Dubai Outlet Mall - World's longest line of sandwiches set Guinness World Record 2011

Dubai -- Already home to records such as the world's tallest tower and the world's largest sea shell mosaic, Dubai can now add to its books the world's longest line of sandwiches.

A 2,667 metre line of 11,000 cheese, tomato, cucumber and olive baguettes was made at Dubai Outlet Mall yesterday.
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From 8am, Kraft Foods Middle East staff worked in teams to get the food prepared. The sandwiches, along with some other snacks, were later distributed by Kraft and the UAE Red Crescent to needy families and 6,000 labourers at Sonapur, Jebel Ali and Al Quoz labour camps.

"We are one of the biggest food companies in the world and are committed to giving back to the community," said Vishal Tikku, managing director, Saudi Arabia and Middle East shared services, Kraft Foods.

"Throughout this week, every year, we encourage our employees to give up their time."

Mr Tikku said the company had, at first, planned to buy 10,000 sandwiches and distribute them but then decided, given its line of produce, that Kraft should try to make the sandwiches from scratch.

"We wanted to make meals and give back to the less fortunate in society," he said.

"We thought the record would generate a bit of coverage for the issue of hunger, and it had more credibility than just giving away 10,000 sandwiches."

More than half a tonne of cream cheese was used in the process. By lunchtime, the baguettes had been lined out in three rows across tables snaked around the mall so that Guinness World Records' adjudications executive Elizabeth Smith could verify the record. The rows were measured by Abdul Kalam, a surveyor at Ajman-based Falcon Survey Engineering.

"There must be a continuous line of sandwiches," Ms Smith said.

"They cannot be more than 50 centimetres in length and there must be at least two ingredients and the bread must be buttered or have some form of spread."

The previous record, according to the Guinness World Records website, was 3,000 sandwiches measuring 1,378.34 metres. The previous record was set in Piove di Sacco, Padova, Italy in the Centro Commerciale Piazzagrande.
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