Fattest woman in the world

Eman Ahmed, termed the heaviest women in the world, landed in Mumbai on Saturday for weight reduction treatment.

World's Longest Moustache - Longest beard in the world

Ram Singh Chauhan (india) has the longest moustache in the world at 14ft (4.29m). Below is a picture of Ram and his amazing facial hair.

World’s biggest crocodile in Philippines

A small Philippine town on the southern island of Mindanao has laid claim to capturing the world’s largest crocodile, measured at 21 feet by Australian zoologist Adam Britton.

World's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. In an article published Jan. 6, he told the Tehran Times that he hasn't bathed in 60 years.

World's biggest arms

The world's largest biceps belong to Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) and were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (25.5 in) and non-flexed 62.23 cm (24.5 in) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (25 in) and non-flexed 60.96 cm (24 in).

World's Youngest Yoga Teacher - youngest yoga trainer Shruti Pandey India

World's Youngest Yoga Teacher 2011, youngest yoga trainer Shruti Pandey photo, Shruti Pandey yoga video, youngest yoga trainer in the world 2011, World's Youngest yoga trainer 2010
At just six, Shruti Pandey is the youngest yoga trainer in the world.

The bendy youngster has been teaching adults at an ashram, in northern India, for the last two years.

Her trainer, Hari Chetan, 67, set up the ashram 35 years ago and as soon as little Shruti became one of his students, as a tiny four-year old, he spotted her talents.

Now she starts her classes at 5.30am every morning, at Brahmanand Saraswati Dham, in the Jhunsi town, dressed in white leggings and a red t-shirt surrounded by 30 eager pupils ranging from businessmen, teachers, housewives to pensioners.

Shruti said: 'It feels good when people follow my instructions, I feel like a real teacher.

'I got interested in yoga after seeing my brother do it. I tried picking it up myself but it was too hard. So I asked my parents to send me to yoga classes.'

Her brother, Harsh Kumar, now 11-years-old, made the Limca Book of Records at the tender age of five by learning all 84 yoga positions - but he's never been interested in being a teacher like his sister.

Hari, who Shruti also calls her grandfather, think she's a miracle.
World's Youngest Yoga Teacher 2011, youngest yoga trainer Shruti Pandey photo, Shruti Pandey yoga video, youngest yoga trainer in the world 2011, World's Youngest yoga trainer 2010

'She's a fast learner and a perfectionist. She grasps techniques quickly unlike kids her own age, who get bored with something as patience consuming as yoga.

'Within just six months of her training, she surprised everyone by doing the toughest positions with ease and perfection. She's a natural.'

Shruti can manage some of yoga's most challenging positions. She can easily hold her entire body on the strength of her little arms and hang her legs right over her head backwards.

One of Shruti's fans, 90-year-old Swami Bhanu, a retired teacher, said: 'The best thing about Shruti is she tries to provide an alternative position for the complicated ones that are difficult for an older person like me to do. She's very patient.'

Businessman Lokendra Pal Singh, 48, has been attending Shruti's classes for three months and said, 'I have noticed a positive change in my life. I used to be short-tempered, but now I'm able to control my anger to quite an extent and it's all thanks to a little six-year old.'

M.Lavinashree - World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional 2011, M.Lavinashree photo, M.Lavinashree picture, M. Lavinashree Prometric Examination, M.Lavinashree Guinness World Records 2011, world's youngest Microsoft Certified Engineer, World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Madurai girls
World's Youngest Microsoft Professional World Record set by M. Lavinashree

M. Lavinashree has won the acclaim of being the youngest Microsoft professional by passing the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Pro metric Examination with 842 marks out of 1000.

She says MCP exams measure the ability to perform specific, real world job functions or set of tasks.
They also deal with installing, configuring and administering Windows XP.

“I broke the world record set by a 10-year-old Pakistani girl, Arfa Karim Randhawa, as the world’s youngest MCP professional, as I am only eight years old,” she says in all innocence.

When she was in Std. II, she joined a one-year multi-media course that made her well-versed in animation, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dream Weaver and Web Designing.

Awards & Achievements

World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional 2011, M.Lavinashree photo, M.Lavinashree picture, M. Lavinashree Prometric Examination, M.Lavinashree Guinness World Records 2011, world's youngest Microsoft Certified Engineer, World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Madurai girls, M. Lavinashree Limca Book of World Record 2011
Limca Book of World Record Holder, equivalent to Guinness Book of World Records, at the tender age of 3 for her photographic memory.

National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement, 2006, for Lavinashree’s exceptional ability in the field of recitation of 1330 Thirukural, conferred by the Government of India.

Appreciation from His Excellency, the President of India, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, for her excellent memory capacity.

Publication of M.Lavinashree’s excellent memory power in the world famous Wikipedia Encyclopedia under the category: List of Child Prodigies (Memory/History)

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_child_prodigies

Teachers’ Motivation and Inspiration

Since she showed interest, her father, K. Muniyasamy, sent her for MCP coaching classes. The teachers took special care and prepared her to sit for the examination.

Her cousin, Kannan, who is in the U.S., encouraged her.

Muniyasamy wants to make her the youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

“It comes naturally to her. She is playful and we don’t compel her into anything,” he says and adds that she begins her day at 6.30 a.m. and spends about two hours learning computers.

Lavinashree is in Std. IV at VMJ Higher Secondary School, Madurai.

She entered the Limca Book of World Records when she was three years old. She also received the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement, 2006, conferred by the Government of India, for her exceptional ability to recite all the 1330 Thirukkurals.

She wants to become a scientist like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who is her inspiration.

World's Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional M.Lavinashree video.

Suresh Joachim set Guinness world record by dancing 110 hours straight

A Brampton, Ont., man thinks he can dance -- for 110 hours straight to secure a world record.

Suresh Joachim hopes to set the record by New Year's Eve. Under the rules, he is allowed to take five minutes off each hour.
Suresh Joachim photo, Suresh Joachim dancing video, Suresh Joachim Guinness world record 2011, Non stop dancing Guinness world record
The current world record holder managed to dance for 108 hours. In that length of time, you could listen to the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" more than 1,620 times.

Joachim has already succeeded in breaking 63 Guinness World Records, but he wants to beat 500 in total.

So far, his world records range from having the largest wedding party (79 bridesmaids and 47 groomsman), the fastest one-mile crawl, standing on one foot for three days, running for 42 straight days, and watching television for 69 straight hours.

Why would a man do such things?

The father of two says it's simple. "I like to be number one in the world," he told CTV News.

Joachim is also aiming to raise money for children's charities.

"My aim is to help children around the world who suffer from poverty and war," he said.

On his website, he says he wants to raise $1 billion.

His wife understands that some might see her husband as eccentric.

"Some people admire him, and some people don't understand," said Christa Joachim. "They think he's crazy."

Solar powered Zephyr - Longest flight ever by an airplane set World Record

QinetiQ Ltd. (London, U.K.), developer of the solar-powered unmanned aircraft Zephyr, reported on Dec. 23 that the aircraft has now officially been awarded three World Records – including one for the longest flight ever by an airplane (two weeks) and one for altitude higher than any current surveillance aeroplane in its class. These records were achieved on the first flight of the all-new Zephyr aircraft in July 2010.
Solar powered Zephyr picture, Longest flight World Record 2011, Qinetiq aircraft Zephyr video, new Zephyr aircraft 2011, Longest flying UAV in the world,
QinetiQ believes that Zephyr’s ability to fly higher and longer than any other current aircraft offers benefits to a number of potential customers in the military, academic, commercial and scientific arenas.

