Moroccan tightrope artist Mustafa Danger successfully new world record

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BENIDORM and Cala Finestrat celebrated being host to a successful world record attempt last Saturday. Moroccan tightrope artist Mustafa Danger successfully traversed the gap between the Bali Hotel and the adjacent Tossal mountain peak on a motorbike.

Although yet to be confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, Mustafa’s achievement so far exceeds that, at a distance of 500 metres and a height of 180 metres, that it is taken as read that he has easily broken the old record.

There had been fears that the attempt might not take place as it had been originally scheduled to take place two weeks ago but was postponed twice due to adverse weather conditions.

The crossing took some five minutes and was witnessed by hundreds of onlookers.

On arriving at the far end of the tightrope a delighted Mustafa said, “after a year of preparing for this we have achieved both a technical and mental victory. Where others see fear, we see fun, and where they see death we see life.”

A few years ago ‘Danger’ crossed the 200 metres Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium at a height of 40 metres from the ground.
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