World's biggest watermelon - Largest watermelon in the World

Janet and Chris Kent from Sevier County now have the World's Biggest Watermelon weighing in at 291 pounds.

The two won the title at a festival in North Carolina after beating the previous record of 268 pounds held by a farmer in Arkansas. According to the Kents the melon is a "Carolina Cross", which is the only kind that will grow more than 200 pounds.
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                             World's biggest watermelon picture

They said the hot weather this summer helped to push their melon over the top. "This year, it's hot...and unbearably hot as it is this year, it was really good for watermelons because watermelons love the heat, and mother nature provided us with abundant heat and abundant sunshine and the plant takes all that sunshine, converts it in to sugar and puts it in to the melons and gives us a super crop of really big watermelons," said Chris.

The Kents have several more watermelon in their large garden they hope they can help defend their title.
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