Orange (UK) - Most People Tagged In Online Photo set Guinness World Record

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Orange has officially set a new world record for the most people tagged in an online photo. The snap, taken at Glastonbury 2010 during the England versus Slovenia World Cup match (at half-time), had been tagged, via Facebook, by 7053 people between 29 June and 7 September.

That figure is now up to 8332 (at the time of writing), although Guinness World Records has already confirmed its entry into its hallowed tome. There's nothing to stop you also tagging yourself on the picture though, and taking part in the fun. Those who suspect that they were there should visit and join in with the tagging frenzy.

Now, it's all well and good having new-fangled tech-based world records, but where's it going to end? Most use of the word "magical" in a press conference? Biggest collection of black turtle-neck sweaters? We prefer the good old, traditional records, like longest fingernails, and most amount of weight lifted by a bloke's tallywacker, that sort of thing.

They certainly formed interesting topics of conversation round our households at Christmas back in the day.
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