Arjun Sunil Kumar play the pitch-pipe organ continuously for 48 hours set Guinness Record

Arjun Sunil Kumar will attempt to play the pitch-pipe organ continuously for 48 hours to get his name featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.

If everything goes well, Arjun Sunil Kumar will find his way into the Guinness Book of World Records in a few months. This 14-year-old from Kozhikode is planning to set the world record by playing the pitch-pipe organ continuously for 48 hours.

Royal instrument

Pitch-pipe organ is a musical instrument made using metal pipes of various sizes, and arranged in such a way that each pipe gives a different sound. More than 50 pipes made in copper, brass and other metals are used in it. The instrument was very popular in France, Germany and Australia during the royal era. It is still popular in some parts of North India. Harindra Prasad Varma of Secunderabad, Narayan Naidu of Goa, Saidas Bhat and Ustad Ali Mohammed of Mangalore are some of the well known pitch-pipe players in India. Pitch-pipe organ suits all types of music whether it is Hindustani, Carnatic or Western.

The aspirant

Arjun, a Std IX student of S.N. College High School, Chelannur, has been learning music for more than six years. He is proficient in tabla and keyboard. He got interested in pitch-pipe after watching it in television once. His music teacher Radhakrishnan from Kozhikode, who has learned the instrument from Ustad Ali Mohammed, was also an influence.

Arjun gave his debut performance (Arangettam) at Sree Renuka Mariyamman Kovil in Tali on October 13, as a part of the Navarathri musical fiesta. He was accompanied by 17 of his friends on various musical instruments. He is now awaiting a reply from the Guinness Book of World Record authorities regarding his proposition. The feat is expected to take place in January next year. More than 160 children from all parts of the district are expected to accompany Arjun on various musical instruments.

Arjun's father Sunil Kumar runs a two-wheeler workshop in Kozhikode's famous S.M. Street while his mother Lathika is a housewife.
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