World's Largest Omelet set Guinness World Record 2011 - Turkish chefs

World's Largest Omelet 2011 Guinness World Record setting 6-ton omelet.

Turkish chefs were welcomed into the annals of Guinness World Records today by beating 110,000 eggs into an omelet the size of a Manhattan apartment.
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                 World's Largest Omelet Photo

The feat took 432 liters of oil, 10 chefs, 50 cooks, and at least one chicken.

The Turkish Egg Producers Association staged the event to promote eggs as a healthy primary food source. Said the association's president, Derya Pala: "After seeing our record-breaking omelet we hope that more people will be encouraged to make eggs a greater part of their diet."

No word on whether bystanders' composite cholesterol level spiked during the cook-off, but witnesses did report a low, gutteral groan from the world's vegans.

The former record for the World's Largest Omelet, held by cooks in Cape Town, was a kid meal-friendly 3.625 tons.
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