Flying 13 miles above the ground, Zephyr can watch over a diameter of 600 miles, and has demonstrated this by sending continuous, high-resolution live images back to Earth. This has an advantage over the intermittent, distant and expensive “snapshot per orbit” from satellites flying 100 miles above the earth. Zephyr has also demonstrated its ability to relay essential military and civil communications in remote areas between simple hand-held radios.
Its persistent flight capability, soon to be months, also means that where other aircraft must eventually land, Zephyr can stay in the air for longer, providing an unrestricted view from high altitude.

Aside from having flight capabilities far beyond other aircraft and satellites, Zephyr also offers significant cost savings. It is just one tenth of the cost of other unmanned aerial vehicles and one hundredth of the cost of a satellite.

Commenting on Zephyr’s potential, Chris Kelleher, QinetiQ’s chief designer, said, “Zephyr is a record-breaking piece of aviation design and engineering. It has unique flight capabilities, far beyond any other aircraft and satellites, which could be used in a huge range of scenarios with the lightweight but highly effective payloads we are developing."

Three records have been ratified for the Zephyr:

    * Absolute duration record, unmanned - Longest flying UAV in the world at 336 hours 22 minutes 8 seconds
    * Class Record UAV (50-500kg) – Altitude: At a height of 21,562m.
    * Class Record UAV (50-500kg) – Duration: As above.

Longest flight ever by an airplane - Solar powered Zephyr Video.

Kuchipudi dancers set Guinness World Record 2011 - Maha Brunda Natyam

Hyderabad, Dec 26 (IANS) About 2,800 Kuchipudi artistes performed the centuries old dance form here Sunday to earn a place in the Guinness World Records, an official said.

Hailing from 16 countries, including India, the dancers held the audience spellbound at a colourful programme at Gacchibowli Stadium.
Kuchipudi dance photo, world's biggest Kuchipudi dance picture, Andhra Pradesh Kuchipudi dance video, Hyderabad Kuchipudi dance, Kuchipudi dancers Guinness World Record 2011, 2010 Kuchipudi dance picture
An official of Guinness World Records, who was present on the occasion, handed over a certificate to the organisers.

Organised jointly by California-based Silicon Andhra and Andhra Pradesh government, the event saw the artists performing the 'maha brunda natyam' in the mould of Sidhendra Yogi's dance form.

President Pratibha Patil, Andhra Pradesh Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Union Minister of State for Human Resources Development D. Purandareswari and hundreds of others enjoyed the splendid show.

'I congratulate all the artistes who participated in this feat. It is a matter of pride for the country,' Patil said after watching the 20-minute performance.

The record-breaking performance was organised on the last day of the second International Kuchipudi Dance Convention.

Over 4,000 delegates from 16 countries participated in the convention, which brought together dancers from living legends to students.

The event aims to promote Kuchipudi and inspire the youth to know more about the dance form.

The president also praised Purandareswari, who surprised the participants by her performance Saturday. Clad in a silk saree, the junior minister danced for almost 15 minutes and was cheered enthusiastically by the audience.

Purnadwareswari, daughter of Telugu actor and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N.T. Rama Rao, learnt Kuchipudi during her childhood.

She hails from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, considered the home of Kuchipudi.

World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree 2010 - Patrick Roger

World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree set World Record by Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger, an chocolate artist from France, made gigantic Chocolate Christmas tree to raise money for charity, auctioning off some parts of the tree and donating proceeds to an organization which studies neuromuscular disease.
World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree picture, 2010 World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree, Patrick Roger Guinness world record, Christmas 2010 World Records, Christmas Guinness World Records, Christmas tree world records

Roger unveiled the massive tree in his studio in Sceaux, Paris. The 32-foot-tall, 4-ton Chocolate Tree took a whole month to work on and as talented chocolatier said making something like this was a great challenge for him.
The Chocolate Christmas tree, hailed as a structural wonder, used $45,000 worth of 65% dark chocolate.
Patrick Roger was named best French chocolate artist in 2000, an award for professionals combining taste and art and proving to be worthy representatives of French gastronomy. His laboratory features many other chocolate sculptures, including small reindeers and Santas that will also be exhibited.
With this tree, Roger set the new world record for the Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree, beating Alain Roby who constructed a 22-foot-tall chocolate Christmas tree, but whose work was never submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition.

World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree 2010 Video

Largest Number of People Playing Chess Game in Gujarat set Guinness World Record

Ahmedabad: From atop, the GMDC ground resembles one mammoth chess board in black and white. And fittingly so, given that Ahmedabad is all set to break a mammoth world record on Friday.
Chess World Records Ahmedabad, Chess Guinness World Records, Chess World Records 2011, Chess Game World Records Gujarat, Largest Number of People Playing Chess Game, world champion Viswanathan Anand, Gujarat State Chess Association

As many as 20,000 people and 1,200 masters will gather at the ground in the afternoon for a game of chess. In the process, they will break Mexico's Guinness world record of the largest number of people playing the game together at the same time. El Zocalo, Mexico City's central square, had set the record when 13,446 players had assembled to play chess on October 21, 2006. Former world champion Anatoly Karpov was the guest of honour in Mexico while Ahmedabad will have current world champion Viswanathan Anand.

After his first world championship title in 2000, Anand had nurtured a desire to make India the epicentre of chess. And, for the past 10 years, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi was looking for a way to bring the game into the collective consciousness of Gujaratis. The record-breaking event is the coming together of these two aspirations with the Gujarat State Chess Association, NIIT and the Gujarat government working for it for 10 months. A lady adjudicator from Guinness Book arrived in the city from London on Thursday. "We can't divulge the name of the adjudicator now but yes, she will ensure that everything is in place for the record," said one of the organisers.

Friday will see 1,000 masters play simultaneously against 20,000 participants. Each master will take on 20 players. Another 200 masters will be on stand by. The ground has been divided into 64 squares with 320 participants in one square. "We have never attempted anything on this scale, which makes it unique and will be a very important feat both for Gujarat and India," Anand had said in an interview to TOI in the build-up to the event. "This is only the beginning of a chess revolution," he had said.

Mohammad Amin Saleem - World Biggest Silver Ring in Pakistan set Guinness Record

Mohammad Amin Saleem photo, World Biggest Silver Ring picture, Pakistan Biggest Silver Ring, biggest silver ring in the world 2011, Fragrance of Love, Mohammad Amin Saleem Guinness World Record, World Biggest Silver Ring in Lahore old city
World Biggest Silver Ring in Pakistan set Guinness World Record by Mohammad Amin Saleem.

Muhammad Amin Saleem of Amin and Company unveils a silver ring his company created and claims is the biggest silver ring in the world, weighing 71.6 kilogrammes. The ring is called ‘Fragrance of Love’ and has been made using 97.83 percent silver. Guinness Book of World Records to get its achievement included in the book.

Mohammad Amin Saleem of Lahore's old city said the ring has an inner diameter of 85cm and it is made of 97.83 percent pure silver.

Dawn reported that the Guinness Book of World Records has issued a certificate to Saleem.

