Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

Most people Hugging set Guinness World Record - Alexandra Street, Southend

PUBGOERS felt the love as they tried to smash the world record for the biggest number of people hugging in one place.

 About 180 people crammed into the garden at the Alex pub, in Alexandra Street, Southend, in an attempt to break the Guinness world record for the most people hugging for one minute.

The record of 112 was set at St Pancras railway station, to mark Guinness World Records Day, in November 2009.

Regulars took part in the event at the Alex, helping to raise £200 for Southend’s SOS Bus, and the pub is awaiting final confirmation that it broke the world record.
Pub manager Paul Watson said: “We think we have broken it, but at the moment we are collating all the evidence so we can send it off to them.

“When we set out, we didn’t realise how many rules and regulations you had to comply with.
“The majority of people got into the spirit of it and seemed to enjoy themselves. We just need to plan the next one now.”

Mr Watson said the staff and regulars wanted to break more Guinness world records in the future.
He added: “We are currently working out which ones to do. We think it should be based around hugging in some shape or form.”

If the attempt is successful, all the participants will be able to write to the Guinness world records’ office to obtain a certificate.

The decision on whether the pub has broken the current record should be announced within six weeks.

Largest Hosiery Manufacturer in India Limca Book of Records set by Rupa and Co.Ltd

It’s another enviable record from the market leader! Rupa & Co. Ltd. has been adjudged the ‘Largest Hosiery Manufacturer in India’ by the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for the sixth year!

Since its inception, Rupa has been striving towards perfection of performance and optimization of resources. This has led to Rupa becoming India’s No. 1 Hosiery Brand. Since 2005, Rupa has been awarded the record for being the largest hosiery manufacturer in India by the prestigious ‘Limca Book of Records’.

Today, Rupa & Co. is India’s leading knitwear company, with such well-known and well-loved brands like Frontline, Macroman, Air, Bumchums, Euro, Softline, Kidline, Footline, Jon, Thermocot, Hunk in its portfolio.

It has an annual turnover of more than Rs. 500 crores, and an amazing annual growth rate of over 20%. The Rupa name is popular not just all over India but also in countries across the world, like the Middle East. Truly, Rupa is a global Indian success story.

This huge success story is because of the consistently high standards of each and every Rupa product. Rupa, a name is synonymous with quality and innovation, style and comfort.

With each product, technical knowhow and superior fabric are used to bring the final result – the satisfaction of the customer. This customer-orientation makes Rupa the brand that is closest to the hearts of millions of Indians.

Six years, as the largest hosiery manufacturer is definitely a major milestone. But Team Rupa does not believe in resting on its laurels.

As P.R.Agarwala, Chairman, enthusiastically says, “This stupendous run of continuing success has been possible because of the continuous and pro-active support of our dealers and customers. Together we shall take Rupa & Co. to even greater successes and higher peaks. Six is just the beginning! Let’s aim for a century!”

Deccan Queen longest Running Trains of Indian Railway - Deccan Queen Express 81st Birthday

Passengers, who frequently travel by the Deccan Queen Express, held a birthday party at Maharashtra's Pune railway station on Tuesday to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the train.

"Deccan Queen started on June 01, 1930. This was the high-speed train, which was introduced for the passengers. It is a non-stop train. It has a dining car. Dogs and pass-holders were also permitted to travel in this train," said Payal, a passenger.

"This train also has coaches for the ladies. This train became famous for the facilities that it provides to its passengers and hence became world class. Its name is there in the Limca Book of Records," she added.
Deccan Queen, which is one of the longest running trains of Indian Railways, covers a distance of 192 kilometers one way and has the distinction of never running on steam power.

"I feel so proud of working in such a train. It is a very important passenger train for the Indian Railways and I am very proud to drive such a train," said P Mishra, the driver of the Deccan Queen Express.

The train departs from Pune to Mumbai at 7.15 a.m. and reaches Mumbai at 10:30 a.m. It departs from Mumbai the same day at 5.10 p.m. and reaches Pune Station at 8:25 p.m.

"I have been travelling in this train for the past four years. This is like my second home. All the pass-holders in this train are like my sisters and mothers. This train has given me a lot in these four years," said Rekha, a passenger.

