians across the globe and inspires and motivates today's youth

New Digamber Public School today won the Indore City finals of Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011 held at Daly College, Indore. The young geniuses from the New Digamber Public School in Indore would now be amongst the 80 schools to compete in the Semi finals. Not far behind, Advance Academy School emerged as the runners up. Around 316 students from 54 schools participated from Indore out of which six schools competed in the city finals - New Digamber Public School , Advance Academy School , Choithram School, Satya Sai school, Agarwal Public School and Shishukunj School .The winning team was felicitated by Ravi Arya, Area Sales Manager,Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd.

After the consecutive success of Limca Book of Records Quiz since 2008, this year the quiz is being organized in more than 3500 schools to ignite young minds and make the pursuit of knowledge an engaging yet competitive process.

The multi-city initiative is being launched in partnership with 'Know & Grow with Derek' and involves participation of young minds from classes 8 to 12. As part of the initiative, a series of quiz competitions will be be organized in 3500 schools across 80 cities. The quiz competition is divided into four zones - North, South, East and West. The quiz is being organized in three stages - Inter-school level, Semi-Finals and National Finals, from July to December, 2011. The quiz aptly takes its lead name from the Limca Book of Records (LBR) as the record book celebrates the outstanding achievements of Indians across the globe and is a source of inspiration especially for the country's youth.

According to Ravi Arya, Area Sales Manager, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd., "At Coca-Cola India, we believe that education is a catalyst for nurturing talent, allowing it to develop and excel. Limca Book of Records Quiz is one such facilitator of knowledge and learning. Such competitions are a great platform for students to learn, be aware and be competitive leading to their overall personality development. Participating in the Limca Book of Records Quiz has always been an enriching experience for the students considering the quality, scope and magnitude of this event. Having garnered an overwhelming response from schools across the country since the last 3 years, we are certain that this year too, Limca Book of Records Quiz will witness similar zeal and enthusiasm from the students. I would like to congratulate the winners of today's competition and wish them all the best for the Zonal Finals."

Quiz Master Extraordinaire, Derek O'Brien, and founder 'Know & Grow with Derek' will host the National Finals. The entire database including content, research material and quiz software is being provided by 'Know & Grow with Derek'.

According to Derek O'Brien, Founder, "Know & Grow with Derek", "We are once again delighted to be associated with Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011, it has indeed been a great association. Limca Book of Records Quiz is a fun and engaging way to stimulate knowledge and learning amongst students across the country. Since last couple of years, the quiz has received phenomenal response from schools and students and this year too we look forward to receiving similar enthusiasm and participation. So once again let's all gear up for some great quizzing action."

The national quiz competition leverages the iconic status of the Limca Book of Records which is now in its 22nd edition. The recently launched 22nd edition of the Limca Book of Records. The 'Sports Achievers Special' was dedicated to the outstanding performances of 15 Indian Athletes during 2010 Commonwealth Games and Asian Games and acknowledged their significant contribution by felicitating them as 'People of the Year' 2011. With 20 refreshing and informative chapters, the 2011 edition of the record book celebrates over 10,000 remarkable achievements out of which 6,000 are new records, all showcasing extraordinary feats of Indians across the globe.

More about Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011

The Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011 is open to all the students from class 8 to 12 who are above 12 years of age. The series has been classified into three stages:

Inter School Round
Each participating school may enter a maximum of 3 teams of 2 members each. A thirty minute written preliminary round would be administered to all the participating students. Only one team from each participating school can qualify for the stage round. The top 6 teams depending on their scores will qualify to participate in the finishing leg (stage round) of the City Finals. The team with the highest scores in the stage round would be declared as the 'City Winner' of Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011.

Semi final Round

In the semifinal rounds, 'City Winners' would compete for the national finals. 80 teams to participate in the semifinals- Top 10 teams with a minimum of 2 teams from each zone out of a total of four zones and two top scorers from the semi-final rounds will be selected for the National Finals.

National Final
The top 10 teams from the Semifinal round will compete against each other in the National Final. Renowned quiz-master, Derek O'Brien to host the National Final.

Lightest newborn baby - Rashi Rastogi enter Limca Book of Records

Lightest newborn baby in the country - Rashi Rastogi enter Limca Book of Records

Her weight — 620 grams — at the time of birth, which was further reduced to 506 grams in five days, might have given nightmare to her parents, but it enabled Rashi Rastogi from Lucknow to get her name entered into the Limca Book of Records as the ''lightest newborn baby" in the country.

Rashi, who is now healthy, replaced Suryansh of Jaipur in Rajasthan, who weighed 684 grams at the time of his birth.

Rashi is one among the triplet delivered by  Alka Rastogi on April 30 last year. 

Though the male and the other female baby weighed 1,400 grams and 1,000 grams, respectively, both died a few days after developing complications.

Rashi had to be kept on life support for three weeks after her birth and thereafter remained at a hospital for over two months, the parents said.