"I had earlier prepared a 74.6 kg ring...but it was not included in the Guinness book of world Records. Then I decided to make another ring and got exact specifications from the Guinness World Record to ensure a place for my creation in the book," Saleem was quoted as saying.

World's Longest Cooking Marathon Guinness World Record - Indian Chef Damu

World's Longest Cooking Marathon set Guinness World Record 2011 by Indian Chef Damu.

After cooking up as many as 617 dishes in over 24 hours, an overjoyed Chef K. Damodaran sets a new Guinness World Record. Chithira Vijaykumar, who watched the feat awestruck, reports.
World's Longest Cooking Marathon, Indian Chef Damu Guinness World Record 2011, Indian Chef Damu photo, Indian Chef Damu Cooking video, Longest Cooking Marathon 2011, Indian Chef Damu World Record 2010, Chef K. Damodaran Guinness World Record

A whopping 617 dishes. 190 kg of food. One man, one day.

Or, to be precise, 24 hours, 30 minutes and 12 seconds. And miraculously, Chef K. Damodaran is still standing. And looking sprightly even.

He holds his Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Cooking Marathon — Individual’ plaque a little higher, and smiles broadly. “I never practised this stunt you know. Not one dry run.”


Lucia Sinigagliesi, the judge from Guinness, is astonished as well. “I slept all night, and I’m exhausted. Look at that man go!”

It all began on December 21, at around 8 a.m., when the renowned chef first set himself up in front of six cooking ranges, from where he would not move for an entire day. Under the watchful eyes of Lucia and television cameras that recorded the entire stunt, Damu initially planned to make about 480 dishes.

We watched him work, solemn throughout, except every time he would finish a dish. Then, Damu would break into a brilliant smile, and happily urge onlookers to try it. Forty-three minutes into the event, 10 dishes were done. Seventeen minutes later, almost inexplicably, the tally was at 20. There were idlis, dhokla, rasams, payasams, pakodas and chips. So were intriguingly titled things such as Chicken Xacutti and Oats Jinga 65. And everything from crab pepper soup to kozhukattai.

Simple, but severe rules

The rules were simple, but severe. Damu was allowed only a single five-minute break every hour. While he could use ingredients that had been previously marinated or chopped, he had to have at least two dishes cooking at any given time. (He had six. “He’s making it harder on himself!” Lucia had remarked.)

As he cooked, the dishes would be passed out among the onlookers, because the rules also state that everything has to be edible. “’Edible?’” laughed Lucia. “It’s delicious!”, and gladly tried everything that came around. She swooned over a vadai, and Damu graciously offered to give her one of his recipe books.

The spectacular in Damu’s cooking is its simplicity, the way the ancient scents of traditional kitchens wafted from the clinical space of a four-star hotel. And we’d left him the day before, nonchalantly flipping a paratha, two-and-a half hours into the challenge.

“It was when about 12 hours had passed that I first began to feel restless. My limbs were heavy, sore. Fatigue hit me like a brick wall.” Damu almost stopped. “But then, along came about 60 of the staff from Savera Hotel — they danced, laughed and sang for me. It kept me going.” At the peak of his exhaustion, Damu averaged a new dish every two-and-a-half minutes. “It was all done entirely manually. No oven, no microwave,” says Malarmannan, a chef himself, who was one of those who assisted Damu through the long day. Damu was allowed four helpers, who wouldn’t, of course, be allowed to do any of the actual cooking. “And each one of them gave their heart and soul to this. Not one of them slept, not one left, even when their shifts were over,” says Damu.

But what he’s happiest about, is that every single dish he cooked is gone, having vanished rapidly into the admiring crowds that came to watch Chef Damu work his magic. All 617 of them, almost as fast as he could cook. Clearly, they really did pass the ‘Edibility’ challenge.

World's Largest chess Tournament in Ahmedabad set Guinness world record 2011

World's Largest chess Tournament in GMDC ground Ahmedabad set Guinness world record 2011

Led by world champions Viswanathan Anand, 20,000 players to play chess simultaneously with 16 masters at GMDC ground today to set a world record
World's Largest chess Tournament in Ahmedabad, chess tournament Ahmadabad,Most Number of People Playing Chess Game World Records 2011, chess Tournament in GMDC ground Ahmedabad gujarat, Biggest Chess Game video, largest number of players playing chess game

Historic achievement by Gujarati sportsmen are few and far between. But the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad is all set to witness a record being set on Friday. Twenty thousand people will assemble at the ground and play chess in an attempt to create a Guinness world record in chess of the largest number of players playing the game simultaneously at one venue.

The current record is held by Mexico City. They set a new record for simultaneous chess games in December 2006 when 13,446 players faced off at the same time in a vast Spanish colonial square at the heart of the former Aztec empire.

The initiative to set a record in chess was taken by none other than Chief Minister Narendra Modi almost a year back. Ever since, the government machinery, the Gujarat State Chess Association and NIIT have been working hand in hand to make the event a success.

The record breaking event will be led by world chess champion Viswanathan Anand, who will play with 50 players.

The ground has been divided into eight squares.  Each square will have 320 players and 16 masters. One master will play with 20 players. Eighty per cent of the matches have to be completed in a span of two hours for the record to be notified in the Guiness Book. An adjudicator from the Guinness Book has already arrived in the city from London and she will confirm the record as and when the games are over.

“All arrangements are in place. We are really hopeful that by Friday evening the grand chess event at GMDC ground will find its name in Guinness Book of Records,” said Mayur Patel, secretary Gujarat State Chess Association.

Jyoti Amge - World's shortest living teenager set Limca Book of Records 2011

World's shortest living teenager set Limca Book of Records 2011 by Indian teen Jyoti Amge.

At age 17, Jyoti Amge stands just 2 feet tall, but she could have some big shoes to fill.

Amge -- who is already recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's shortest living teenager and in the Limca Book of Records as the "Shortest Girl" -- is poised to become the world's shortest living woman, so long as she doesn't grow more than 4.3 inches in the next 360 days.

World's shortest living teenager photo, 2011 World's shortest living teenager, Jyoti Amge picture, Shortest Girl in the world 2011, Jyoti Amge Limca Book of Records 2011, Indian teen Jyoti Amge Guinness World Record 2011, world's shortest living woman, world's shortest living female 2011
The Indian teen dreams of finding fame as an actress in movies, but she'll likely first find fame when she's measured shortly after her 18th birthday on Dec. 15, 2011.

Amge was last measured by Guinness officials at a height of about 24.3 inches -- significantly shorter than current world record holder Elif Kocaman of Turkey, who stands about 28.6 inches.

Despite her short stature, Amge says she's an ordinary teenager.

"I am proud of being small. I love the attention I get," she told the Sunday Mirror. "I'm just the same as other people. I eat like you, I dream like you. I don't feel different."

So far, her height hasn't stood in her way. Like normal teenagers in the city of Nagpur, Amge goes to school and likes spending her time listening to music and shopping.

"When I first went to school, everyone was so big I used to get scared but I'm OK now, I like it," she told the Daily Mail. "I have a different desk and chair that were made for me. I'm a normal student."

Amge has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, which researchers believe occurs in just one out of every 25,000 births, according to Fox News.

