Glady Burrill - World Oldest Marathon Women Runner enters Guinness World Record 2011

Hawaii is home to another record holder and she has turned that into a generous donation to our Lokahi Giving Project.

We have followed her progress over the years - 92 year old Gladys "Glady Burrill now enters the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest female marathoner.
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"Well, I've always walked or ran and all through the year, I've been out there about three or four times a week. And walked as far as I wanted to. And in April I had to prove to myself that I could do it again because I hadn't finished for two years," said Burrill.

Glady went through a rough couple of years personally and in the marathon. But she is, if nothing else, competitive just years after she was born in 1918.

"I loved to compete with the boys, playing ball and everything - sliding into home base with a dress because we didn't wear pants, we wore dresses," said Burrill.

No one is prouder of Glady's record setting accomplishment in the marathon than race director Jim Barahal.

"And we decided that it might be appropriate to honor her accomplishment by giving something back to the community, so we asked Glady which charity she would like to make a donation to and the marathon is assisting her with that," said marathon director Jim Barahal.

Barahal and the marathon organization donated $2,500 in Glady's name to our Lokahi Giving Project.

"Her stories are just amazing and it's just exactly what it takes to run a program like this and she has the whole spirit of the project and she lives it every day," said Mariellen Jones of Lokahi.

Glady Burrill says she has a special place in her heart for those in need, especially this time of year.

"We were very poor and in need so I understand very well what these people are experiencing that need help. It breaks my heart to see them with problems," said Burrill.

There will be fewer problems now thanks to the Honolulu marathon and the woman they call - the Glady-ator.
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