Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

World's Largest Swimming Pool Guinness World Record

The history of swimming pools date back to Greeks and Romans but later on the concept was adopted by the British. The swimming pool situated beside the sea in Chile is the biggest in the world, having a capacity to store 66 million gallons of water and has a depth of 115 feet. The length of the pool is 1000 yards and the total area it occupies is 20 acres. The pool has already won the Guinness Book of Record of the largest pool of World. The pool, which took $1 billion for construction, has an annual maintenance cost of $2 million.
                                     World's Biggest Swimming Pool Pictures

World’s Most Expensive Heavy Bike - Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk is a bike which was  produced by Dodge manufacturers  and it was unveiled in “North American International Auto Show” in 2003. It has a very unusual design that inspire every bike admirer and especially the “speed bike lovers”. It has a 8.3 L V10 engine which can produce 500hp. It has a maximum speed of 370 miles per hour which produces torque of 712 Nm. Its front brake has 16 piston disk and back brake has 8 piston disk. The weight of bike is approximately 1500 pounds (680 kg) and has price about $ 555,000. I also like to mention its fuel capacity which is 12.3 liters.
                               World’s Most Expensive Heavy Motorcycle - Dodge Tomahawk Photo

World’s Largest Envelope Guinness World Record 2010

On 6 May 2010, 170 years after the Penny Black was issued, Stanley Gibbons entered the Guinness World Records book for creating the world’s largest envelope.

In celebration of the London 2010 Festival of Stamps, we wanted to do something BIG! Unsurprisingly, breaking a world record is no small feat, but after months of hard work, the world’s largest envelope came to be.

The envelope measured in at 32ft 9 inches by 23 ft and a ½ inch, beating the old record by over 100 square feet.

The record was checked and verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator, Tarika Vara at midday on Thursday 6 May at Great Malvern Primary School, where the envelope was constructed in the school’s assembly hall.

The envelope left the school shortly after adjudication to be transported to London on a 40 foot truck for display at the London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition.

Louise Reynolds of Stanley Gibbons and manager of the World Record project said, ‘As the leading brand in stamps and collectibles we wanted to do something big to mark the London 2010 Festival of Stamps – at ten metres by seven metres, they don’t come any bigger!’. Envelope at show

Stanley Gibbons commissioned Pendragon Presentation Packaging to create the envelope,

complete with an address and franking label. Tullis Russell Coaters and Cartor Security Printing also collaborated to create a Stanley Gibbons stamp for the giant envelope.

The fantastic achievement was picked up by Steve Wright on his afternoon show on BBC Radio 2. He announced the record to the nation just before 4pm BST on 6 May and passed his congratulations to everyone at Stanley Gibbons.

Stanley Gibbons – philatelic experts and the home of philately since 1856 and now official world record holders!

The envelope will be on display throughout the London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition being held at the Business Design Centre 8-15th May 2010.

World's largest head-dress marks(keffiyeh) set world record - Palestinian 'catastrophe'

The world's largest keffiyeh, the traditional black-and-white chequerred Arab headdress.
BEIRUT (AFP) – Lebanese and Palestinian activists on Saturday marked the "catastrophe" of Israel's creation by setting a record for the world's largest keffiyeh, or Arab head-dress.

The 6,552-metre (21,496-foot) chain of scarves was laid out on the grounds of the Sport City Stadium in Beirut to mark what Arabs call the Naqba, the "catastrophe" of Israel's creation in 1948.
The feat, overseen by a Guinness World Records official, breaks a previous entry of a 2,932-metre (9,619-foot) scarf set in Spain in August 2009.

More than 100 volunteers placed the giant scarf to form the number 194, signifying the 1948 United Nations Resolution that grants Palestinians the right to return to their homes in Israeli-occupied land.

"A group of independent Palestinian and foreign activists got together to reach that record," said Jamal Kurdi, a member of the Campaign 194 group that organised the record-breaking event.

"On the anniversary of the Naqba we want to affirm that Resolution 194... calling for the return of Palestinians to their land must be implemented," he said.

A sign next to the giant keffiyeh, which was made with more than 6,500 scarves stitched together, read: "194. We will return."