Larry King Live - World Longest Running TV Show set Guinness World Record

Larry King Live - World Longest Running TV Show set Guinness World Record 2010

Larry King, who has hosted the 'Larry King Live' show in the 9 p.m. EST slot for 25 years, has decided to step down. The TV interviewer cites a desire to spend more time with his wife and young children and plans to leave the show later in 2010 during the fall season.
Larry King Live show, Larry King Live picture, Larry King Live show video, World Longest Running TV Show, non stop TV Viewing World Record, World Longest Running TV Show 2011

The big announcement was made on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. King had also placed a tidbit on Twitter which said " Announcing tonight: I’m ending my nightly show this fall but continuing at CNN" (Twitter). As an aside, the TV host has 1,648,920 Twitter followers.

King indicated he went to his employers and expressed his wish to step down and that "CNN has graciously accepted" (CNN.com).

Jon Klein, President of CNNUS, gave this statement "Larry is a beloved member of the CNN family and will continue to our air with periodic specials".

It seems while King is stepping down from his regular gig, he won't be retiring in full, just from the show, and does plan to stay with CNN. King has also spoken of desires to try other projects and with his leave of 'Larry King Live', he'll have much more free time to explore these other interests.

More importantly he wants to have time to attend his kids' little league games.

Twenty-five years is a long time and King's was a record breaker. Recently his run on CNN resulted in the show making the Guinness Book of World Records having been declared as the longest running show with a host in a stable and consistent time slot. While his ratings have dropped in recent years in the competitive time slot, his show still ranks in at #4.

Over the years King has interviewed some pretty big names including politicians, entertainers, sports celebrities, business entrepreneurs- over 50,000 interviews total. Since President Richard Nixon, King has interviewed every U.S. President.

He's also played mediator to many debates, include some pretty heated ones. Ross Perot launched his presidential campaign on the 'Larry King Live' and the show was also the setting for the historical Al Gore and Ross Perot NAFTA debate in 1993; the latter was one of the highest rated shows in the history of cable television.

As King leaves the 'Larry King Live' show he takes with him the experience of the tens of thousands of interviews, meetings with historical and iconic people, an Emmy, two Peabody Awards and a 1992 induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame (CNN.com).

2010 Larry King Live Video - World Longest Running TV Show set Guinness World Record

World's longest serving den mother set Guinness World Record 2011

When Adele Trapp first volunteered as a den mother for one of Brooklyn's Cub Scout groups, Dwight Eisenhower was President and a first-class stamp cost three cents.

That was 53 years ago. The mild-mannered great-grandmother has been opening her heart to kids ever since.
world's longest-serving den mother photo, Dwight Eisenhower picture, Brooklyn's Cub Scout groups Guinness World Record 2011, longest serving den mother in the world
Trapp, 96, has attended weekly scout meetings of Bedford-Stuyvesant's Pack 263 for more than half her life and has taught kids arts and crafts while offering pearls of wisdom.

In honor of her decades-long commitment, she has just been honored as the world's longest-serving den mother by Guinness World Records.

She overtook Marion Rohner of the Hudson Valley Council Boy Scouts, who served 43 years.

"It's beautiful; it's very nice," Trapp said as she was presented with a certificate of her achievements at St. Phillips Church on Decatur St. this week.

"I'm not out for an award."

This is not the first time Trapp has been a record breaker.

In 2005, when she was 90, she was celebrated as the oldest employee in New York's public school system for her work as a full-time school aide at Junior High School 258 in Brooklyn.

"She loves children. If we are at home, I'll hear her say 'Where are the children?'" said her daughter Evelyn Rainford, 75, who is cub master to the same Brooklyn scout group.

"She's just a simple lady who loves children. That's the bottom line."

Trapp, who lives in Crown Heights, has seen generations of young scouts come to St. Phillips Church, where the two-hour Tuesday evening get-togethers are held.

One of her former scouts, who is now retired, has brought his own kids and grandkids through the doors, her daughter said.

"The children, they look at you as though you're their parent," Trapp explained.

"You have to really take care of them because they make themselves a part of you."

Trapp arrives at meetings each week decked out in a bright red, slightly frayed jacket covered in badges of merit from her years with Pack 263.

It sits over her dark green pants and brown shirt, held in place with a regulation scout necktie.

Given her impeccable attire and manners, Trapp has little patience for any boy who isn't equally well-dressed and behaved.

Still, the youngsters respond with adoration.

"She's fun," said Zachary Bentley, 10.

"She's helpful. She gives us good advice."

Adrian Israel, 12, marveled at the thought of his den mother appearing in next year's edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Then he revealed another reason he's so fond of this hard-working woman.

Glady Burrill - World Oldest Marathon Women Runner enters Guinness World Record 2011

Hawaii is home to another record holder and she has turned that into a generous donation to our Lokahi Giving Project.

We have followed her progress over the years - 92 year old Gladys "Glady Burrill now enters the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest female marathoner.
Glady Burrill photo, World Oldest Marathon Women Runner picture, Glady Burrill Guinness World Record 2011, Marathon Guinness World Record 2011, World Oldest Marathon female Runner, Oldest Marathon Women Runner in the world

"Well, I've always walked or ran and all through the year, I've been out there about three or four times a week. And walked as far as I wanted to. And in April I had to prove to myself that I could do it again because I hadn't finished for two years," said Burrill.

Glady went through a rough couple of years personally and in the marathon. But she is, if nothing else, competitive just years after she was born in 1918.

"I loved to compete with the boys, playing ball and everything - sliding into home base with a dress because we didn't wear pants, we wore dresses," said Burrill.

No one is prouder of Glady's record setting accomplishment in the marathon than race director Jim Barahal.

"And we decided that it might be appropriate to honor her accomplishment by giving something back to the community, so we asked Glady which charity she would like to make a donation to and the marathon is assisting her with that," said marathon director Jim Barahal.

Barahal and the marathon organization donated $2,500 in Glady's name to our Lokahi Giving Project.

"Her stories are just amazing and it's just exactly what it takes to run a program like this and she has the whole spirit of the project and she lives it every day," said Mariellen Jones of Lokahi.

Glady Burrill says she has a special place in her heart for those in need, especially this time of year.

"We were very poor and in need so I understand very well what these people are experiencing that need help. It breaks my heart to see them with problems," said Burrill.

There will be fewer problems now thanks to the Honolulu marathon and the woman they call - the Glady-ator.

World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree - Most expensive Christmas tree in the World

World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree photo, Most expensive Christmas tree in the World , 2011 World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree picture, value of Most expensive Christmas tree, Abu Dhabi glitzy hotel expensive Christmas tree, Most expensive Christmas tree Guinness world record

World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree world record 2010 - Most expensive Christmas tree in the World

The 13-metre (40-foot) faux evergreen, located in the gold leaf-bedecked rotunda of the hotel, is decorated with silver and gold bows, ball-shaped ornaments and small white lights

Christmas came in extravagant fashion to the Muslim desert emirate of Abu Dhabi as a glitzy hotel unveiled a bejewelled Christmas tree valued at more than 11 million dollars on Wednesday

It is the "most expensive Christmas tree ever," with a "value of over 11 million dollars," said Hans Olbertz, general manager of Emirates Palace hotel, at its inauguration。

The 13-metre (40-foot) faux evergreen, located in the gold leaf-bedecked rotunda of the hotel, is decorated with silver and gold bows, ball-shaped ornaments and small white lights

But the necklaces, earrings and other jewellery draped around the tree's branches are what give it a record value。

It holds a total of 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones, said Khalifa Khouri, owner of Style Gallery, which provided the jewellery

"The tree itself is about 10,000 dollars," Olbertz said. "The jewellery has a value of over 11 million dollars -- I think 11.4, 11.5."

