Longest Indian national flag - Long tricolour flag at Vibrant India Festival

Gujarat, May 9 (ANI): A 153-feet long Indian national flag designed in Gujarat is set to be unfurled at the two-day Vibrant India Festival in Chicago. Monty Muslimuddin Saiyed, a businessman and oragniser of the Festival will unfurl the 250-kilogram flag at the event in July. Saiyed, who organises Bollywood shows in Chicago, added he thought of doing something grand to showcase the cultural richness of India at the festival. Saiyed was gifted the 153-feet long and 102-feet wide tricolor by Chhotalal S Shingdia, a tailor from Porbandar, whose name is also figured in Limca Book of Records

153 ft long tricolor to be unfurled at Chicago India Festival video
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