Deccan Queen is a daily means of transport for thousands of passengers travelling between Pune and Mumbai.
It is a prestigious train of the Indian Railways and is the only train in India to get the ISO 9000 certification.

Deccan Queen longest Running Trains of Indian Railway - Deccan Queen Express video

Jason Armstrong - Most Pull ups in 12 Hours set World Records 2010

                                  Jason Armstrong Photo
Seaman Jason Armstrong, from the U.S. Navy, broke three pull-up world records Monday in honor of Memorial Day.

All his sweat and hard work was for a good cause. He did it to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project, which helps seriously wounded service members."The guys I'm raising money for have done more than me already, and I'm just doing what I can," Armstrong said.Armstrong set a new six hour record with 2,465 pull-ups, averaging 865 pull-ups an hour Sunday night.

He would go on to simultaneously break the 12 and 24 hour pull-up records with 3,186 pull ups in 11 hours and 58 minutes.

Armstrong finished with a total of 3,376 total pull-ups after 15 hours and 48 minutes.But Armstrong said his contribution is nothing compared to what the men and women in uniform have done for our country, and he kept going in honor of Memorial Day.

In all, Armstrong raised nearly $5,000, but for those who still wish to donate, the Wounded Warrior Project will continue to accept donations on his behalf through the end of June.

Maruti Swift Car set Guinness World Records 2010 - Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti Suzuki set a world record and has entered the Guinness Book of Records by organizing the largest car procession of its popular hatchback Swift in Gurgaon. Swift's sales crossed 4.5 lakh units since its launch in 2005.

The company said, "Maruti Suzuki has set a new Guinness Book of World Records by bringing together 342 Swift cars at a car parade in Gurgaon".

Similar parades were also held in Mumbai and Sriperumbudur. Maruti Suzuki executive officer for sales and marketing Mayank Pareek revealed that the world record that has been achieved is an indication of Swift's growing popularity and that the record is a victory for all the 4.5 lakh Swift owners.

The 2011 Swift will be a little bigger than the existing model and will be equipped with new engines ranging from 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter direct injected petrols to a 1.5 liter K Series petrol engine. It would have higher fuel efficiency.

The 1.5 Liter K-Series engine will be able to produce 100 Bhp. Though, there has been no verification from Maruti Suzuki yet about new engines for the 2011 Maruti Suzuki Swift. The 2011 Swift will feature sporty interiors with a new dashboard layout. It would have a steering wheel, with a lot of mounted controls.

Most Expensive Bracelet Sold £4.8 million - Christie’s Jewels Auction 2010

A Kashmir 49.61 carat sapphire and diamond bracelet sold for £4.8 million at Christie’s Jewels: The Hong Kong Sale auction on Tuesday, the highest price ever achieved for a bracelet and £3.6 million more than it made in 1988.

The most expensive individual item sold was a single-strand jadeite bead necklace, which at £5m accounted for over 12 percent of the total £41.2 million raised. A total of 256 lots were sold, with the many of the most expensive going to Asian private or anonymous buyers. The auction was 89 percent sold by lots and 94 percent sold by value.

Christie’s Asia Jewellery and Jadeite Department director Vickie Sek said: “At more than US$60 million (£40.9 million), this auction is the most important ever organized by Christie’s anywhere in the world.

This confirms the position of Hong Kong and Asia as a premier centre for the finest jewels and gems.”

“It is interesting to note that the Kashmir sapphire bracelet which sold for US$6.9 million had been sold by Christie’s previously in 1988 for US$902,000 (£615,000), which represents US$1.7 million (£1.2 million) in today’s currency. Kashmir sapphires, Golconda diamonds, natural pearls, and important jade are faring better than ever, with prices reaching new levels with which we are confident.”

World's Largest Football Shirt Guinness World Records 2010 - Justin Walley

                              World's Largest Football Shirt Picture
Justin Walley, 39, from Hinckley in Leicestershire, is appealing to fans, players and clubs to donate shirts, which will be stitched together to make one huge top. He has 600 so far but needs about 2,000 to break the current record of 71.35m by 79.15m (234ft 1in by 259ft 8in). 

A number of Premier League teams have donated shirts.

Mr Walley, who is in South Africa after cycling there from Kenya ready for the World Cup, said Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Sunderland football clubs had taken part.