Some 4,000 people marched in Gaza City on Saturday to mark the Naqba, in response to a joint appeal by Hamas and Fatah, the two principal Palestinian political parties that are normally at loggerheads with each other.

In the West Bank, sirens wailed through the Israeli-occupied territory as residents marked a minute's silence.

More than 760,000 Palestinians -- estimated today to number 4.7 million with their descendants -- were pushed into exile or driven out of their homes in the conflict that followed Israel's creation 62 years ago.

May has been a month of Guinness records for Lebanon, which has been locked in a food fight with Israel over the origin of some of the Middle East's most popular dishes.

Last weekend, chefs in Lebanon fired a 10-tonne (22,000 pounds) hummus broadside, breaking a previous Israeli record, followed by another entry for more than a half-tonne of falafels.

The chickpea dip and deep-fried vegetable patty are popular in many Arab countries and in Israel, but claimed by the Arabs as part of their cuisine.

World's biggest ravioli set World Record by Woodcreek High School students

Woodcreek High School students build world's biggest ravioli set new world record 2010.

Those people include teacher Susie McGuire and her culinary arts students at Woodcreek High School in Roseville. The students partnered with the Institute of Technology this week to make the world’s largest meat, spinach and cheese ravioli.

The ravioli measures 5 square feet and came in at an estimated 200 pounds after an unveiling Friday night. The previous world record ravioli weighed 37 pounds.

                                           World's biggest ravioli Picture

“I love competition,” McGuire said. “I love to see my students succeed. Every one of them will have created this for the world record. They can tell their kids and grandkids. It’s wonderful.”

Fellow students gathered on the campus quad Friday evening to finish cooking and pour buckets of sauce on giant ravioli.

But the real work began Thursday when students browned ground beef and chopped up onions. They mixed together Parmesan and cottage cheese, oregano, breadcrumbs, parsley and nutmeg to create the filling, which also featured eight-dozen eggs from social science teacher Laura Bullard’s hen house.

“How are the raviolis coming along?” McGuire asked her class of 36 students Thursday morning. “I’m proud of all of you for breaking a world record.”

Three culinary classes and one Regional Occupational Program class prepared the filling. Six groups in each class made a batch to add to a large pot. Senior Sarah Schmalenberger, 18, helped her group brown the meat and chop spinach.

“At the beginning of the year, (McGuire) told us we we’re going to do this and we were really excited,” Schmalenberger said.

Throughout their time in culinary class, the students cook and bake up dozens of feasts, including Belgian waffles, chicken noodle soup, fajitas, muffins and Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Although many of the students don’t necessarily plan on pursuing careers as chefs, they learn skills to make them healthier eaters, and better partners and parents in the future, McGuire said.

“I could make cake mixes out of boxes,” said Amy Paulsen, 17. “But (this class) has taught me a lot. It’s probably the best class I’ve ever taken and you get to eat all the time.”

Woodcreek High School previously made history with the world’s longest kebab at 3,660 feet, on May 22, 1998. The record still stands. The previous kabob was a mere 2,889 feet long.

This past fall, a guest speaker from Bucca di Beppo inspired McGuire and her students to make Italian food for their next world record bid and they settled on the world’s largest ravioli.

Anthony Johnisse of the Institute of Technology oversaw his students as they made dough from scratch that included flour, olive oil and nutmeg.

On Friday, culinary students from both schools boiled the ravioli in a specially made pan created by Larry Gish at Roseville Sheet Metal Inc., who donated more than 30 hours of his time to make the pan and liner. Mike Philemon of WHS Site Maintenance helped design the pan and prepare the site for cooking the ravioli.

The young chefs filled the pan with water and heated the contraption with six propane burners. The ravioli was placed in the pan and boiled to perfection. After draining the pan, students covered the ravioli with class-made marinara sauce and parsley.

The finished ravioli will soon be distributed to local food banks, including Roseville Home Start, Roseville St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Kitchen and Sacramento Loaves and Fishes.

Thursday morning, before the big ravioli reveal, Tiffanie Harada, 17, rushed around her team’s kitchen space finalizing their ravioli filling.