World's highest restaurant - At.mosphere At Burj Khalifa,Dubai

Sip and snack in the clouds at what's being touted as the world's highest restaurant.

Dubai has taken the concept of haute cuisine to new heights, with the opening of a fine-dining venue 442 metres up in the sky.
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It is "a one of a kind restaurant located in the world's tallest building," said a spokesman.

An express elevator takes foodies to the 122nd storey of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower more than 800 metres above ground.

The new restaurant and lounge surpasses the height of Toronto's CN Tower bar, which was among the world's highest at 346 metres.

The upscale UAE restaurant features mahogany walls and ceilings, café au lait limestone floors and hand-tufted carpet with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, and the world's tallest performing fountain.

But it's not cheap.

Diners can expect to spend at least $122 US per person, and reservations are recommended.

Restaurant officials plan to apply to Guinness World Records for the world's highest restaurant title.

Prices on the menu are also steep as one might expect, according to Reuters. Entrees are priced at an average $93, while appetizers are in the $50 range.
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