World's Largest Cheese Sculpture Guinness Record 2010 - Tanys Pullin

World's biggest Cheese Sculpture Guinness Record set by Tanys Pullin.

A 'cheese wedding cake' expert is hoping to smash the world record for the largest cheese sculpture with her half-ton cheddar crown.

Cordon Bleu trained chef Tanys Pullin, 46, spent 90 hours crafting it out of a 1,322lb block of Farmhouse Cheddar. She carved the sculpture in the shape of a crown to mark the anniversary of the Queen's Coronation on June 2.

After completing it yesterday Tanys said she was nervous but thrilled after completing the large-scale carving.

 'I'm elated but it was very daunting,' she said. 'Can you imagine being given a massive round cheese and told you have to go into a fridge on one of the hottest days of the year to carve it?

'I was given a 600kg block of cheese. I spent about eight days carving the crown and did 12-hour sessions which did get a bit chilly in the fridge. 'Now it weighs just below 500kg which blows the current record out of the sky.'

To achieve the Guinness World Record the crown sculpture needed to weigh in excess of 290 kg (101lbs). Tanys's effort is just awaiting the validation from Guinness adjudicators.

Rules state that the sculpture must be made from a single piece of cheese and is not allowed to be supported by an internal structure.

Though she regularly makes wedding cakes out of cheese Tanys, from Wells, Somerset had never tried her hand at cheese sculpting on this scale before.

'My job is to make things out of cheese, but I don't normally sculpt them,' said Tanys.

'I'm a genuine cheesaholic.

'I live, breath and work with cheese most of the time. It's a great medium to work with.

'It's looking fab and I'm delighted. I hope other people will enjoy it too.'

The self-proclaimed Nigella Lawson of the cheese world began her career as a chef in London before owning her own cheese company in Dorset.
'I was trained in London at the Cordon Bleu school,' said Tanys. 'I then worked for several years for the Leadenhall Wine Company running their restaurant and now I have my own cheese company in Dorset.

'I am the cheese wedding cake goddess. I'm like the Nigella Lawson of the cheese world.'

Kevin Beer, who acted as a cheese consultant for the attempt, said he knows how unpredictable cheese can be.

                  World's biggest Cheese Sculpture picture

He said: 'Working with a natural material such as cheddar presents a whole host of obstacles.

'If you leave it to its own devices in a normal environment it will develop a mould. To prevent this, Tanys will need to keep the sculpture at a low and constant temperature.

'She will also need to spray it constantly with olive oil and wrap it up at the end of each session in damp cheese cloth to keep it moist and prevent cracking.'

The sculpture will be unveiled on the June 2 at this year's Royal Bath and West Show.

Youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest set World Record 2010 - Arjun Bajpayee

Highest number of Climbs on Mount Everest set world record by Arjun Bajpayee.

Arjun Bajpayee, a 16-year-old Delhi school boy, on Saturday had a brief tryst with destiny equaling the world record of being the youngest to step atop the world's highest peak - 8,848 metre Mt Everest, only to have his feat overturned hours later by a 13-year-old American.

Bajpayee, became the youngest Indian to climb Everest early this morning via the traditional South Col route in Nepal. He equalled the record of a Nepalese Sherpa Temba Tsheri who also climbed the peak when he was sixteen.

But a few hours later, a 13-year-old Californian boy Jordan Romero broke his record by climbing the peak from the tough North Eastern ridge route in Tibet.

The Californian is on a quest to climb all the highest peaks in the seven continents.

The two youngsters could have had a tryst atop the world's highest summit, but apparently missed each other by a whisker, as Bajpayee after a short stay atop made his way back for a descent.

Bajpayee climbed the peak at 0633 hours on Saturday morning in the company of Apa Sherpa, who became the first man to climb the peak for the record 20th time. The world record for the highest number of climbs on Everest also earlier stood in his name.

Along with Bajpayee, also making it to the top was another Indian woman Mamta Sodha who reached the summit at 10:24 am, four hours after the young Indian.

Earlier on May 17, two other Indian climbers had reached the summit.

Arjun, a Class 12 student of Ryan International School, completed a basic course in mountaineering from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttarkashi and after taking part in a number of expeditions to peaks over 6000 metres high set his sights on Mount Everest.

