Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

World's Largest Christmas Trees 2011 - Italian town of Gubbio

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Volunteers from the Italian town of Gubbio have finally completed three months of work preparing one of the world's largest Christmas trees.

The medieval town's tree is made up from over 800 lights laid out on the side of Mount Ingino.

These World Tallest Christmas tree is 800 metres high (2624 feet), 400 meters (1312 feet) wide. On the top of the tree and at the summit of the mountain, a star over 1000 meters (3,280 feet) long sparkles in the night sky.

"This started in 1981 when some inhabitants decided to make this tree which then became considered the biggest tree in the world," said the head of the Christmas tree committee Danilo Sannipoli.

"There are about 15-20 kilometers of cables involved, thousands of electric plugs to connect and hundreds and hundreds of lights that make up this Christmas display," he said.

This year, the tree is even greener than usual, with solar panels being used to cut down on electric power.

"For us in Gubbio, this Christmas tree has become a real tradition, we just couldn't do without it", said young Gubbio resident Matteo Fumanti.

"Particularly for those of us who are young like myself, we have always been able to look at this tree," he said.

Local inhabitants from miles around get the benefit of seeing the tree which lies on the side of the slope at some 900 metres high.

John James Audubon's - World's Most Expensive Book sold Birds of America

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The copy, which comes from the collection of Lord Hesketh, had been expected to fetch up to £6m.

Only 119 complete copies of the 19th-Century book are known to exist, and 108 are owned by museums and libraries.

A separate edition of the book on ornithology sold for a record-breaking price of $8.8m (£5.7m) a decade ago.

It contains 1,000 life-sized illustrations of almost 500 breeds and took wildlife artist John James Audubon 12 years to complete.

He did so by travelling across America, shooting the birds and then hanging them on bits of wire to paint them.

The artist then went to Britain to print the volumes and targeted the rich to buy copies.
London dealer Michael Tollemache, who bought the copy at the Sotheby's auction, said the book was "priceless".
Lord Hesketh's collection also included a rare copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, which Sotheby's said was "the most important book in all of English Literature".
Of the 750 that were probably printed, only 219 are known to exist today.
The copy, which dates back to 1827 and has three pages missing, sold for £1.5m.
It is one of only three textually complete copies to exist in private hands in a comparably early binding.

John James Audubon's - Birds of America - World's Most Expensive Book World Record Video