Zumba Dance - World’s Largest Zumba Dance Class World Records set by Dal students

Students at Dalhousie University attempted a Guinness world record Wednesday, for holding the world’s largest Zumba dance class.

Zumba is a cross between aerobics and Latin dance, and has become the most popular class at the Dalplex when the fitness centre began offering classes last year.

Dalhousie decided, as part of orientation week, to offer a class at Wickwire Field as a way for new students to meet.
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 The university was also attempting to set a world record for a 30 minute Zumba class.

The registered Guinness record is 250 participants, however that record was broken last month.
Dalhousie had 575 students on the field participating in the dance class, and they will wait and see if that number was enough.

There are reports that a record attempt was made in Australia with 720 participants. If Dalhousie doesn’t get the record this year, event organizers say they will likely attempt the record again next year during the first week of classes.

Zumba Dance Video
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