World's longest one shot film set Guiness World Record - 'Six hours with Terrorists'

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The world's longest one shot film, Six hours with Terrorists in Hindi, with a duration of two hours and 17 minutes, is set to hit screens next month.

The action thriller, directed by Karan Kashyap and produced by Arun S Deddhar (Star Smile Productions) has already been authenticated by officials of the Limca Book of Records on the final day of shoot on January 31.

It now awaits verification from Guinness Book of World Records officials. Preparation for the shoot took 60 days, including 54 days of acting workshop and five days of on-location rehearsals complete with lights, costumes and camera at Neil Villa Bungalow in Vasai, outskirts of Mumbai.

The previous records have been held by Russian film; 'Russian Arc', the duration of which was one hour 38 minutes and British film- 'PVC' for one hour 84 minutes. Indian TV show 'CID' also had a record of 111 minutes on an uncut scene.

To achieve the target, cameraman Vishal Singh used a Sony EX 3- HD digital camera with 2K resolution, weighing around eight KGs. This camera is substantially lighter than regular cameras required for film making and the advantage of using a chip instead of tapes which would have interrupted the shooting. No cameras like a steadycam were used.

Announcing the completion of the shoot here last evening, producer Deddhar said at the time of reading the script it was decided to also go for the record.

''We Indians are capable of setting new records too. Moreover, it's a film that people will want to watch and enjoy too. It will go down well with the younger audiences. We will go for post production work like dubbing and colour correction, and should be ready for release by March 2011,'' he said.

Speaking to UNI, director Karan Kashyap said shooting the film called for excellent coordination with cameraman Vishal Singh, endless rehearsals and lot of running around due to demand of the script.
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