Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

Longest Barbeque Cooking set Guinness World Record

Chennai based Chef Jacob has been set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Barbeque Cooking. Chef Jacob, a freelance & researching chef cum restaurant consultant, who hails from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

The name of the record attempt is Longest Barbeque Cooking in which chef Jacob will be cooking standard and popular international & Indian barbeques for a minimum duration of 24 hours.

The venue of the event would be The Poolside of RADISSON GRT TEMPLEBAY HOTEL, ECR road, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

The event will start between 12pm-1pm and will go on till the next day same time.

The event will be inspected throughout its duration by an esteemed adjudicator from the Guinness World Records, United Kingdom.

The event is open to the public and the food prepared will be sent to the orphanages and old age homes for feeding the needy.

More than 300 barbeque dishes are planned to be cooked in the attempt and each dish will be presented to the ADJUDICATOR for authentication & inspection.

Most People Static Cycling - World Record 2010

A line of fitness enthusiasts stretched around Minneapolis’s Target Center, waiting for their chance to be a part of the Guinness World Records attempt for “Most people static cycling.” Organized by Life Time Fitness, a chain of state-of-the-art workout facilities based in Minnesota, the “Ride of a Lifetime” event featured several of the local clubs’ most popular spinning instructors, who would lead participants in a gruelling 2-hour class.

At 4:30 a.m., organizers began loading in the 1,063 spinning bikes gathered from Life Time’s locations in and around the Minneapolis area. By the time I arrived at 9, the floor of the arena was almost fully carpeted with bikes, each equipped with towels, a water bottle, and ear plugs and ready for action. Online pre-registration for the class capped off at 1,000, but with 63 additional bikes, even waitlisted spinners were able to take part. Upon entering the arena, participants signed in to the official log book and were then given a special Life Time Fitness jersey designed specifically for the event.

Although the official guidelines only require participants to cycle for 10 minutes, Sunday’s class lasted a full 2 hours, which is nothing to scoff at, as anyone who has attended even a 1-hour class can attest. Led by Life Time founder and CEO Bahram Akradi, this was a high-energy, high-intensity class complete with accompaniment by DJ Roberto Costa and even a bongo drummer.

In order to obtain an accurate number of participants in the class, allowing for instructors and staff who took part but had not been required to sign in, I walked the entirety of the floor and took stock from the stands above to determine that of the 1,063 bikes brought into the arena, 10 were empty and 1 was broken, leading to a final total of 1,052 participants – a new Guinness World Record! The certificate presentation took place about 15 minutes before the end of the class, providing everyone with the inspiration and sense of accomplishment to cycle all the way through to the cool-down.


Largest Serving of Roast Pork set Guinness World Record

To highlight the 2010 edition of the annual three-day Expocampo event in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, Fundación Produce Yucatán decided to hold a Guinness World Records attempt for the largest serving of roast pork. They chose cochinita pibil, a wildly popular and historical regional dish with pork as its main ingredient, as the vessel through which to achieve this feat.

The record had been a smashing success: needing at least 500 kg (1,102.31 lbs) worth of serving to establish a new Guinness World Records achievement, the participants churned out a shattering 3,094.2 kg (6,821.54 lbs) of cochinita pibil for a new world record!

Perhaps the best way to describe the impressive feat accomplished is to simply break it down by the numbers. Some telling statistics from this attempt:

Total weight: 3,094.2 kg (6,821.54 lbs)

Ingredients (with weight): Pork (2,897.2 kg/6387.23 lbs), Achiote spice (140 kg/308.65 lbs), salt (25 kg/55.12 lbs), beef seasoning (20 kg/44.09 lbs) and various other spices (12 kg/26.46 lbs). The pork was also marinated in 500 litres of orange-flavored juice, while it was served to participants with onions and soft tortilla shells, but none of those measurements counted toward the record weight of the main dish.

Serving tray: 42 metres long, .85 metres wide and .18 metres deep (137.8ft x 2.79 x 0.59)

Number of ovens: 20

Number of chefs: 11

Number of servers: 38

Number of satisfied diners: Organisers estimated that some 10,000 people lined up for their free cochinita pibil and to be a part of Guinness World Records history throughout the record-setting day.

Fattest Woman in the world - Donna Simpson

Donna Simpson already weighs 43st, but she is determined to nearly double her size to become the world's fattest woman.

The 42-year-old from New Jersey, U.S, is set on reaching the 1,000lb mark (71st) in just two years. Remarkably she insists she is healthy, despite now needing a mobility scooter when she goes shopping.

Donna, who wears XXXXXXXL dresses, eats mounds of junk food and tries to move as little as possible. Ms Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record as the world's biggest mother, when she gave birth in 2007 weighing 38stone.

She needed a team of 30 medics to deliver her daughter Jacqueline during a high-risk Caesarean birth. Yet although she can only move 20ft before needing to sit down, she wants to be even bigger.

To achieve her goal, Donna says she will need to eat up to 12,000 calories a day (the average woman should consume only 2,000.) To fund the massive $750 weekly food shop, she runs a website where men pay her to watch her eat fast food.

By the age of 31, she weighed 43 stone and decided to try and lose weight. She lost five stones in six months and was due to have a gastric band operation.

World’s largest bowl of spaghetti - Gigantic dish of pasta

A new Guinness record was set with an above-ground pool stuffed with more than 13,700 pounds (6,214 kg) of pasta in the US state of California, it was reported on Saturday.

The food was prepared by an Italian restaurant in Garden Grove, Orange County.

After a week of full-time working by at least 20 people, buckets of the cooked spaghetti were dumped into an above-ground swimming pool disguised as a pasta dish in the Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant's parking lot on Friday. It was topped with 120 gallons of ruby red marinara sauce. The "dish" weighed in at 13,780 pounds, local media reported.

The gigantic creation outsized the standing record set by the Watniya Restaurants-Sbarro on March 28, 2009 in Doha, Qatar, for 9, 767 pounds (4,430 kg). The weight of the pasta was certified by a notary officer.

"We hit this one out of the park so the record will stand for a while," said Kevin Sheehan, general manager of the Italian eatery.

Along with videos and photographs of the largest bowl of pasta,the record will be shipped off to the Guinness Book of World Records, vice president Steve Cervenka said.

The spaghetti will be donated to the local agricultural community and used for animal feed so as not to be wasted, he added.

To celebrate its victory, the Italian restaurant will give out free bowls of spaghetti on Monday in its restaurants across the country. Dine-in guests who buy a pasta entree can receive a free 14-ounce portion of spaghetti with their choice of meat sauce or marinara sauce.