Weirdest World record - Top 10 world's weirdest record

These are just some of the new entries in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2011, including Swallow the smallest cow - who stands at just 33.5 inches tall - and a man who can fit 400 drinking straws in his mouth and keep them there for ten seconds.

One of the oddest has to be Stephen Parkes, a media technician from Nottingham, 44, who has the Largest Collection Of Smurf Memorabilia at 1,061 figures.

Amarilis Espinoza, of Guinness World Records, said: ‘It is very difficult to get into the book and about 80 per cent of entries get rejected.’

List of  Top 10 world's weirdest record

1) Longest Tongue On A Dog: Puggy, Becky Stanford’s male Pekingese, is nine years old. Its mouth-watering 4.5in tongue was officially measured at a Texan animal clinic last May.

2) Fastest Time To Pop 100 Balloons By A Dog: Jack Russell terrier Anastasia did this in 44.49 secs on a U.S. TV show

3) Longest snake: Measured at 24ft, fluffy the reticulated python, who lives in Columbus Zoo and aquarium, Ohio, U.S. is recognised as the longest living snake in captivity.

4) World’s Biggest English Breakfast: Mario’s Cafe, Bolton, serves ten eggs, sausages and bacon rashers, five black puddings and piles of mushrooms and beans.
It’s free if eaten in 20 minutes!

5) Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth: Simon Elmore held 400 drinking straws in his mouth for ten seconds in Bavaria, Germany, in August 2009

6) Heaviest Plane Pulled: Kevin Fast pulled a 188.83 tonne CC-177 Globemaster III a staggering 28ft at Canadian Forces Base, Ontario.

7) Smallest Cow: Swallow is 33.5in-tall Dexter cow. She lives with Martyn Ryder at Pike End Farm in North Yorkshire.

8) Longest Distance By A Horse On Hind Legs: Gregory Ancelotti rode his horse, Doc, 95ft 5in in Milan, Italy, in April 2009.

9) Most Bottles Recycled By A Dog: Tubby has recycled 26,000 plastic bottles by giving them to his owner Sandra Gilmore.

10) Largest Smurf Collection: Stephen Parkes has 1,061 in total, including Christmas smurfs and historical figures.
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