“She looked like a little bird when she was born,” the doctors said. Rashi, however, gained weight during the period and by the time she was discharged from the hospital, she weighed 1,100 grams, they added.

Ameya Gupta set Limca Book of Record 2011

Ameya Gupta may be just six years old, but few can measure up to his prowess. For Ameya has his name in the Limca Book of Records because of his collection of 1,239 measuring sticks or rulers from 12 different countries. But many would say this is par for the course for his Vikaspuri-based family.

Ameya is studying in class I at Maharaja Agrasen Public School in Ashok Vihar.  His name was registered in Limca Book of Records around 15 days ago.
Ameya Gupta Limca Book of Record, Delhi family Limca Book of Record, Ameya Gupta photo, Ameya Gupta picture, Ameya Gupta world records

Ameya's aunt Anuradha Gupta (41) an accounts teacher, first brought glory to her family. She has collected 30,000 matchboxes of 77 countries. Her 16-year-old daughter Kanika Gupta has a stockpile of 5100 erasers from 15 different countries. The fourth member who has brought glory to the family is Anuradha's sister-in-law Priyanka who has 13,096 name slips from 12 different nations. All four people have had their names registered in the Limca Book of Records.

"I was impressed by the achievement of my sister-in-law and her daughter so I decided to do something like them. Anuradha helped me. I started collecting name slips," said Priyanka. "I faced a lot of problems initially. I asked my friends to help me as well. I also did online shopping of name slips to complete my collection," she added.  

Sharing her experience with MiD DAY, Anuradha said that she was studying in class IX when she started collecting matchboxes. "I liked matchboxes.  But I didn't know that collecting them could be a hobby. I never talked about this to anyone thinking they would ridicule me," she said.

Anuradha said that she wanted to go to cigarette kiosks to buy matchboxes but was apprehensive of people censuring her. She then started picking them up from the roadside. She was preparing for her B.Ed exams when she was praised for her hobby by her teacher.

"He was grading us on the basis of our hobbies. He called the whole staff and praised me. Then I joined Vanasthli Public School as an accounts teacher. The school authority conducted an exhibition of my collection. In 1993 my name was registered in Limca Book of Records," she said. 

Anuradha then helped her daughter Kanika, a class XII student, follow in her footsteps. The teenager confesses she likes erasers because of how they smell. Using her pocket money, which was around Rs. 800 initially, she started on her mission. Anuradha and her husband Praveen Gupta were enthused. "We used to take her to exhibitions at Pragati Maidan to purchase erasers of other countries. We asked our relatives who stay abroad to send her erasers as gift. Now she has 5100 of them from 15 different countries. Her name was registered in the Limca Book in 2003," said Anuradha.

World’s heaviest spider - Hercules baboon spider

World’s heaviest spider - Hercules baboon spider

Boxing gloves were nowhere in sight for a world spider heavy-weight title challenge at the Natural History Museum last month.

The contenders were the Hercules baboon spider, and the current Guinness World Records (GWR) holder for world’s heaviest spider, the Goliath bird-eater.

Museum bug expert George Beccaloni was contacted by GWR Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday after reports of a possible rival. Craig asked George if he could check the size of the Hercules baboon spider as the Natural History Museum has the world’s only known specimen and George is the author of the Museum book, Big Bugs Life-Size.

Craig was there to adjudicate when George measured the two spiders. Using a jar of alcohol and the Archimedes' Principle, both specimens were submerged to discover the volume of alcohol they displaced, and therefore the volume of their bodies.

Spider specimens are stored in alcohol and this makes their internal organs shrink. The water inside them gets replaced by alcohol, which is about 25% lighter than water. This means that their weight when they were alive would be about 25% greater.

Knowing that they would weigh about 1g per cubic cm when alive means that their weights can easily be calculated  if their body volumes are known.

Winning measurements

The female Goliath bird-eating spider specimen measured 69 cubic cm, more than double the volume and therefore the weight of the Hercules baboon spider that measured 22 cubic cm.

So the Goliath bird-eating spider remains the world's heaviest spider species, with the heaviest recorded individual being a 12-year-old captive female called Rosi - according to GWR, it had a body length of 119.4mm and weighed a massive 175g.

'Rosi was considerably heavier than the Museum specimen that we measured,' says George. 'It's amazing to think that she weighed about as much as 5.8 house sparrows!'

'People who have seen the Hercules baboon specimen, without a specimen of the Goliath bird-eater beside it, have been impressed by how huge it is and this has led to the myth that it might be the world's largest spider.'

Hercules baboon spider

The Hercules baboon spider, Hysterocrates hercules, specimen was collected over 100 years ago in Nigeria. Virtually nothing is known about this species but, in common with other baboon spiders, it probably lives in a burrow in the ground and comes out at night to hunt its prey.

Goliath bird-eating spider

The 2cm-long fangs of the Goliath bird-eating spider, probably the longest of any spider.

