World's biggest custard cream biscuit set Guinness Record by Paul Thacker and Simon Morgan

World's Largest custard cream biscuit set Guinness World Record by Paul Thacker and Simon Morgan

Two Notts cousins have set a new record for the world's biggest custard cream biscuit.

Paul Thacker, 30, and Simon Morgan, 32, had their giant creation assessed by adjudicators as part of Guinness World Record Day yesterday .
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They hope to raise at least £100 for Children in Need by auctioning it on eBay.

Paul, who is executive chef at the Park Plaza Hotel, in Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, said it took 11.5 hours to prepare."We had lots of coffee and stayed up all night making it," he said.

"It took two hours to bake the bases in the oven. But it was worth it."

Simon, of West Bridgford, came up with the idea when baking a massive bourbon biscuit with his children. "The hard bit was turning the bases around quickly," he said.

He believes his attention to detail and Paul's know-how as a chef were key ingredients.

"It's turned out exactly how we wanted it. We made sure everything was accurate – the taste, the measurements and the swirling.

"It's a bit of fun and it raises money for a good cause."

Rob Molloy, adjudicator for Guinness World Records, said he was intrigued by the men's work. "I think the only thing that could have messed up this world record attempt would have been if they had dropped the biscuit or something.

"So much commitment and planning went into this project. I don't think these guys would have allowed themselves to fail."

After tasting a miniature version of their creation, Mr Molloy added: "This big biscuit is going to be one of the nicest-tasting biscuits ever."

The minimum requirement to set a world record is to produce a version ten times the size of the standard item. A normal custard cream measures 3.5cm x 4.5cm and weighs 12.5g, so Simon and Paul's 15.73kg biscuit, measuring 39 x 59cm, was easily big enough.

"If we raise enough money out of this, we will definitely try to do something like this each year," Paul said.

At 8pm last night bidding had reached £114.
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