Arjun was accompanied by a 12-member team, nine of whom were from US, Denmark, Switzerland and Australia while the remaining three were Indians.

The team was led by Apa Sherpa who has scaled the summit a record 19 times. In fact, the expedition was also aiming to carry the ashes of first Everester Sir Edmund Hillary, to bury them atop the summit.

But, the proposal was given up as it touched religious chords of the Sherpas, who reside on the foothills of the peak.

The Delhi School boy broke the record of Krushnaa Patil,18, from Maharashtra who became the youngest Indian to reach the highest peak in 2009.

Arjun began his quest in April, when his team set up their base camp at the Khumbu Glacier. The team spent another 40 days acclimatising.

The team set up three-to-four high altitude camps before making the epic summit bid on Saturday.

Arjun Bajpayee - Youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest set World Record 2010 Video


World's Oldest Football Coach - Ivor Powell

A 93-year-old believed to be the world's oldest football coach is retiring after training more than 9,000 players over 37 years.

Ivor Powell began his career by signing for Queen's Park Rangers in 1933, over three-quarters of a century ago.

He was forced to put his football career on hold when the Second World War broke out and the RAF posted him to India.

While there he was reportedly introduced to spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.

He went on to be the Wayne Rooney of his time, playing for Blackpool and Aston Villa, and setting a record transfer fee of £17,500 in 1946.

Born in Bargoed, Caerphilly, Mr Powell also played 14 times as a Welsh international.

For the past 37 years, he has trained players for the Bath University team - coaching thousands of footballers, most of them just a quarter of his current age.

In 2002, Mr Powell took Team Bath to the first round of the FA Cup, and six years later he was awarded the MBE for services to sport.

Now living in Colerne, Wiltshire, he describes football is his life.

He said: "I joke that I've been trying to get out (of the game) for years, but they won't let me. But really, I just can't get enough and can't imagine my life without football.

"I feel so proud of what I've done. I've been very, very happy at the University of Bath and I mean that.

"I'll still be putting on my boots and popping in once a week to keep an eye on things," he told the in Interview with newspaper
 Ivor Powell - World's Oldest  Football Coach Facts and Achievements.
In 2004, the former miner who was born in Bargoed, south Wales, was inducted into the Welsh Sports Hall of Fame.
At his playing peak in 1948, he set a record transfer fee for a halfback of £17,500 when he moved to Aston Villa.
One of his many coaching roles was alongside Don Revie when Leeds United was one of the top clubs in the country.
At Tuesday's party, held at the university's sports training village, Mr Powell received messages from around the world from people who were coached by him.
The Ivor Powell Sports Scholarship Fund will be administered by University of Bath Development and Alumni Relations.
Money donated to the fund, which already has £30,000, will provide scholarships for future undergraduates who are gifted both academically and in their chosen sport.
Professor Glynis Breakwell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath, said: "Ivor's dedication and commitment to coaching and sport over nearly four decades here at Bath has been an inspiration to thousands of young people."

Highest Jump from Eiffel Tower in Paris set Guinness World Record - Taig Khris

Taig Khris French Skater has broken all world records ever achieved in the world of skating. The skater from France has achieved what can best be termed as a feat when he took a jump from a height of 41 feet and landed at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on his skates. This is surely the best freefall that the world has seen.

Falling from 12.5 meters or 41 feet can be quite dangerous and in-line skating champion Taig Khris has done just that this Saturday. His fall not only goes into the record books of the world of skating but also in the world of extreme freefalls. The roller skater has set a new world record by jumping from the heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
While the extreme in-line skater fell from a height of 41 feet, he fell ten meters below and landed safely on a 30 meters high ramp.

Speaking to the media after his great fall, Taig Khris said that he had performed the feat only to show to the world that nothing is impossible. If people can dream, they can also achieve what they have always dreamt and never thought would be possible says the in-line skater, adding that never before in his life has he felt so excited and happy. The adrenaline rush that he experienced during the fall was simply awesome, said Taig Khris.
The feat achieved, Taig Khris has defeated the 8.53 meters record previously held Danny Way, the American had earlier set the record of a jump from the highest position.

Guinness world record by jumping from the heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - Taig Khris French Skater Video