Naked swimmers break world record for biggest skinny dip

Naked swimmers break world record for biggest skinny dip

Four hundred people stripped naked and plunged into the sea off Wales on Sunday in an attempt to break the world record for the biggest skinny-dip.

The swimmers came from across the UK to brave the chill waters of Rhossili beach, on the Gower peninsula.

The existing record is believed to stand at 250 naked bathers in one location, and organisers plan to submit today's event to adjudicators at Guinness World Records in an attempt to claim the title.

Alison Powell, an online publishing editor who came up with the idea as a way of raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity and the National Trust, said it had gone "brilliantly". She said: "It was amazing. It's such a beautiful beach."

To break the record, the bathers had to wade into the water until it was up to their waists and stay there, shivering, for 10 minutes.

Rhossili beach was chosen for the 7am swim because it is long and reasonably hidden, sparing the blushes of the skinny-dippers and any passers-by.

One of the swimmers, Stephen Clarke, described the experience as unforgettable. Writing on the event's Facebook page afterwards, he said: "Just back home and still grinning. What a awesome sight. It really is something that I will never forget. I spoke to lots people who were so ecstatic at taking part. As others have said, I can't wait till next year."

Another triumphant skinny-dipper, John Gwalter, wrote: "We did it!!! Looks like there were about 400 of us so the record is well broken."
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