Kite flying Limca Book of World Record by Hotel Patang - Ahmedabad

Hotel Nilkanth Patang is eyeing a world record of flying 1,000 electronic tukkals on one kite on January 14 - the day of Uttarayan. The event of flying the kite will take place from the terrace of Hotel Nilkanth Patang, which is as high as 225 feet from the ground level.

At present Japan holds the world record of flying the most, 800 electronic tukkals, on a kite. Last year, Hotel Nilkanth Patang attempted the same but had to be satisfied with 572 tukkals on one kite, which is also a record in India and the second best in the world. Earlier, someone in Assam tried to set such world record but that was on a small scale with around 50 tukkals, said Saurabh Choksi, advisor to Dharmadeve Infrastructure Ltd.

The kite is 10x15 feet in size, weighs 4 kg and is made of synthetic cloth. The company has imported 1000 tukkals from China. "The company wanted to set a world record and since our hotel is named Patang and as the festival belongs to Gujarat, it was decided to create a world record in Gujarat," said Umang Thakkar, CMD of Neelkanth Group of Hotels and Dharmadev Infrastructure Ltd.

The representatives of Limca Book of Records India-Asia Book of Records will remain present on January 14, while details will be sent to Guinness Book of World Records.
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