World's oldest twins set Guiness World Record by Raymonde and Lucienne

The world's oldest twins, a pair of French sisters who turned 98 on Thursday, put their longevity down to joie de vivre, or quite simply enjoying life.

Raymonde and Lucienne Wattelade, who are officially recognised as the world's oldest twins by the Guinness World Records, said the other secret to long life was regular sport.
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                 World's oldest twins Raymonde and Lucienne photo

Both were in the French gymnastics team in the 1930s and continue to dance waltzes as the local casino in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, south-western France.

The pair, in perfect health, have lived together in a family home for the past five years and are partial to tarot card reading and their favourite tipples: pastis for Raymonde and whisky for Lucienne.

Born on 23 September 1912, the twins have been married a total of four times, have between them four children, seven grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Raymonde worked for the French nuclear energy commission and Lucienne was a housewife.

They said their most painful memory was seeing their father leave for the First World War and their mother in tears.

But they have no regrets.

"We live in the present, it's pointless thinking about the past or the future - we're still 20 (in our heads)," said Lucienne, who is ten minutes younger than her sister.

Above all, laughter was the key to a good life, she added. "If you don't laugh, you don't live."
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