World's largest brandy truffle set Guinness World Records 2011

Even the most fervent chocoholic would have trouble tackling this beast - the world's largest brandy truffle ever created.

Weighing in at a whopping 253.9kg and made using £1,600 of ingredients, the mega sweet treat contains a staggering 433,330 calories and 22,941g of fat. 
World's largest brandy truffle photo, World's largest brandy truffle picture, D'Aniello and head chef Chris Guinness World Records 2011, National Chocolate Week
The creators of the truffle are celebrating after their chocolate masterpiece, smashing the previous world record by almost 60kg.  

Owner of The Queen's Head Inn, in Bromsgrove, Worcs, Gianni D'Aniello and head chef Chris Long spent five and a half hours constructing the truffle from a traditional recipe of chocolate, brandy, double cream and cocoa powder.

The truffle, in accordance with the official guidelines, was created in the correct proportions and prepared in the same way as a normal size truffle with a ganache centre before being coated in cocoa powder.

Evidence of the attempt, to mark the start of National Chocolate Week, will now be submitted to the Guinness World Records so it can be formally verified as an official record-breaker.

The previous holder of the record was a comparatively measly 196.3kg. 

The ingredients were all donated by local businesses and the truffle will now be broken up into into smaller truffles and sold to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital Heart Appeal.

Gianni, 41, said: 'Chris is exceptionally skilled at making things with chocolate so with it being National Chocolate Week we decided to try and break a record. 

'It was certainly quite a challenge though. We had to make the ganache the night before and cross our fingers in the hope that it would set in time as Guinness set very strict timeframes on these things.

'Then it was just a case of assembling it, which took quite a few hours. There was one point when we thought we had bitten off more than we could chew, but then we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in to it.

'We are hoping to make about 2,000 smaller truffles out of it which should raise about £7,000 for the hospital. Hopefully a truffle or two should really sweeten the deal for them.'

Louise McCathie, spokesperson for the hospital, said: 'I am delighted Gianni and Chris broke the record.
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