The 2cm-long fangs of the Goliath bird-eating spider, probably the longest of any spider. © George Beccaloni

A lot more is known about the world champion, however as it is commonly kept as an exotic pet. The Goliath bird-eating spider, Theraphosa blondi, is found in north-eastern South America, preferring wet mountain rainforest. It’s a nocturnal creature spending most of its time in a silk-lined burrow.

Vietnamese toy set Guinness world record for Longest spinning duration

Vietnamese toy set Guinness world record for Longest spinning duration

The record spinning duration of 24 hours, 35 minutes and 15 seconds was set on May 23 at the Hanoi-based TOSY Robotics. The process was witnessed by six local notarizing officials,  Tuoi Tre reported Tuesday.

Le Quoc Hung, head of Hanoi Notary Office, said that the Guinness World Records strictly required at least two independent notary officers to observe the spinning top at any time and the whole process had to be filmed constantly.
The video was then sent to Guinness experts in London to decide if the toy made a record, the report said, citing Hung.

Alexsandr Vypirailenko, a representative of Guinness World Records, said in a letter to TOSY Robotics that the company totally deserves the certificate for their interesting product.

Ho Vinh Hoang, general director of TOSY Robotics, said that the spinning top had been actually designed to run 60 hours and it did.

But the company had turned off cameras en route as the technologies at the firm do not allow such a long time of filming, Hoang said, adding that the Guinness officials earlier said that 24 hours is enough for the record.

He said the company engineers have spent many months creating dozens of different versions of the toy to figure out how to make it run the longest time on the least energy.

“The Guinness record has proved that our target is to create high-tech and innovative toys, which will help Vietnam’s toys known better to the world,” the director said.

He said the commercial version of the spinning top has been designed to run at the maximum four hours.

The toy will be launched on Vietnam market in August this year, by the children festival mid-Autumn which falls September, Hoang said.

TOSY spinning top, which has been made attractive with LED lights, imitates a Vietnam’s traditional wooden toy popular between the 1970s and 1990s.

At a Hong Kong expo in January, “Tosy AFO Returning” functions like a boomerang stood out among more than 1,900 toy companies.

TOSY Robotics started exporting its products in 2010, with 500,000 Tosy UFO, which was later updated into AFO, sold to Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Japan and Britain.

Around 210,000 of the toy were sold in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City during the last Christmas holiday.

TOSY Robotics is the first Vietnamese robotics firm that produces four types of products: gigantic robots, service robots, industrial robots and hi-tech toys.

Twenty20 international - Namibia set world records against Kenya

Twenty20 international - Namibia set world records against Kenya

Namibia set several world records when they beat Kenya by 169 runs in a Twenty20 international in Kampala on Wednesday afternoon.

Namibia’s total of 262/1 was the biggest total yet in a Twenty20 international, beating the previous record of 260/6 which Sri Lanka set against Kenya in 2007.

LP van der Westhuizen’s score of 159 not out is a new world record for the highest individual score, smashing the previous record of 117 that Chris Gayle of West Indies set against South Africa in 2007.

Van der Westhuizen also broke Gayle’s record of 10 sixes in an innings with a new record of 16 sixes. Van der Westhuizen most probably also set a new record for the fastest century off 49 balls, although this still had to be confirmed.

Van der Westhuizen and Sarel Burger set a new world record for a second wicket partnership of 168 runs. The previous record of 166 was set by Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakarra of Sri Lanka against West Indies in 2010.

Earlier in the tournament, on Sunday, July 10 Namibia broke the world record for the highest victory margin when they beat Uganda by 174 runs. The previous record was Sri Lanka’s 172-run victory against Kenya in 2007.

The CEO of Cricket Namibia Laurie Pieters told Namibia Sport that it was a fantastic achievement by Namibia and Van der Westhuizen in particular.

“It’s an amazing achievement by LP van der Westhuizen. Even though it wasn’t against the strongest opposition, it still had to be achieved,” he said.

Pieters said he sill had to verify whether the records would be acknowledged as world records, but since it was an ICC sanctioned event he was of the opinion that it would stand.

Children set football Guinness World Record N-backed event in Gaza

Children set football Guinness World Record N-backed event in Gaza

For the second time in as many weeks, the children of Gaza set a Guinness World Record today in an event organized by the United Nations as part of its 2011 Summer Games programme – this time for the largest number of footballs dribbled simultaneously.

The event, involving 2,011 children, took place in Kherbit El-Addas, Rafah, just a few miles from the Khan Younis stadium, where on 30 June 3,500 children broke the world record for the largest number of parachute games.

“I want to congratulate the children of Gaza once again for their second world record in two weeks,” said Christer Nordahl, acting director of operations in Gaza for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

“As we’ve seen yet again, when given the opportunity, the children of Gaza can be the best in the world.”

For five years the UNRWA has staged the Summer Games – which include sports, arts and other activities – to provide a recreational outlet for an estimated 250,000 children in the Gaza Strip. This year’s games coincide with the fifth year of the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

“We need to lift the blockade and give the kids of Gaza a chance to fulfil their true potential,” said UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness.