This will probably be an entry into the Guinness book of world records, Olbertz said, adding that Emirates Palace planned to contact the organisation about the tree which is to stay until the end of the year。

Asked if the tree might offend religious sensibilities in the United Arab Emirates, where the vast majority of the local population is Muslim, Olbertz said he did not think it would. "It's a very liberal country," he said

The hotel has had a Christmas tree up in previous years, but this year "we said we have to do something different," and the hotel's marketing team hatched the plan, said Olbertz

The tree is not the first extravagant offering from Emirates Palace -- a massive, dome-topped hotel sitting amid fountains and carefully manicured lawns。

The hotel, which bills itself as seven-star, in February introduced a package for a seven-day stay priced at one million dollars。

Takers of the package have a private butler and a chauffeur driven Maybach luxury car at their disposal during their stay, as well as a private jet available for trips to other countries in the region。

And in May, the hotel opened a gold vending machine, becoming the first place outside Germany to install "gold to go, the world's first gold vending machine," said Ex Oriente Lux AG, the German company behind the machine

World's Largest Cannolo set Guinness World Record 2011

World's Largest Cannolo Guinness World Record 2011 set by Giulio Pistolesi and Scott Wilkinson.
World's Largest Cannolo picture, World's Largest cannoli photo, Largest Cannolo Guinness World Record 2011, Giulio Pistolesi and Scott Wilkinson Guinness World Record, largest ever made cannoli, cannolo recipes, 2011 World's Largest Cannolo

Two men in Newburgh, New York, have baked the world's largest cannoli, the Times Herald-Record reported Saturday.

Well, largest cannolo, if you are being true to the singular form of the word in Italian, the language of where it originated.

In any event, that is what it will say on the certificate Guinness is sending them - largest cannolo.

The 56kg cannoli, or cannolo, Giulio Pistolesi and Scott Wilkinson put together August 27 in the parking lot outside Pistolesi's bakery, the Cake Bin, in Newburgh, 96km north of New York City, has not only been ruled by Guinness World Records the largest ever made. It is actually the first time a record for this particular food item has been claimed.

"We're very excited here, and we hope the certificate gets here soon," Pistolesi said.

Wilkinson, who drives a truck for a living but has a side business, Mr. Cannoli, he operates at fairs and carnivals, has been checking his email for weeks, but heard nothing until late Wednesday night. That is when the word from Guinness finally came.

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"I fell off the chair," Wilkinson said. "The first word was, 'Congratulations.' That's all I needed to see."

His first call was to Pistolesi, whose first reaction at that hour [after 10:00pm] was, "This better be good news."

They thought they would try to wait until the certificate arrived before contacting reporters, but big news like this has a way of getting out once you start telling people about it.

They are still planning a photo opportunity when the certificate arrives, as they have a lot of people to thank - from all the students and others who volunteered to help when the cannolo was baked and put together, to several sponsors.

Michael Jackson - World's largest poster in Guinness World Records 2011

World Largest Michael Jackson's Poster in Guinness World Records 2011

Michael Jackson's Michael album artwork is now the world's largest poster. The 29,070 sq. ft. poster smashes the previous record by more than 110 sq. ft.
world's largest poster 2011, World Largest Michael Jackson's Poster picture, Michael Jackson Guinness World Records, Michael Jackson World Records 2011,  Michael Jackson photo, Michael Jackson's Michael album video, largest poster in the world 2011, world's largest Michael poster
Guinness World Records, the global authority on record breaking, today confirms that a poster erected to mark the release of Michael Jackson's Michael album (released 13th December) has set a new record as the world's largest poster.

Guinness World Records confirmed that the poster of Michael Jackson's Michael measures 171 ft. by 170 ft. with a total surface area of 29,070 sq. ft., smashing the previous record - held by the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver - by more than 110 sq. ft.

To put it into perspective, the Michael poster would take over three quarters of the pitch at Wembley stadium, is longer than the equivalent of six Routemaster buses end-to-end and if upright would be higher than Nelson's column in London.

The poster, made of PVC and weighing one ton, took engineers three hours to install and is less than 3,000 meters from one of Heathrow's main runways, literally viewable by all planes arriving/departing.

Guinness World Records requires the world's largest poster to be publically displayed and formed of one single piece of material; it must also advertise a commercially available product.

Guinness World Records sent an official adjudicator to the site situated at Rectory Farm in Middlesex to officially verify and measure the Michael poster.

The image of the album cover of Michael was created by painter Kadir Nelson in 2009. In the original oil painting, Kadir, who is known for story telling through his art, takes us on a journey through some key moments and important people in Michael Jackson's life. Michael is the much-anticipated album of newly completed recordings by the King Of Pop.

The poster will stay at what will be known as "Michael's Field" until 23rd December, after which, the poster will travel via sea container into continental Europe where it will be toured and displayed.


Comedian Alex - Non Stop Magic Show set World Record by Alex

Comedian Alex photo, Non Stop Magic Show set World Record 2011, magician Alex picture,  Best magician Alex video, Comedian Alex Limca book of records 2011, Magic Show Guinness world records 2011

Comedian Alex, who is also a well-known magician, was honored with the Chevalier Award recently in Abu Dhabi.

His name features in the Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records for conducting a magic show continuously for 24 hours. This has earned him the prestigious Chevalier Award.

Those who were present at this function include the United Arab Emirates Tamil Sangam President Ravi Maran, and Justice A Kulasekaran.

Alex forayed into the film industry with Rajinikanth’s Valli and later went on to star in several films.

IIM Student Ahmedabad set Microsoft's Toppling Domino Limca Book of Record 2011

This year has been full of surprises when it comes to the golden jubilee celebrations of IIMA. First was the rock show and adding a feather to their cap, is an attempt by their students to enter the Limca Book of Records.
Microsoft's Toppling Domino Limca Book of Record 2011, IIM Student Ahmedabad, IIM Student Limca Book of Record 2011, golden jubilee celebrations of IIMA, IIMA golden jubilee Domino show 2010, domino show at the historic RJ Mathai auditorium
The students are planning a domino show at the historic RJ Mathai auditorium by toppling over 10,000 dominoes to unveil a design inspired by their golden jubilee logo.

Secretary of IIM's media cell, Glen D'Silva said: "The current India record as per the authorities at Limca is 7000 dominoes by Microsoft India at the launch of Windows 7. Our aim is to make a figure using 10,000 dominos and reach a figure of at least 12,000. A team of about 20 students has been working through the nights for the past 10 days to practice for this event."

According to D'silva, the challenge is to keep the domino as stable as possible as even if one of them gets the slightest touch of finger or hand, the entire things will topple off. It has to be set up with a particular precision."

Says Abhinav Jain, general secretary of the students' council: "We are trying to convey to the world outside IIMA that our students are not merely restricted to studies but they also move, think and create."

The entire setup will take at least five hours and they will kick start the show at around 3am, although the event will take a mere three to four minutes. Students have placed an order for nearly 16,000 pieces of dominos from the old city, which are made of compressed sawdust - quite different from the regular wooden ones."

