World's longest clothesline of socks World Record set in Wellington

World's longest clothesline of socks World Record set in Wellington

More than 30,000 pairs of red socks set a new world record at the Cake Tin today in Wellington.

The new world's longest clothesline of socks included seventeen 50 metre clotheslines and measured more than 3km.

The record attempt was organised by the Sir Peter Blake Trust and supported by Foundation Partner Westpac, PBT Group, Gallagher Group and Placemakers, as part of Red Sock Day celebration.

Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and Lady Susan worked alongside Wellington Phoenix players and coach Ricki Herbert, volunteers and local school pupils to peg up the socks.

Some of the socks used in the record attempt will be donated to Christchurch schools.

The event was recorded by four adjudicators and a land surveyor who will send their information to Guinness World Records for confirmation.

The previous Guinness World Record for the longest clothesline of socks was 2,324.08 metres set by the Tripsdill Amusement Park in Germany in May 2010.

Sir Peter Blake liked to wear his red socks for good luck, and during the America’s Cup Challenge of 1995 New Zealanders supported the boat by putting on their own red socks.

Sir Peter Blake Trust Chief Executive Shelley Campbell said she was thrilled the Trust and Westpac, had managed to break the record in honour of Sir Peter.

"The red socks are a symbol of Kiwi spirit and Peter would have been proud of what we've managed to do here today,'' Cambpell said.

"Peter set a few world records in his time, so we thought it would be great to set one of our own this year. New Zealanders from all around the country have been a part of creating history, and they've had a great time doing it."

Earlier in the day 12-year-old Tawa schoolgirls Maddy Booth and Caitlin Taylor had to tidy up after Sir Anand when they observed him pegging his socks upside down.

The socks were being pegged by the large group of volunteers from their tops and were at least 1cm apart.

But Sir Anand pegged his socks from the bottom and there appeared to be some official scrutineering issues about how far apart Sir Anand was pegging his socks.

The problem was discretely solved when the schoolgirls stepped in and restored clothesline order.

Sir Anand, who left with his party about 8.15am, appeared none-the-wiser.

One of the three official scrutineers for the world record attempt, Chapman Tripp lawyer Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere closely observed Sir Anand's clothesline style.

"Yes there was an error there but it was not a material error," Mr Ferrere noted.

He said it was irrelevant how the socks were pegged to the clothesline - by their tops or bottoms.

He also noted the schoolgirls had diplomatically and quickly moved in to restore clothesline order to the record attempt.

Caitlin and Maddy both said they found it funny when Sir Anand had hung his socks upside down.

"It was fun to talk to him," Caitlin said.

The Red Socks Day campaign is part of the Trust's Leadership Week (July 1- 8, 2011) an annual event that highlights the strategic relevance and value that great leadership provides for New Zealand and showcases the work being done to develop our nation’s leadership capability.
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