Vittoriosa - historic maritime city illuminations by candlelight set Guinness World Record

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Vittoriosa residents lit their way into the Guinness Book of Records on Saturday, when “well over” 10,000 candles created a magical atmosphere in the historic maritime city to break the record for illuminations by candlelight.

“We’ve made it,” mayor John Boxall exclaimed yesterday, after receiving confirmation from Guinness Book of Records officials, who were roaming the city’s streets on Saturday to gauge the number of flickering lights.

Vittoriosa residents lit up their narrow winding streets, homes, squares and bastions using thousands of candles, as well as fjakkoli, giving an enchanting aura to the centuries-old city.

The exact number of candles has not been confirmed as the officials were still scrutinising information, but according to the mayor, the total was substantially over the 10,000 needed.

The three-day dockyard town festival was a big success, according to the mayor, “even though the elements were against us”.

Although the weekend downpours affected attendance, hundreds of people still turned up. It was also a logistical nightmare for the organisers, who had to take out their torches and candles at the last minute to avoid them getting wet.

The fifth edition of the festival was organised by the Vittoriosa local council and featured numerous activities with historic re-enactments, exhibitions, music, food and drink and of course the unique candle-lit atmosphere.
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