“These records breakers evoke other world records,” he stated. “The Israeli blockade of Gaza has lasted longer than some of the most notorious sieges in human history.”

The next world record attempt will take place on 21 July, when children with special needs aim to create the largest ever hand-print painting. Then before the Games wrap up at the end of July, up to 10,000 children will attempt to smash their own record set last year for kite flying.

Julian Pavone - Youngest professional drummer holds Guinness World Record

Julian Pavone - Youngest professional drummer holds Guinness World Record

Macomb Township's 7-year-old Julian Pavone now holds the Guinness World Record for youngest professional drummer.

Macomb Township’s drumming prodigy, Julian Pavone, has added Guinness World Record holder to his list of achievements–an already extensive list for a 7-year-old.

As of March 21, 2010, Guinness World Records recognized Pavone as the youngest professional drummer in the world.

At 5 years 10 months and three days old, Pavone took the title from Japan’s 9-year 289-day-old Tiger Onitsuka.

“We’re honored to have such a prestigious source acknowledge all of Julian’s hard work," said Bernadino Pavone, Julian's father.

Pavone found his beat early, when at three-months-old he began playing the drums while sitting on his father’s lap. At 15 months old, he accepted his first contract to join the Cleveland Cavalier’s United Drumline as its youngest member by more than 16 years.  

His first CD came at 20 months old when he recorded “Go Baby!” with bassist Ralphe Armstrong and now at age 7, he is working on his sophomore CD with Michael J. Powell, a four-time Grammy Award winning producer who has also produced such artists as Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker.

When he is not using his 22-piece custom drum set with 17 cymbals to wow audiences around the world, Pavone attends the University Liggett School.

From radio spots, to television appearances, athletic halftime shows and live performances at legendary concert venues such as Whisky A Go-Go, the Grammy Museum, House of Blues and Hard Rock Café, Pavone is no stranger to fame.

While the raw talent is his alone, Pavone relies on numerous instructors to further hone his skill. These instructors include: George Dunn (drums), Dom Famularo (drums), Dennis Sheridan (percussion), William Winfield, III (drums), Francesco Cavallini (vocals, guitar) and staff at the Macomb Music Center (vocals).

World’s largest angklung ensemble in Washington set World Record

World’s largest angklung ensemble in Washington set World Record

Washington DC shakes to world angklung record

The world record for the largest angklung ensemble goes to Washington, DC after 5,182 people of various nationalities turned up on Saturday to literally shake the traditional Indonesian bamboo musical instruments to the tune of “We are the World”.

The event took place during the Indonesian Festival held in an open field in the National Mall, a few blocks away from the White House.

Announcing the official entry, the adjudicator from the Guinness Word Records said, “You’re unbelievable, and to think that you have never played the instrument before.”

Thousands of people responded to an invitation by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington to join in the world record breaking feat. The throng included Indonesians, Washingtonians, friends of Indonesia and a handful of tourists.

The embassy had initially promised the Guinness World Records a 5,000-person turnout. There was a moment of hesitation when only 1,600 people had registered online as of Friday. Many turned up on the day without registration.

Those who came spent a good half hour in the scorching heat, with temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius, to learn and practice using the instrument before they got it right and satisfied the adjudicators that it was worthy of a world record.

Each participant was given an angklung representing one note. Each of the seven notes was designated the name of one of Indonesia’s main islands.

Helping the largely novice but enthusiastic players was angklung maestro Daeng Udjo, who was flown in from Indonesia.

He guided the participants with the movements of his hands, which indicated when it was their turn to shake the angklung.

The ensemble of amateurs practiced with familiar Western tunes, including “Country Road”, to help build their confidence (and more importantly Udjo’s confidence) before going for the record.

As their reward, they went home with the angklung, a batik scarf for women, a batik head band for men and a certificate from Guinness World Records and the Indonesian Embassy recognizing their part in setting the world record.

“This is what multiculturalism is all about,” Indonesian Ambassador to the US Dino Patti Djalal said about the theme of the Indonesia Festival and his decision to strive for the world record.

The day-long festival saw performances by famed 1980s duo Air Supply, rapper Raheem Davaughn, the Brazilian Batala percussion band and entertainers from Indonesia, including Sherina Munaf and Elfa Singers.

World's largest open faced sandwich

Josue Antonio probably slept well Saturday night.

After all, he had the satisfaction of knowing his hard work helped build what is believed to be the world's largest open-faced sandwich.

The 12-year-old was among the volunteers who constructed the 1,652-pound sandwich that was one of the highlights of the 25th annual John C. Fremont Days.

Don Cunningham, the JCF Days board member who thought up the idea, will spend the next couple of days putting together the documentation for officials at the Guinness Book of World Records, who must certify the sandwich's record.

"It's a real treat for the 25th anniversary," Cunningham said while slicing up the giant sandwich. "It's one of the highlights of the weekend, but everybody is doing a lot of work this weekend."