Anirban Das, a PGP1 student said, "I was in the team of Microsoft which holds the current record and I hope to break the record with the IIMA team this year". The domino show will kick-off at 10.30 am at the RJM auditorium on December 11.

IIM Student Ahmedabad  - Microsoft's Toppling Domino Limca Book of Record 2011 Video

Largest crowd at an Ice Hockey Game at Michigan Stadium set Guinness World Record

Largest Attendance at an Ice Hockey Game at Michigan set Guinness Record

The Big Chill at the Big House on Saturday in Ann Arbor still set a world record for attendance at a hockey game, but it appears to be going into the books as a much smaller crowd than anticipated.
Ice Hockey Game video, Largest Attendance at an Ice Hockey Game, Ice Hockey Game at Michigan Stadium, Most people attendance Ice Hockey Game, Ice Hockey Game Guinness World Record, IIHF world championships

Guinness World Records has certified the crowd for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game at Michigan Stadium at 85,451 people, far short of the announced attendance of 113,411. It still was enough to beat the previous attendance mark of 77,803, set during the opening game of the IIHF world championships in May, when Germany hosted the United States.

A Guinness spokesperson e-mailed the 85,451 figure to the Free Press today. A follow-up e-mail about whether the number could still grow was not immediately returned.

"We will continue to work with Guinness to identify the exact number of people that went through the scanners and those who had their tickets torn," said Matt Trevor, assistant media relations director for U-M hockey. "We knew we would end up with two different numbers because of different standards used."

Trevor said Guinness doesn't count those who were working the game, including media, staff and concession workers. Michigan does include those people in its attendance figure.

The Cold War between U-M and MSU in 2001 at Spartan Stadium drew 74,554 fans.

Largest Attendance at an Ice Hockey Game at Michigan Stadium Video

Portugal - World's Largest Santa Claus Parade set Guinness World Record 2010

World's Largest Santa Claus Parade picture, World's Largest Santa Claus Parade photo, World's Largest Santa Claus Parade video, Portugal Santa Claus Parade, Santa Clause Marathon, Christmas world records, Portugal Guinness World Record 2011, largest ever gathering of the Christmas
World's Largest Santa Claus Parade at Portugal set Guinness World Record

15,000 santas have paraded through the streets of Porto in northern Portugal in an attempt to enter the Guinness World Records for the largest ever gathering of the Christmas figure.

Last year, this initiative resulted in 14,472 people dressed up as Santa Claus, which beat the world record.

Once again, the idea this year was to surpass the previous record, but also to provide Christmas presents for children in need.

For each Santa that passed the finish line of the parade's route, €1 was given to the cause by the event's organisers.

The organisers of the event had distributed 19,000 Santa Claus suits.

World's Largest Santa Claus Parade Video

Patrick Swayze - Most comments to a Facebook Post set Guiness World Records 2011

Patrick Swayze photo, Patrick Swayze picture, Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing Video, most comments to a Facebook Post, Patrick Swayze Guiness World Records 2011, Patrick Swayze Brief Biography
Most Comments on Patrick Swayze Face book Post set Guinness World Records 2011

Patrick Swayze fans made history on the first anniversary of his death in September - their internet tributes to the late star earned them a place in the record books.

The acting legend lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009 and to mark a year since his passing, Swayze's online devotees descended on Facebook's Dirty Dancing page to remember the actor.

And the huge amount of postings set a new Guinness World Record.
Officials ruled the fans had made the most ever comments on a single Facebook post, with 10,260 notes left in honor of Swayze.

A post on the social networking site reads, "Thanks to all fans who commented on Patrick's RIP post on September 14th. You all are apart (sic) of contributing towards breaking a World Record for the most comments to a Facebook Post according the Guinness Book Of World Records!"

Patrick Swayze Brief Biography

Patrick Wayne Swayze was born on 18 August 1952 in Houston, Texas where he lived until age 20. His mother was a choreographer and dancer and he followed her interests, moving to New York City in 1972 to complete his formal dance traing through ballet. His first professional appearance was as a dancer for Disney on Parade.

His career led him to Broadway and then he had his first movie appearance in the 1979 movie Skatetown, USA. He also appeared in a 1981 episode of M.A.S.H. then had several roles in films and miniseries until his breakthrough role came in the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing where he played dance instructor Johnny Castle.

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing was a low-budget movie that became a surprise hit worldwide. When it went to video it was the first movie to sell over a million copies and both the Dirty Dancing DVD and Dirty Dancing soundtrack still sell well today. Swayze received the first of his three Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor in this role.

Dirty Dancing Video


World's Fattest Woman 2011 - Terri Smith Ohio

World Fattest woman 2011, World's heaviest woman 2011, 2011 World's heaviest Female photo, Terri Smith Ohio picture, USA Fattest Woman 2011, Terri Smith Ohio Guinness World Records, 2011 World's heaviest lady, World Fattest lady, 2011 Fattest Woman in the world, heaviest woman in the world 2011, Terri Smith Ohio weight
Terri Smith, 49, a 700-pound woman is pinned in her sleeping room, incapable to move, stand or roll across by herself - adjusting the fresh world record as the Fattest woman.

She suffers severe headaches and asks an MRI scan to check out for a potential brain tumor but is also big to fit in a scanner or by the doors of a hospital.

"My hubby is my guardian spirit. He's stuck by me by everything. Almost men would have left alone a long time ago, and who could blame them — but Myron is a living saint," Smith told.

Terry has never been a delicate female child. At the age of 7, she weighed almost 70 kilogram. The woman explains that her family was poor which did not allow for her parent to bargain healthy foods. At the age of twenty, Terry weighed about 120 kilogram.

Terri wedded husband Myron, whom she looks up to as her guardian spirit, in 1986. And then at the age of 32 she built up severe arthritis in her knees and was incapable to walking more than a couple of steps at one time.

Smith was lastly given an electric wheelchair to get around in. The lack of physical exercise, not modifying her eating caused her weight balloon to the point wherever she could barely stand.

Then about three yrs agone a change in her medicine caused her to gain 91 pounds in 30 days. Those another pounds forced her to the bed ridden state she has been in e'er since.

She faces a race against the clock to lose weight in a bidding to qualify for gastric surgery. Smith, who's been bed-bound for 3 yrs, told, "People must think, 'How could you let yourself get like that?'

"It is awful how it creeps up on you. Once you can't physical exercise it does not matter how healthily you eat, the weight just sticks. You are not burning off a single calorie."

Dr Dariush Saghafi said, "Caring for someone of Terri's sized is very hard. It is very difficult to move and transportation her.

"Hospitals don't have equipment to adjudge someone of her girth.We thought that it might be possible for Terri to have an MRI at the Cleveland Zoo in the machine used for the elephants and rhinos but the zoo doesn't accept a permission for humans."

Terry's family, consisting of her loving hubby and 2 daughters, the first of which is 30 yrs old, hope that the trouble with the equipment will be solved earlier it's too late.

The Guinness world record for the greatest distance traveled on a treadmill in 24 hrs by a woman is 247.2 kilometer (153.six miles) by Edit Berces (Hungary) at the Eurocentre shopping mall, Budapest, Hungary.

According to Guinness World Records, Donna Simpson of New Jersey, U.S.A., weighted 532 pound (241 kilogram; 38 st) when she delivered girl Jacqueline - setting the world record for the heaviest womanhood to give birth.

