World's biggest pizza - Melbourne have failed to create the world's longest pizza

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Rain has spoiled attempts to create the world's longest pizza in Melbourne.

Chefs in Melbourne have failed to create the world's longest pizza, coming up well short as rain caused the giant creation to fall apart.

The chefs, wearing garbage bags to fend off heavy rain, put a marathon effort into building a margarita pizza that could challenge the Guinness Book of Records 1.01 kilometre monster pie created in Poland.

But organisers said the wet weather caused the pizza, made from dough, tomato sauce and cheese, to break apart when it was a relatively diminutive 650 metres long.

Those involved pulled out all stops to reach their target of 1.2km, with 12 volunteers charged with 'pulling' the pizza along a conveyor belt, assisted by a team of 80 cooks over 18 hours.

Plans to cut up the finished pizza and donate the pieces to the Second Bite charity also fell apart, with the soggy pizza inedible.

'Unfortunately it looks like it will be pigs having a good time,' said an organiser.

'We couldn't control the weather,' she said.

But it was not all bad for the chefs, who were undertaking the challenge as part of the La Dolce Italia Festival, with the pizza creating a new Australian record.
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