To construct the sandwich, the Jerry Carson family spent early Saturday mixing up the bread dough in the kitchens at Hy-Vee and Midland University. That dough was placed on a specially designed baking tray made by Getzschman Heating and Air and then baked in a trailer converted into an oven that could produce 400,000 BTUs.

After baking for 1 hour, 35 minutes, Hormel employees and their families spent the next several hours grilling 23 cases of SPAM and then placing it on the sandwich. They even used the Big Green Egg grill at the Air Comfort booth to help grill.

"The world has been enjoying SPAM for over 70 years, and we've been fortunate enough to be doing business in Fremont, Neb., producing SPAM since 1947," said Donnie Temperley, the local plant manager. "The people at the plant are very proud of what they do. They're outstanding employees. When it came to asking for volunteers, they always step up to make a difference and be active in the community.

"I couldn't be more proud of them," he added.

That's how Josue got involved. His mother works at Hormel.

"I wanted to help," he said. "I like the Guinness World Record Book."

With more than 11,500 slices of SPAM - all sliced by hand over three days at the Fremont plant - on the scales, mustard and pickles were added to meet Guinness specifications.

The official weigh-in was conducted by troopers from the Nebraska State Patrol. They put the weight at about 300 pounds more than the previous record.

"It's just a great day for Fremont," said Mayor Scott Getzschman. "When you look at the community involvement, Getzschman employees, Hy-Vee employees, Hormel employees cooking up the SPAM and then just all the people from the community that got involved and started to put this together, the excitement just grew and grew."

The event did bring members of the community together.

"You've got all these people involved in it, and that's what it's all about - getting the community involved in something that's going to be world renowned," Temperley said.

After the crowd that had gathered celebrated the possible world record, many eat a sample of the giant sandwich.

World's steepest rollercoaster Guinness World Record - Japan's Takabisha ride

World's steepest rollercoaster Guinness World Record - Takabisha ride in Japan's

In the world of the theme park, the record-breaker is king.

And it seems there is no king greater than the one that sends a shudder of fear down visitors' spines and ear-splitting screams across the park.

Japan has proved itself as a world leader in terrifying rides with its introduction of Takabisha, the world’s steepest rollercoaster.

Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park resounded to an almighty noise as test riders plummeted 141ft in a single vertical drop on the newest, record-breaking rollercoaster.

The park is set in the shadow of Mount Fuji, but there is little time to enjoy the view of snow-capped mountain as the ride lasts just 112 seconds .

The nerve-jangling plunge comes amid seven stomach-flipping twists over nearly two miles of track.

The ride's designers have called in adjudicators from the Guinness Book of World Records, which ratified that the drop, involving a 121-degree freefall, is the steepest on any attraction anywhere in the world.

Takabisha, which translates as 'dominant' in English, relies on a combination of gravity and a set of linear motors on the cars.

These accelerate the coaster to speeds of 100kmph.

Riders experience weightlessness as they 'nosedive' down the sharp incline, before later being plunged into darkness.

Costing an eye-watering 3billion yen (around £23million) to build, Takabisha will grab the title of 'ride with the steepest incline' from a British attraction, Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingoland in the UK.

The popular Yorkshire theme park has held the record since July 2009.

Mumbo Jumbo, which cost £5million to design and build, has an incline of 112 degrees and puts riders under a force of 4Gs, similar to those experienced by fighter pilots.

Fuji-Q is no stranger to records - this will be the 14th Guinness-recognised mark set by the park.

World's steepest rollercoaster - Japan's Takabisha ride Video


World's fattest lady - World's heaviest woman Donna Simpson

World's fattest lady - World's heaviest woman Donna Simpson

At 600 pounds, a New Jersey mother is less than half the size of the woman who the Guinness Book of World Records says is the heaviest that ever lived, but she might have a shot at a new category: most massive mom.

Donna Simpson, 42, has renounced her desire to achieve the world record of heaviest woman now held by Brooklyn-born Carol Yager, who weighed in at 1,600 pounds and died of heart failure in 1994. Now, Simpson is hoping Guinness will create a new category just for her as World’s Most Massive Mom. Guinness says it is considering her request.

In the meantime, Simpson is taking advantage of her notoriety after making headlines in March when she told a British tabloid that she was super-sizing her portions on purpose to beat Yager’s status. After the story in the Daily Mail, Simpson caught heat from social media critics around the world, many expressing concern for Simpson’s 3-year-old daughter.

But Simpson has become a YouTube celebrity and has been known to show off her 600-pound body on a website devoted to women of larger proportions. A book deal and a potential reality TV show are also in the works. And although Simpson says she is no longer attempting to pack on more pounds, she isn’t actively trying to lose weight, and eats 12,000 calories a day. Under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s daily nutritional guidelines of 2,000 calories, that’s nearly a week’s worth of food per day.

