Most number of kisses on his hand attempts to Guinness World Record by Salman Khan

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Salman Khan attempts to break the Guinness World Record for getting the maximum number of kisses.

What's up with Salman Khan and his kissing ways? Just yesterday we reported that Salman Khan is finally 'ready' to kiss costar Asin (on cheek of course). And soon he will be making news for another kissing escapade.

Apparently Salman Khan has attempted to break the record for getting the maximum number of kisses. And before your minds start working overtime, let us reveal that the kisses were offered to him on his hand.

Salman Khan shot a special episode of the Indian version of Guinness World Records which is hosted by Preity Zinta. In this particular episode Salman Khan was asked to attempt breaking the record of getting the most number of kisses on his hand. The earlier set world record was of 87 kisses.

We don't know whether Salman was able to break the record but it sure makes for some 'breaking' news.
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