World's Largest chess Tournament in Ahmedabad set Guinness world record 2011

World's Largest chess Tournament in GMDC ground Ahmedabad set Guinness world record 2011

Led by world champions Viswanathan Anand, 20,000 players to play chess simultaneously with 16 masters at GMDC ground today to set a world record
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Historic achievement by Gujarati sportsmen are few and far between. But the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad is all set to witness a record being set on Friday. Twenty thousand people will assemble at the ground and play chess in an attempt to create a Guinness world record in chess of the largest number of players playing the game simultaneously at one venue.

The current record is held by Mexico City. They set a new record for simultaneous chess games in December 2006 when 13,446 players faced off at the same time in a vast Spanish colonial square at the heart of the former Aztec empire.

The initiative to set a record in chess was taken by none other than Chief Minister Narendra Modi almost a year back. Ever since, the government machinery, the Gujarat State Chess Association and NIIT have been working hand in hand to make the event a success.

The record breaking event will be led by world chess champion Viswanathan Anand, who will play with 50 players.

The ground has been divided into eight squares.  Each square will have 320 players and 16 masters. One master will play with 20 players. Eighty per cent of the matches have to be completed in a span of two hours for the record to be notified in the Guiness Book. An adjudicator from the Guinness Book has already arrived in the city from London and she will confirm the record as and when the games are over.

“All arrangements are in place. We are really hopeful that by Friday evening the grand chess event at GMDC ground will find its name in Guinness Book of Records,” said Mayur Patel, secretary Gujarat State Chess Association.
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