Simpson’s newfound fame has also given her a voice against discrimination toward obese people, becoming a vocal supporter of the “fat acceptance movement,” according to Reuters. Simpson told the news service she receives emails from plus-sized women who say she is an inspiration.

Quick Weight Loss Tips


Macarena dance Guinness World Record 2011

Macarena dance Guinness World Record 2011
A Guinness World Record has been broken by more than 2,000 school children in the city doing the macarena dance for over five minutes.

Eggbuckland Community College hosted the world record-breaking attempt, beating the current record of 1,861 children in a school in Canada in November 2010.

Macarena dance picture, Macarena dance video, Macarena dance Guinness World Record 2011, dance World Record 2011

Now, subject to independent verification, the 2,226 children who took part are the new record breakers.

Along with staff and students of Eggbuckland Community College, other primary schools that took part were Austin Farm Primary School, Compton Primary School, Eggbuckland Vale Primary School, Manadon Vale Primary School, St Edwards Primary School and Widey Court Primary School.

The idea was created by a 16-year old student at Eggbuckland Community College, Daniel Phillips, who is in Year 11.

Daniel is a member of the student leadership team and he made the proposal which went on to be presented to school governors.

The student leadership team then talked to the local community and the idea became a reality.

Along with students, teachers and parents, also present were city councillors Ian and Lynda Bowyer, the Army, Clockwork Audio, Fobeyfitness and the Rotary Club.

The time keeper, Leon Pinch, was also keeping track of how long the macarena was going on for.

Not only were Eggbuckland breaking world records, right after the macarena the school sports day started.

Rachel Towers, Assistant Principle of Eggbuckland Community College, said:

"We're all on such a high here. This day is something the students will always remember.

"Daniel is an exceptional young man who has been supported by an exceptional team of young people.

Fastest Typing on iPad set Guinness World Record by Georgian President's Son

 Fastest Typing on iPad set Guinness World Record by Georgian President's Son

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili's 15-year-old son joined his father Tuesday as a global leader -- by claiming the world record for speed typing on an iPad.

Eduard Saakashvili achieved a world record for typing the English alphabet on an iPad in 5.26 seconds -- an improvement of 1.05 seconds on the previous record set by British teenager Charlie Joseph McDonnell in 2010.

The unusual feat was documented by an observer from Guinness World Records in the former Soviet republic's Black Sea resort of Batumi.

"I am very happy," Eduard said in comments broadcast by Georgian TV after the finger-busting exploit, explaining that he spent months getting ready for the unusual event.

"Our whole family has been nervous. I am a very proud mummy today," then president's Dutch wife, Sandra Roelofs, said.

In March the Georgian leader's younger son, five-year-old Nikoloz, also attracted media attention when he and his father donned military fatigues for a training session at a military base in an unusual attempt to promote the country's armed forces.

Pillow Fight Day - Pillow Fight Manila 2011 aims for new Guinness world record

Pillow Fight Day - Pillow Fight Manila 2011 aims for new Guinness world record

MANILA, Philippines - Here’s another chance for Pinoys to land in the record books. Pillow Fight Manila 2011 organizers are hoping to muster a crowd of at least 5,000 to break the current Guinness World Record for the largest participation in what has now become a global pop culture craze.

An International Pillow Fight Day is actually celebrated every April 2 in cities across the US, Canada and European countries like Spain, Poland and the UK, but Pillow Fight Manila 2011 will occur at the end of the year. The Hotel Sogo chain is spearheading the project and the campaign for attendees, specifically aged 18 and older, to help meet the goal of eclipsing the current 3,706-strong Guinness record made at the Minehead Butlins in Somerset in the UK on Nov. 14, 2008. The UK event was the highlight of the BBC’s Children in Need night.

Similarly, the Philippine staging will not just send feathers flying but will also jumpstart a Pillow for a Cause fund drive. This is meant to support student welfare and scholarships as well as facility improvement in state colleges and universities, according to organizers.

In the lead up to the main attraction in November, a series of cluster events like college and mall tours will run from July to October, targeting students, youth and young professionals to register as United Pillow Fighters, if not to encourage them to take part in the online activities for special prizes and rewards. Adding excitement to the culminating activity will be a concert featuring Pinoy rock acts. There’s no official venue yet, but the first-ever Pillow Fight Manila will definitely be held outdoors following the tradition of massive pillow fight events in the different parts of the world. Plus, it will use soft pillows (to be provided for by the hotel) and observe strict safety guidelines.

Hotel Sogo officials said that they decided to mount the event because like any good old pillow fight, they expect it to appeal to the good-humored nature of Pinoys as the game creates “fun and energy, bond and camaraderie between friends and strangers.”

“We are inviting all our kababayan to help us break the record, which now stands at a little less than 4,000 people participating in a pillow fight, come November 2011,” said Gus Corpus, Hotel Sogo’s chief operating officer in a presscon.

The last time the Philippines made it to the Guinness World Book of Records for an organized gathering was in 2009 in Cebu for the world’s largest dance class initiated by Dancesport Team Cebu City.