World’s largest umbrella set Guinness World Record by Max New York Life Insurance

World’s largest umbrella photo, World’s largest umbrella picture, Max New York Life Insurance Guinness World Record, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, Largest umbrella in the world 2011, Max New York Life Insurance logo, World’s largest umbrella 2011, Karo Zyaada Ka Iraada
World’s largest umbrella set Guinness World Record by Max New York Life Insurance

Max New York Life Insurance, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, announced that it has earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The recognition was bestowed upon the company for creating the ‘World’s largest umbrella’. This record setting collapsible umbrella is almost as wide as the dome of Taj Mahal and as high as a three stories building. With a 54 feet diameter and 32 feet height it could provide cover to around 200 people. A team of 20 people worked for 24 days to construct this award-winning umbrella and was unveiled on 14 August 2010 at Ishanya Mall in Pune.

On this achievement Ms. Anisha Motwani, Chief Marketing Officer, Max New York Life Insurance, said “We are delighted with this recognition. The largest umbrella in the world justifies Max New York Life’s tagline line of "Karo Zyaada Ka Iraada". It also signifies protection from uncertainties of weather; just like life insurance which provides protection from uncertainties of life. This innovative initiative was undertaken as a part of our efforts to build higher visibility for the Max New York Life brand. We will continue to work on similar high impact programs which are aimed at making Max New York one of the most admired brands in the country.”

The new record has been set against the previous record of 53 ft 2 inches in diameter and 31 ft 6 inches height by Sun City Umbrella Ind. Ltd in Jin Jiang city, Fujian Province, China during October 2005.

World’s largest umbrella Guinness World Record by Max New York Life Insurance Video

World's Largest Christmas Trees 2011 - Italian town of Gubbio

 biggest Christmas tree photo, Christmas world records 2011, Italian town of Gubbio Christmas tree photo, World's Largest Christmas Trees 2011, biggest tree in the world, World's tallest Christmas Trees 2011, Largest Christmas Trees in the world
Volunteers from the Italian town of Gubbio have finally completed three months of work preparing one of the world's largest Christmas trees.

The medieval town's tree is made up from over 800 lights laid out on the side of Mount Ingino.

These World Tallest Christmas tree is 800 metres high (2624 feet), 400 meters (1312 feet) wide. On the top of the tree and at the summit of the mountain, a star over 1000 meters (3,280 feet) long sparkles in the night sky.

"This started in 1981 when some inhabitants decided to make this tree which then became considered the biggest tree in the world," said the head of the Christmas tree committee Danilo Sannipoli.

"There are about 15-20 kilometers of cables involved, thousands of electric plugs to connect and hundreds and hundreds of lights that make up this Christmas display," he said.

This year, the tree is even greener than usual, with solar panels being used to cut down on electric power.

"For us in Gubbio, this Christmas tree has become a real tradition, we just couldn't do without it", said young Gubbio resident Matteo Fumanti.

"Particularly for those of us who are young like myself, we have always been able to look at this tree," he said.

Local inhabitants from miles around get the benefit of seeing the tree which lies on the side of the slope at some 900 metres high.

John James Audubon's - World's Most Expensive Book sold Birds of America

John James Audubon's book auction, Birds of America book photo, World's Most Expensive Book 2011, Audubon Birds of America Book Auction, World's Most Expensive Book sold price, Most Expensive Book in the world 2011, Audubon Birds of America Book Auction video
The copy, which comes from the collection of Lord Hesketh, had been expected to fetch up to £6m.

Only 119 complete copies of the 19th-Century book are known to exist, and 108 are owned by museums and libraries.

A separate edition of the book on ornithology sold for a record-breaking price of $8.8m (£5.7m) a decade ago.

It contains 1,000 life-sized illustrations of almost 500 breeds and took wildlife artist John James Audubon 12 years to complete.

He did so by travelling across America, shooting the birds and then hanging them on bits of wire to paint them.

The artist then went to Britain to print the volumes and targeted the rich to buy copies.
London dealer Michael Tollemache, who bought the copy at the Sotheby's auction, said the book was "priceless".
Lord Hesketh's collection also included a rare copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, which Sotheby's said was "the most important book in all of English Literature".
Of the 750 that were probably printed, only 219 are known to exist today.
The copy, which dates back to 1827 and has three pages missing, sold for £1.5m.
It is one of only three textually complete copies to exist in private hands in a comparably early binding.

John James Audubon's - Birds of America - World's Most Expensive Book World Record Video

World Largest Working Torchlight set Guinness World Record by Mr Light

Mr Light, the fastest growing torch and flashlight brand, has received the Guinness World Record recognition for creating the largest working torchlight in the world, bringing an added laurel to the UAE, as it celebrates its 39th National Day.

Created by Moon Way General Trading LLC, a UAE based multifaceted organisation that manufactures and markets products under the brand names Mr. Light & Mr. Plus, Mr. Light is one of the most popular torch and flashlight brand in the UAE and Mr. Plus offers Home Entertainment and Home Appliances.
World Largest Working Torchlight photo, World Largest Working Torchlight picture, Mr Light Guinness world Record, fastest growing torch and flashlight brand, largest working torchlight in the world, biggest working torchlight in the world, world's largest Working Torchlight 2011

The record-breaking torchlight measures 227 cm (7ft 5 inch) long and 55 cm (1 ft 9 in) in diameter and has 500 times the brightness of a standard torchlight.

Mr. Light themed the world's biggest torchlight creation as 'Light of Hope' to complement its mission of lighting up the lives of millions of people around the world who still do not have unlimited access to electricity.

Post the official certification by the Guinness World Records, Indian actor, Padma Shri Mohanlal formally unveiled the world's biggest torchlight at a pubic ceremony in the presence of 20,000 people and the CEO and Directors of Moon Way General Trading. Shri Mohanlal said, "I am honoured and privileged to unveil this great feat and feel proud to be a part of this momentous occasion."

Mr Abdul Gafoor, CEO, Moon Way Trading said, "We are honoured to have received the Guinness World Record recognition for the largest torchlight in the world. At Mr. Light, we focus on quality and efficiency, and our unique creation proves that our German technology is the best for torchlights and flashlights. Our objective in creating the world's largest torchlight was to put the global spotlight on the UAE, a country that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship and to highlight that fact that millions of people around the world still don't have access to regular electricity."

In all, it took one year to create the world's largest torchlight and has been created from the same material used to produce a standard torch or flashlight. More than 20 of Mr. Light's best engineers worked on the project, highlighting the team spirit and passion for a project that has now impressed the world.

Mr Light is one of the most popular and fastest growing torchlight brands in the UAE, and also has a significant market in the wider Middle East region and India.

World Largest Working Torchlight set Guinness world Record 2010 Video

MasterChef India - India's Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid set Limca Record 2010

India’s Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid photo, India’s Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid picture, Amul MasterChef India Limca Record, India’s largest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid, Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Ajay Chopra, tallest Pyramid Eclair Chocolate

India's Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid Limca Record set by MasterChef India

Amul Presents MasterChef India on STAR Plus sets a new record and makes an entry into Limca Book of Records with ‘India’s Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid!’ Prepared by 25 chefs over 72 hours, it stands 26 feet tall at the Atrium, Ambience Mall in Gurgaon, India. Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Ajay Chopra – the judges of the show – have led this outstanding project.

contestants of Star’s ‘Amul presents MasterChef India’ along with the experts from the kitchen of ‘The Leela Kempinski’ have created this record breaking eclair on which work began about three days ago with different layers being made by separate teams. These layers were then brought together and assembled with security harnesses. Huge rollers & gigantic paint brushes were brought in, to give finishing touches to this chocolate wonder of the world.

