Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

Mehdi Hob Darvish,young footballer sets Guinness record

young footballer record,olympics world records 2010,Mehdi Hob Darvish world record

A young Iranian footballer has been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for being able to roll a tennis ball from his foot to his shin.The bid by Iranian soccer whiz, Mehdi Hob Darvish, to set a world record ended in success Friday after he proved he could juggle a tennis ball on his shin 144 times a minute in Dubai. Officials from Guinness were present when the record was set.The Deputy Iranian Consulate-General in the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai, Ali Naraqi, praised the achievement, noting that throughout history, Iranian youth have made quantum leaps in the realms of science, culture and sports.Hob Darvish is currently training to set a world record of juggling a tennis ball for 10 hours straight on his shin.

Eleven Year Old Break Madden Game World Record

Lil’ Poison Crack World Record,game world records,world records 2010

At eleven years old Victor ‘Lil Poison’ de Leon holds the Guinness world record for being the youngest professional gamer in the world. But one world record just isn’t enough for this little guy. In just a few days ‘Lil Poison’ will attempt to break the record for the highest win margin in a five minute game for Madden NFL 2010. He will also be taking on other professional gamers in one-on-one challenges.

An official from Guinness World Records will be on hand at the event to monitor the record attempt and conduct interviews. If he is successful, de Leon will be awarded his second Guinness World Record certificate.

The event is being held Thursday, January 21, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. It will take place in the GameStop at the intersection of Broadway and 14th Street, New York City. Let’s hear it for Victor ‘Lil Poison’ de Leon. After all, it would be a shame to see him miss a day of school, just to go home empty-handed.

Mike celebrates running world record 2010

mike buss  running record,world records 2010,running world records

Ex-soldier Mike Buss, 35, ran 517.3 miles (832.4km) on a treadmill at the Brunel Shopping Centre,beating the previous record of 468 miles.Mr Buss has been running on the treadmill for 20 out of every 24 hours.He said he was aiming to break 20 world records every year and raise £1m for the Help for Heroes charity.
This is now the fourth time his name appears in the Guinness Book of World Records after continuous cycling, running with a kit bag and running in a chemical warfare suit.

Mike, 35, said: “I feel brilliant – it was the biggest world record I was going for this year.

“It was the toughest challenge I’ve ever done and is the toughest world record in the book. I don’t think there’s any other endurance world record that comes close to that one. The crowd’s support was fantastic. They came out in all weathers to cheer me on and donate money for charity and it gave me the buzz to carry on.”

Mike added: “I’m actually feeling all right. I do recover very quickly. When my body cools down I will end up getting stiff muscles so I’ll have a massage to prevent that as much as possible.

“I’m looking forward to a bit of stew which is on the go and get back into as much of a normal routine as possible.

“I’ll be in light training today and be back into full training by Friday.”

Mike is now on a mission to break 20 world endurance records in just 12 months – a feat that has never been achieved before.

One of the faces in the crowd supporting Mike was Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher from Solihull in the West Midlands.

In February last year he hit the national headlines after his quick-thinking saved his companions from certain death in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

He triggered a trip wire dropped to the ground and covered a grenade with his rucksack. He was blown into the air and the backpack was shredded, but he survived.

Matt was later awarded The George Cross – one of the highest military decorations for acts of gallantry. There are currently only 19 living recipients in the country.