World's biggest burger 2011 - World's largest hamburger Guinness World Record

World's biggest burger 2011 - World's largest hamburger Guinness World Record

When a forklift is used to carry a char-grilled hamburger patty to its bun you know this is one mega burger.

The giant burger weighing 777 pounds (352kg) has broken the record in the United States to make it into the Guinness World Records as the world's largest commercially available hamburger.
World's biggest burger 2011, World's largest hamburger, biggest burger picture, biggest burger photo, biggest burger Guinness World Record, World's largest hamburger 2011, biggest burger in the world, largest hamburger in the world, giant burger photo, giant burger 2011

It was created on the world's biggest barbecue, Juicys Outlaw Grill, and included mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

"They began at 5am with 600 pounds of meat, which they expected to shrink to about 400 pounds during cooking," The Oakland Tribune reported.

"They forged 340 pounds of dough into two buns. On standby were 50 pounds of cheese, 20 pounds of onions, 12 pounds of pickles, 30 pounds of lettuce and 10 pounds each of mustard and ketchup.

"The final burger weighed in at 777 pounds, shattering the old record.

"It was estimated the ingredients would comprise a 1.375-million calorie gut bomb."

The chief executive of Juicys travelling barbecue catering service, Brett Enright, joined forces with Ovation Food Services co-owner Nick Nicora and a team of helpers to create the record-breaking burger at the Alameda County Fair on Saturday.

"The barbecue was Enright's pride and joy, a massive trailer (the Outlaw Grill) that pops open into a massive food-preparation station with an elevated cooking platform," The Tribune said.

"The rig spends 11 months a year on the road ... (but) the burger was its most challenging project to date."

When the burger was finally ready 15 hours later (not exactly fast food), onlookers paid 99 cents for a portion. The money was donated to a community food bank.

The previous record for a burger was 590 pounds.

Fastest time to travel to all 270 London Underground Stations break World Record

Fastest time to travel to all 270 London Underground Stations break World Record

Tube fan Marc Gawley has set a new world record – by visiting all 270 London Underground stations in the fastest-ever time.

Marc, 33, a management consultant from Denton, covered the famous London tracks in 16 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds.

The time has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the quickest ever, shaving 15 minutes off the previous record set in 2009.

The cult feat is known as the Tube Challenge and the first attempt took place in 1959.

Maths whiz Marc used his detailed knowledge of Tube timetables to travel more than 200 miles in record time.

He estimates that he ran the equivalent of a marathon to complete the challenge, which has strict rules.

Challengers must visit all 270 stations. They do not have to get off, but the trains must stop at the station.

To prove his feat Marc, a keen marathon runner, recorded hundreds of video clips of himself, station signs and copies of newspapers to show dates and times. The record was verified after Guinness officials viewed his videos.

Marc, a former pupil at Manchester’s Xaverian College who studied physics at Oxford University, said: “I pity the person who had to go through all those videos.

“ It must have been some of the dullest video footage ever in adjudicating a record, but at least I’m a world record holder.

“The secret to my success was spending as much time cooking up spreadsheets, reading timetables and pounding the treadmill.

“I had heard about the challenge when I was a child and I guess it has always been at the back of my mind. I am a good runner who can analyse data and I just thought it was the perfect mix to have a go. I’m over the moon with it.”

Marc, who began his challenge in the early hours and used an all-zone Oyster tube ticket costing £18.60, added: “I’m just delighted to have done it. The record is now in the bag and it’s great.”

Fastest time to travel to all 270 London Underground Stations Video

Hug me - Largest group hug world record attempt for Christchurch

Hug me - Largest group hug world record attempt for Christchurch

A Christchurch man is seeking people to help break the world record for the largest group hug on the anniversary of the first big quake in September last year.

More than 10,000 people are needed to break the record currently set by Alba Iulia in Romania, in 2009.

Organiser Andrew Male said on his Facebook page for the event the hug attempt might sound "somehow daft, or vaguely childish", but Guiness World Records invariably turned into something different.

"This will be a symbol of something very special - home, pride, national identity, call it what you will - it will be moving and wonderful event, something Christchurch needs!!"

The Facebook page, Christchurch Group Hug - Largest group hug attempt, this morning had nearly 4900 people signed up as attending and nearly 1500 people marked as maybe attending.

The record attempt application had been made to Guiness World Records last month, Mr Male said.

A 7.1 quake shook Christchurch on September 4. It has been followed by months of aftershocks.

The most the destructive was a 6.3 quake on February 22 which killed 181 people.

Lost Leonardo da Vinci painting to break World Record

Lost Leonardo da Vinci painting to break World Record

The oil painting, which depicts Christ with one hand raised in blessing and the other cradling a globe, is entitled 'Salvator Mundi' or 'Saviour of the World'.

Its discovery has been hailed by scholars as one of the most important artistic finds of the last 100 years.

For centuries it was believed to have been the work of a protégé of Leonardo.