World's Largest Stollen Christmas Cake set World Record by Germany

World's Largest Stollen Christmas Cake picture, Largest Christmas Cake photo, Largest Christmas Cake in the world, 2011 Largest Stollen Christmas Cake, world's biggest Christmas Cake 2011, world's largest stollen Christmas cake
Bakers in Germany have really taken the biscuit after creating the world's largest stollen Christmas cake.

The monster mouthful - which tipped the scales at nearly five tons or 4,200 kilos - was more than 10ft long and took two days to create for the festival in Dresden.

Master baker Rene Krause explained: "I was very proud that not only was it huge, but it was delicious as well.

"We cut it into pieces and sold them for charity and we didn't have a single crumb left by the end of the day."

World's Largest Stollen Christmas Cake set World Record 2010 video


Kerala - World's shortest cow set Guinness World Record by Suryaprakash

Kerala - World's shortest cow set Guinness World Record by Suryaprakash

A youth in Kerala has claimed that he owns the shortest cow in the world which has a height of just 74 cm, shorter than the existing record holder and 83 cm-tall Swallow of the United Kingdom.
World's shortest cow photo, Kerala shortest cow picture, shortest cow in the world, World's smallest cow 2011, Guinness World Record by Suryaprakash, 2011 World's shortest cow, current World's shortest cow, recent smallest cow in the world, World's shortest cow images

Keen to get his six-year-old cow registered with the Guinness Book of World Records, Suryaprakash from Muipoth village near here has also dented the recent claim of the Kerala Agricultural University that the 77-cm tall Diana at its farm is all set to take over the British cow's status.

Aptly named Chotti, which means small in Hindi, Prakash's pet has delivered thrice and is pregnant again.

A student of Chartered Accountancy, Suryaprakash's interest in farming and livestock rearing prompted him to own the cow that belongs to the breed known in the state as Kasargode Dwarf, when it was a calf about six years ago.

"I learnt from some farmers that the milk of this variety of cow has high nutritional and medicinal value. But what really sparked my interest was its short-stature, amiable disposition and adaptability," Suryaprakash told PTI.

"She never scares or kicks. Even children can go near her and play with her. She adapts herself easily to the surroundings of rearing but prefers to graze in open areas with fresh green grass, instead of artificial cattle feed or hay," said the proud owner.

Chotti yields 2.5 litres of milk per day on an average and its dung and urine are of higher bio-fertiliser value than those of the common varieties, he said.

Prakash said he would make a request to the Guinness authorities to get his cow's height certified by a competent veterinary surgeon.

The Centre for Animal Genetics and Breeding under the Kerala University had claimed last month that the 77 cm-tall Diana at its farm is the shortest cow, which can take over the record held by the Dexter cow from Britain.

Diana belongs to a breed called Vechur cows, saved from the brink of extinction through a conservation programme in the late 1980s. The Vechur cows derived their name from a village near the temple town of Vaikom in Kottayam district in the state, where they were reared in large numbers in the past on account of the high quality of their milk.

After extensive research as part of conservation efforts in the late 1980s, eight cows of the breed were traced in the state, with which the University started the conservation project.

Rio de Janeiro - World’s largest floating Christmas tree

Rio de Janeiro – Thousands of Brazilians and visitors gathered at Rio de Janeiro’s Rodrigo de Freitas lake to witness the lighting of the 3.3 million lights on the world’s largest floating Christmas tree.
World’s largest floating Christmas tree, 2010 latest Christmas tree picture, largest floating Christmas tree in the world, Brazil largest floating Christmas tree photo, Rio de Janeiro Lights World’s biggest floating Christmas tree, Christmas tree Guinness world record, latest Christmas tree image, 2011 Christmas tree picture, 2010 latest Christmas tree wallpaper

The enormous tree, supported by a metallic structure and standing 85 meters (276 feet) high has already been acknowledged by Guinness World Records to be the largest of its kind in the world, but this year the tree “grew” 10 meters (32.5 feet) higher than it was last Christmas.

The tree is divided into 15 lighted sections, and this year organizers of the event increased the number of reflectors and lighted ornaments, as well as the number of lights.

Before the simultaneous illumination of all the lights on Saturday, Rio residents and tourists who packed themselves along the shore of the lake viewed a colorful fireworks show, which was preceded by performances by several musical groups and the popular singer Simone.

The Rodrigo de Freitas lakeshore, which is a popular place to take a pleasant stroll in Rio, is adjacent to the neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, which have the city’s three best-known beaches.

The tree, which every December is set up on the lake, will be illuminated every night until Jan. 6, when authorities will begin disassembling the display.

China's newest high-speed train - World's fastest passenger train set world record 2011

China's newest high-speed train - World's fastest passenger train set world record 2011

Beijing:  China's newest high-speed train - the "CRH380A" - broke the world record for the fastest passenger-capable train on Friday during an operational test, the Chinese Ministry of Railroads claimed.

The test was broadcast live by state broadcaster CCTV.
World's fastest passenger train, China's newest high-speed train photo, fastest passenger-capable train picture, World's fastest train 2011, Beijing fastest passenger train, China's high-speed train video, China's fastest train video, 2011 World's fastest train, fastest passenger train in the world 2011, fastest train Guinness world record 2011

The train was measured to have hit a maximum speed of 486.1 kilometres per hour on special tracks between the Zaozhuang city and Bengbu to the south, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

The track is a segment of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line China hopes to have operational by July 2011.

The Beijing-Shanghai line, once completed, is anticipated to bring the travel time between the two cities down under five hours, making the train faster than flying in practical terms since distant suburban airport locations, security and boarding times add to the two and a half hour flight.

 It reached the top speed on a segment of the 824-mile (1,318-kilometer) -long line between Zaozhuang city in Shandong province and Bengbu city in Anhui province, Xinhua said

The new world record was accomplished during the test run for a train called the CRH380A, just months after another train of the same model broke records after achieving a top speed of 416.6 kilmometers per hour.
Record breaker: The CRH380A train smashes another speed record after the same model broke previous in September

Record breaker: The CRH380A train smashes another speed record after the same model broke previous in September.

Yet despite breaking two records since September railway officials say they want to reach speeds over 312mph (500kpm)

The new line is due to open in 2012 and will halve the current travel time between the capital Beijing and Shanghai to five hours.

The project costs $32.5 billion and is part of a massive government effort to link many of China's cities by high-speed rail and also reduce overcrowding on heavily used lines.

The drive to develop high-speed rail technology rivals China's space program in terms of national pride and importance.

China already has the world's longest high-speed rail network, and it plans to cover 8,125 miles (13,000 kilometers) by 2012 and 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) by 2020.

Yet despite the impressive speeds other types of trains have gone faster.

A specially modified French TGV train reached 357.2 mph (574.8 kph) during a 2007 test, while a Japanese magnetically levitated train sped to 361 mph (581 kph) in 2003.