But recent restoration work convinced a panel of eminent scholars in Britain, Italy and the US that it was created by the Renaissance master.

It is reportedly due to go on display for the first time at the National Gallery in London in November.

It is then expected to be offered for sale by the consortium of American dealers that own it, having reportedly bought it an estate sale about six years ago.

The oil on wood painting was once owned by King Charles I, and after his execution was passed it on to his son, Charles II.

It then vanished into obscurity until it turned up in the possession of Sir Francis Cook, a 19th-century British collector.

It was sold in 1958 for just £45, having been attributed to Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, one of Leonardo's pupils.

When the painting, which measures 26 in by 18 in, was acquired by the American consortium, restorers were brought in to scrape off centuries of grime and varnish to correct earlier, botched restoration efforts.

But as they delicately returned the painting to its original state, they began to think that it was the work of the master himself.

The exact circumstances of the painting's rediscovery and how much it might be worth were cloaked in secrecy yesterday.

Prof Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art at Oxford University, was one of four of the world's foremost Leonardo experts invited to inspect the painting at the National Gallery.

But he told The Daily Telegraph that he could not comment until the owner of the work issued an official announcement, probably in September.

Pietro Marani, an Italian art historian who directed the restoration of Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan, viewed the work in London last year.

"Before the restoration it was in a bad state, covered by old layers of paint. But during the restoration the quality of the painting emerged – the marvellous colours, the reds and blues of the garment (worn by Christ), which are reminiscent of The Last Supper.

A comparison with another da Vinci work, the Virgin of the Rocks, "also seems to confirm that this is a Leonardo painting," said Prof Marani, along with scientific tests of the paint.

The National Gallery would not confirm or deny whether the picture will feature in its forthcoming exhibition, 'Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan", which starts on Nov 9, but its appearance would be a major coup.

The exhibition of 60 paintings and drawings is already being claimed as "sensational" because it will gather together Leonardo paintings that have never before been seen in the UK. "Discussions are still ongoing with the owner," a spokeswoman said.

ARTnews magazine, which first reported the discovery this week, suggested that when the painting is auctioned it could sell for as much as $200 million, an amount that would smash previous records.

Qingdao bridge world record - China World's Longest Sea Bridge Video

Qingdao bridge - China World's Longest Sea Bridge set world record 2011.

The world's longest cross-sea bridge, spanning Jiaozhou Bay of Qingdao in East China's Shandong province, opened to traffic on Thursday amid a major effort to further consolidate this coastal city into an international shipping center for Northeast Asia.
The 41.58-km, eight-lane Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, connecting the urban district of the city to its Huangdao district, cost 14.8 billion yuan ($2.3 billion). Construction started in May 2007.

The bridge will shorten the route between the two centers by 30 km, cutting travel time from more than 40 minutes to about 20 minutes, said Han Shouxin, deputy director of the city's traffic management committee.

Previously, the longest cross-sea bridge in the world was the 36-km-long Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge that connects the cities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in East China's Zhejiang province.

"The bridge has been a long-time dream for Qingdao residents," said Qingdao Party Chief Li Qun at the inauguration ceremony.

He said the bridge will greatly improve travel from the eastern tip of Shandong's Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, through central Shandong's Rizhao, Linyi and even to the northern areas of neighboring Jiangsu province.

It makes the one-hour economy ring for downtown Qingdao and its surrounding districts a reality and strengthens the prospect of a four-hour economy ring among cities on the Shandong Peninsula, Li said.

Guan Hua, a 30-year-old woman at a local shipping company, was excited about the bridge.

"I have to travel back and forth between Huangdao and downtown and other places in Qingdao for work and sometimes for fun with friends," she said. "It was annoying to have to fight the downtown traffic for the expressway entry to reach the destinations.

"In addition, traveling will be more pleasant with the sea views from the bridge," she added.
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Sixty-one-year-old Yu Zhong'ai, from Xuejiadao community of Huangdao district, said he had to spend nearly three hours traveling from his place to visit his daughter in downtown Qingdao.

"But with the bridge I will save at least one hour," he said.

The bridge was built in four years, with several world records and national prizes achieved. Before that, it took more than 17 years for the authorities and experts to finish the exploration, planning, design and bidding for the project.

Zhou Fengjun, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: "A hard part has been that we have had to work out techniques to cope with the high salt content and winter ice in the seas of Jiaozhou Bay, which otherwise would damage the structure of the bridge."

Huangdao district, also known as Huangdao Economic and Development Zone of Qingdao, was among the first national development zones approved in the early 1980s.

Last year the gross domestic product of the zone stood at 100 billion yuan, with its per capita GDP reaching $25,000. The zone connects the Shandong Peninsula to central and western areas of the province.

Thursday also saw the opening of the nation's longest undersea tunnel, also linking downtown Qingdao to Huangdao. The 9.47-km tunnel provides a fast link between the two areas.

Qingdao bridge world record - China World's Longest Sea Bridge Video